Seeing the Good in the Bad – Confederacy of Dunks

Lots of positives to take from this up-and-down season, but is it time for us to accept that Vision 6'9" might be a failure?

Season 10, Episode 275

RAPTORS: It’s hard to find things to build off in a whac-a-mole type season, but there were some good things happening in that Indiana loss. What has looked good lately? Has Vision 6’9″ failed?

NBA: The Nuggets and the Celtics had a 45 minute delay because Time Lord dunked the ball too hard and the rim wasn’t even. Ladders and levelers were involved. What is a similarly unpredictable and hilarious delay you could see feasibly happening in an NBA game and how would it be solved? Zach Edey is a fun college story of a 7’4″ Toronto kid who could get drafted high. We love good stories on this pod. What current NBA player has a cool story that isn’t talked about enough?

With Chris Dart and Kevin Dowse!

We’re off again for Freddie’s honeymoon. We’ll be back January 25th! Can’t wait to catch up on an interesting few weeks for the Raps.

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