Jason Kapono for J.R Smith rejected by Denver

So we all agree that we need to make a serious move or two if we want to do anything significant this season and Bryan Colangelo agrees. Apparently Colangelo offered his once prized signing Jason Kapono to the Nuggets for J.R Smith but the Nuggets wisely declined. So there you have it, Colangelo does admit ... Read more

Still A Few Stickers Short Of An Album

Baron Davis might be the luckiest man on Earth, according to today’s Opening Tip. ********** Let’s continue the discussion PhDSteve left off on yesterday. 10 -17. .357 win %. 15 games behind the division leader. 3 games out of the final playoff spot. 5 losses in a row. When I was a kid, I loved sticker ... Read more

Alright, let’s get a W and go from there

Download the Opening Tip to find out the winner of the “Black guy with white name award”. It’s back to the road again starting tonight with stops in Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Clipperland, Sacramento, Portland and finally Golden State before we come home to face the Nuggets on New Years eve rounding off 2008. The ... Read more

“Son, sit the f*ck down”

Franchise Player vs. Wannabe Franchise Player Mavericks 96, Raptors 86 That’s what Jay Triano told Chris Bosh after he benched him in the third quarter because he was playing like a prima donna. Listen child, if we wanted our PF to take jumpers we’d get Dell Curry and Tracy Murray out of retirement, have them ... Read more

Rebounding woes and mild number crunching

It’s the last home game till New Years eve against the Mavericks tonight. The game’s on TSN2 so if you have Rogers you’re out of luck. Check back around 7PM EST for the stream which will also be available in the live chat. Check the Opening Tip which gives you a reason to be thankful ... Read more

Quick Sunday morning round-up

It’s an early 12:30 PM start today against the Hornets so we’ll keep this short since we’ll be doing some proper live blogging for the game not too long from now. Check out the Opening Tip to find out how David West stays in shape during the off-season.

Beat NJ, Beat NJ!

The Opening Tip tells you about Stromile Swift’s post-NBA plans. It’s the Nets tonight in New Jersey, also known as the asshole of New York. Everybody knew the Nets had young talent but not many counted on them being 2.5 games ahead of us at this point of the season and I have to say, ... Read more

Maceo and Rasho and TJ, oh my!

Check out today’s Opening Tip for tips on dating Stephen Graham. There’s also a new poll about tonight’s game. ******* We’ve all been looking forward to this one. It started so well, two players working in symbiotic harmony. Touted as the best 1-2 punch in the game at their position, it looked to be the ... Read more

In the King’s House, the Raptors are the Court Jesters

Grab the Opening-Tip. The third game into Triano’s tenure as the interim head coach of the Raptors, and it’s a doozy. The Raptors come off a disaster mini west-coast swing, and they get to walk into the house of King, down with him they aren’t. What a mess this franchise is in huh? The head-coach ... Read more

Please win this game

Download the Opening Tip here. It’s a good one and contains a picture of an NBA girlfriend. Those are always interesting. Brandon Roy’s Blazers are at the ACC tonight and the last time they were here this happened. It was the best game of the year and hopefully we see something similar, at this point ... Read more

Exciting times for an 8-9 team

Download the Opening Tip here. High praise for Jay Triano is rolling in from all corners, Steve Nash, Pistons front office, Rob Babcock, Sam Mitchell and even U of T’s head coach chipped in with his two cents. As far as I can tell he’s a workaholic with a high basketball IQ who doesn’t know ... Read more

O’Neal questionable, Melo probable + Podcast preview

I previewed tonight’s matchup with Benjamin Hochman who is a beat writer for the Denver Post and covers the Nuggets on a daily basis. It’s a conversation between two fans more than an interview and we touch on various topics including Iverson vs Billups, JR Smith, Kleiza, Nene, KMart’s steal on Bosh, Birdman, Calderon, Ukic, ... Read more