Day 33/59: Countdown to Change

Come hang out.

The Celtics, eh? Crazy. I guess we should have known — you put two unbelievably unpredictable teams in a Conference Finals together, and you’re going to get some wild results.

Which, is this not exactly what happened between the Raptors and Sixers last year? A Game 5 beatdown by the team that went down 0-3? There was no Precious Achiuwa off the bench for the Celtics last night. We’ll see what happens in Game 6.

Still very little on the Raptors’ front. This was to be expected. No reason not to wait and see what coaches become available as the playoffs continue, and no rush to get things finished. The Raptors have a franchise-defining offseason ahead, so may as well take the time to get it right.