Five Things I Dig and Don’t Dig about the Toronto Raptors

This week in Five [Four] Things we talk more O.G., more Jack, more Koloko, and less threes...

Man, I feel like it's the offseason.

The Raptors have played twice since last Five Things and won't suit up until Saturday. As such, this will be a shorter schedule of Five Things, so to speak. It's Four Things.

Rest for us all, kapiche?

1. O.G. Finish [with Authority]

O.G., O.G., O.G.

He's all I think about now.

The good and the bad. I just can't stop watching everything he does. It's like kicking a stone down the side of a mountain and watching the chaos of its tumble. I have to see where it goes and how it ends up. Each bounce off the next sheer cliff comes with such thrilling unpredictable consequences.

The same for O.G: the raw strength, the offensive persistence, the calm look, the choking defence, the inevitable anticipation, the clutch shooting, the seesawing coordination, and the finish. Ohhhh boy, the finish.

O.G. is currently shooting a career best 70% at the rim (4 feet or less) at the second highest frequency (44% of his shots) of his career. That's the 83rd and 90th percentile, respectively, for wings. The only other wing in the entire league to accomplish both or better is Jaden McDaniels of the Minnesota Timberwolves who is a bottom rung offensive guy (13.4% usage).

O.G., conversely, with all the injuries of late has been a primary operator (career-high 21% usage). Early in the year, I noted O.G.'s challenges in the lane and rate of blocked attempts (#2). Then, he'd had 5/18 shots blocked within 5 feet or less of the hoop. Now, it's 17/120 (28% of shots vs 14%) - a much tolerable number.

Much of his newfound success down low has been a combination of choosing rightly when to attack and having greater balance and patience when doing so.

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