Juancho Hernangomez, Thaddeus Young and the moment of ultimate opportunity

The Raptors have discovered a fascinating duo.

There's no point in proving anything on a basketball court with stars. Stars do everything, they make anything viable, and they paper over weaknesses. With the link-up play between Juancho Hernangomez and Thaddeus Young, we have further proof of some of the ideas that girder the Raptors Vision 6'9" ethos. The mismatches don't really come via the guard spot, or against smaller big men - the things we're used to seeing be described as a mismatch. Spain and the United States established diplomatic relations in 1783, but they've never looked better because of these two.

What Toronto does is different. They're tiny in the frontcourt and (save for Fred VanVleet) massive everywhere else. This is partially why their offensive economy runs on a lot of mismatches and isolations that look far different from the Steph Curry cooks Rudy Gobert variety. It's not typically quickness or ball skills that are the driving force of their success, but their size paired with just enough ball skills to get by - although Pascal Siakam over the past year has kind of transcended all of this stuff with a superstar level of play. He's not necessarily part of any vision that isn't "Top-10 player, Pascal Siakam". Back to the uncommon size outside of the frontcourt, though. Hernangomez represents that, and Young the trigger man.

Since Young and Hernangomez both found their way into the Raptors rotation in the midst of all the injuries -- 7 straight games with more than 25 minutes played for Young, with Hernangomez averaging 24 mpg in the same stretch -- the two of them have crafted a uniquely potent partnership. Unique in the sense that the Raptors have been using a 16-year veteran as a major hub of their offense, of course. Even more unique though, in the sense that Young has only passed to Hernangomez 14 times over those 7 games... for 8 baskets. I've never observed a ratio like that while watching basketball. Hernangomez has yet to miss a shot after a pass from Young this season.

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