Nick Nurse let go as Head Coach of Raptors

Toronto has taken its first steps on a long, complex offseason.

Well, you can’t say we didn’t see it coming.

Ultimately, the Toronto Raptors need a new identity, especially on the offensive end, and a new voice makes that much easier.

 “The decision to make a change like this is never arrived at easily or taken lightly, especially when it comes to a person who has been an integral part of this franchise’s most historic accomplishments, and who has been a steady leader through some of our team’s most challenging times. As we reflect on Nick’s many successes, we thank him and his family, and wish them the best in future,” Ujiri said in a press release. 

“This is an opportunity for us to reset, to refocus, to put into place the personnel and the players who will help us reach our goal of winning our next championship.”

I had much, much deeper thoughts here.

And Woj immediately reported that Ime Udoka is expected to be a candidate for Toronto’s next Head Coach.

He and Masai Ujiri have history together, so it makes sense in that regard. I have no idea what happened with Udoka in Boston, and I don’t know if he deserves a second chance yet or not, so I’m not comfortable speculating on anything other than simply telling you what Woj is reporting.

Ujiri and company have all offseason to replace Nurse, and they took a long, long time to choose Nurse to replace Dwane Casey last time around. There will be many more words on those options to come, but for now, Toronto has taken its first step on an offseason that will in many ways determine the franchise’s long-term future.

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