Day 25/59: Countdown to Change

Come hang out, some offseason dreamin'.

Okay, we’re heating up on draft coverage now. We have a podcast from Samson on Whitmore, Dick, and Bufkin. Brett went deep on Anthony Black. Samson and Tre threw themselves into Sensabaugh and Coulibaly (coming out today on the site today, I believe).

I imagine at least one of those players is going to be available at 13. There are cases for all to be terrific adds to the Toronto Raptors. Brendan has a ton more draft coverage coming out soon with more in-depth profiles.

Is shooting all you care about from the draft? If so, better hope Sensabaugh or Dick fall to 13. (I’m not certain either of them will.) Where do you lean, philosophically, in terms of what the Raptors should be picking for?

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