Raptors Roll Call Feb 17 vs Bobcats

Charlotte had lost 16 in a row. Like true Canadians, we took them in, made them a meal, gave them our bed to sleep in and let them steal our money. Bobcats win 98-91 and we drop to 9-23.

Raptors Roll Call Feb 10 vs Celtics

Arsenalist is the guy you see running up and down Yonge Street with a Raps flag and an air horn. The Raptors beat the Celtics 86-74 and lift their record to 9-19. 3.5 out of a playoff spot.

Raptors Roll Call Feb 6 vs Wizards

We sucked more than the new Madonna single for 3.25 quarters, came back, tied it, then were let down by some goof from Scarborough. Wizards win 111-108 in overtime as we stumble to 8-18.