What’s the Future of the NBA: is it in Trouble or is it Thriving? – Rap Up Summer Edition with Adon + Oren

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On the first Rap Up Summer Edition of the year, Oren Weisfeld and Adon Moss argue about the NBA’s future.

Adon’s thesis is the League is on a perilous path towards doom. Oren disagrees.

Towards the end of the pod, the two also have a quick conversation about the Playoffs, what they’ve observed, and what they’ve been surprised about. Enjoy!

Time Stamps:

1:20 – Adon poses his thesis on the NBA’s Entertainment/Revenue Bubble issue.

7:12 – NBA’s Deal with the Devil

9:20 – Oren’s rebuttal and Adon’s rebuttal

13:25 – Oren’s aside on LeBron James’ retirement

15:30 – A Player’s Life Cycle and their incentives and NBA’s Short Term perspective

23:00 – Problems with NBA mainstream media

30:30 – Who is and why is the face of the NBA?

36:50 – Quality of the Game, its problems, and how to fix it

46:25 – NBA Playoffs – Western Conference

55:55 – Who does Denver want to face: Boston or Miami?

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