Fred VanVleet and O.G. Anunoby don’t want you to dribble

From James Naismith, to the Raptors defensive duo - the game is changed.

The year? 1891. Stanford University just opened its doors, basketball was just invented and we're in the tail end of the Gilded Age, and the start of the Gay nineties and the Progressive Era. The first escalator was invented that year as a way to convey people around without them moving their feet. Oddly enough, that was how you moved the basketball in 1891 because dribbling, as we understand it, was not yet a part of hoops.

These days, O.G. Anunoby is lurking around the Raptors defense like the most dangerous defender since the games where Kawhi Leonard felt inclined to dial it up. We're just waiting on Charles Barkley to lean in with the same complementary quips for Anunoby as he once gave to Leonard after a win on October 30th of 2018.

"Kawhi Leonard had Ben Simmons scared to dribble the ball."

Charles Barkley

When it comes to Anunoby, most of his steals have been as a ball-hawk jumping a passing lane and nabbing a pick-6 for a dunk. However, the guy gets so many steals that even the leftovers run up huge numbers and those are the ones where he's plucking the ball away from players. The escape dribbles that offer no escape, the pursuit of open space that is always closed off, and those intrusive limbs of Anunoby's that poke and prod at a live dribble. As a defender, he is inevitable. Last night was his 10th multi-steal performance of the season, and he was one half of the duo that helped close off a massive part of the court for the Raptors defense last night.

"He's finally taking it personal, he's such a nice guy, if he got any meaner it would be really scary." VanVleet said of Anunoby after the win. "He's playing like a defensive player of the year."

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