Media Day – What would you like answered?

What is on your mind?

Hey everyone – I have lots of pieces in the works, and a lot of the questions I ask on media day will revolve around what I need answered. All my nerdy little development curiosities, X’s and O’s etc.

However, Raptors Republic is the most popular Raptors website with a robust commenter base full of huge fans who watch every game and pay close attention to the ongoings of the team. If I can ask a few questions that mimic the voice of the readership or listenership and what you want answered? I’d love to be able to do that.

Feel free to comment down below, and upvote what you think is worthwhile. I’ll read everything, and even if I don’t ask a specific question, I might take some questions as an impetus to start researching those topics. I’ll also, of course, not hold myself to parroting something insulting or horrible towards the front office and players, so if y’all game the system for a terrible top comment – no dice hahah.

Okay, you’re the best. Looking forward to what you have for me.

Have a blessed day.