Chisholm RapCast + Trying to read BC’s mind

Usually I expect to learn nothing from a Colangelo press conference because he’s so great at talking whilst saying nothing. Proportionally speaking, we still didn’t get enough out of the 70+ minute presser but at least he confirmed some fears, admitted other failings and hinted at his plan for the summer. Of course nothing concrete ... Read more

RapCast returns and we talk Nathan Jawai, Magic preview

First up, let’s talk some Nathan Jawai. I spoke with Chris Langrill who’s a Stampede beat writer for the Idaho Statesman about our big Aussie man. We talked about his time in the D-League and whether his negative comments about the experience carried any weight. He had some surprisingly positives things to say about his ... Read more

Podcast with Heat uber-blogger, we talk Marcus Banks

The people who are outright opposed to the trade cite two reasons. The first being the inclusion of a first round pick and the other being Marcus Banks and his contract. Now there’s nothing we can do about the first round pick but we might be able to salvage something of Marcus Banks. If he ... Read more

Jack Armstrong answers your questions

OK, I tried to get as many questions in as I could, Jack only had 15 minutes and I had about 25 questions so there were many that were left out. I’ve basically taken the questions that were posted and asked them verbatim, there wasn’t much time for follow-ups. He had just crossed the border ... Read more

Talking NBA Draft with Jonathan Givony of

When it comes to college basketball and scouting very few people can match expertise with Jonathan Givony, President of So if there ever was an interview where I was out of my league, this was it and I did the smart thing by just letting him talk. We chatted some Raptors basketball and he ... Read more

Talking Raptors with RaptorsHQ

There are a few great Raptor blogs out there and one of them is RaptorsHQ. I had a chance to talk some hoops with Adam and Dave, also known as Franchise and Howland. We chatted some Raptors ball and discussed issues ranging from Sam Mitchell to Roko Ukic. If I seem a little out of ... Read more

Talking Raptors ball with Michael Grange

Michael Grange was in Detroit for Game #44 against the Pistons tonight and he took some time out to talk Raptors ball. He gave us his take on what Colangelo should do and his thoughts on Bosh’s fourth quarter play, our wing situation, Jason Kapono’s unfortunate signing, Jermaine O’Neal not being on the bench, and ... Read more

Podcast: Raptors Republic, Celtics Blog and Bright Side of the Sun

The good man from Bright Side of the Sun organized a little blogger roundtable with myself and Steve from the Celtics Blog. Andrea Bargnani’s topic #1 but others include: Jermaine O’Neal, shutting Rajan Rondo down, the Celtics/Raptors home-and-home, Kapono to the Celtics, Marbury as the Celtics off-guard (hilarious reaction from Steve), the Celtics’ love for ... Read more

Talking Raptors ball with Tim Chisholm

I spoke with Tim Chisholm of about a variety of topics including Chris Bosh’s franchise player status, Jose Calderon’s strengths and weaknesses, Bryan Colangelo playing the scapegoat card, possible trade scenarios, Andrea Bargnani’s VL status and much more. The upcoming roadtrip, season expectations and playoff positioning is also up for discussion. You can read ... Read more

Just not good enough + Fan Podcast

Anybody else getting tired of being laughed at? Raptors 94, Cavaliers 114 We’re allowed a 15 man roster of which we’re not using two spots. So we’re down to 13. Then we have Jawai so we’re down to 12. Then we have Hassan Adams, Will Solomon and Roko Ukic so our NBA quality players are ... Read more