A word, a blurb on every Toronto Raptor

18 mins read

Okay, I did this last season and I'd like to do it again. It's time to get acquainted with everyone on the roster.

Pascal Siakam: The resident All-NBA player on the Raptors roster, and the avatar for vision 6'9". He's long, has incredible court coverage, and an endless amount of counters on the offensive end. He can initiate offense as the Raptors main hub, and like many stars in the league, they thrive off of the extra attention he gets. With less spacing last year, he transitioned to short mid-range shot-making (his most voluminous spot on the floor was 4-14 feet) and he hit 49-percent on them. Put up roughly 23-8-5 while still providing a major boost on defense. Fun stats? He led the NBA in isolations, closeouts, and minutes per game. A Sisyphean effort.

Fred VanVleet: Many consider him to be the heart of this Raptors team. He was an All-Star last season, and prior to his injury had completely overhauled his pick n' roll game to feature more daring shooting and passing that started to net magnificent returns. Every time he touches the floor, the Raptors win minutes. He is still tremendous at the point of attack on defense, one of the best guards in rotation (because of digs, steals, and deflections) and maybe the Raptors best communicator. Fun fact: When Fred VanVleet watches his film, the first thing he watches back is turnovers.