O.G. Anunoby is driving his way to a new type of stardom

O.G. Anunoby has quietly evolved in exactly the way the Raptors needed since Pascal Siakam left the lineup with injury.

Breakouts don't all happen the same way. Some happen linearly, sustainably, with Pascal Siakam adding more and more to his game, year over year, until he's one of the very best in the NBA. Some players smash into stardom like wrecking balls, averaging 16 points one season and 21 the next, like Kawhi Leonard. Still others become stars like boiling frogs: so slowly and invisibly that the increasing heat isn't even noticed. That's how O.G. Anunoby is playing over the last several games. It's hard to see what he's doing different, but he's still a star regardless.

The heart of Anunoby's ability on the offensive end is his jumper. He's a preposterously good shooter, one of the best and most consistent on the catch, which is the heart of his value.

There's no world in which defenders want Anunoby shooting a triple. He's at 40.0 percent from deep on the season. A possession that ends in an Anunoby triple is worth, statistically, 1.2 points. That is just above the most efficient halfcourt offense in the league (the Boston Celtics), and it doesn't account for Toronto's ability to rebound if Anunoby misses. So what happens when Anunoby catches the ball?

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