Podcast: Weekly Review/Preview

A quick one today. Another roller-coaster week, two disappointing losses sandwiched between an expected and an unexpected win. With injuries to Bargnani and Calderon, there was a chance for some reserves to make their mark and Jarrett Jack made the most of the opportunity. Sonny Weems had a nice run against Houston which many of ... Read more

Hawks Pummel The Raptors, Again

Hawks 111, Raptors 89 – Box On a night where Kobe broke his finger; he manned up, chipped in 20/5/5 and paced the Lakers for their 11th win in a row, the Raptors showed little of anything while being thumped by the Hawks, again. I thought it was Groundhogs day. Except this time, no, it ... Read more

DeRozan’s halves, Bargnani’s numbers and Banks

Nine days after everybody wanted to fire the coach and trade every player we get to play the Hawks again. Since then we’ve had a team meeting, won three straight, but ended up losing to the best team we faced during the stretch, the Bucks. What will tonight bring? Some might say that it’ll be ... Read more

Comparing our bench to others

Although there’s ****-all to talk about the show must go on. In the recent Triano interview he said: All of a sudden we’ve got two teams now, we’ve got a starting group and a bench group, though I don’t know who’s in which one. Let me help you out, Jay. Here’s your bench: Jarrett Jack, ... Read more

How The Raptors Stack Up Against The Rest Of The Atlantic

After a pitiful 33-49 season, Colangelo replaced two starters, the first five guys off the bench, and 2 of the last 5 at the end of it. Two make things more interesting, we have a “rookie” head-coach who has to integrate all these parts while trying to get this team into the playoffs, and possibly ... Read more

At some point you have to play some defense

Douby and O’Bryant both played. And it wasn’t garbage time. Hawks 118, Raptors 110 In my efforts to compose poetry yesterday I completely forgot about Hoop Heads North winning the RR March Madness Pool. Here’s his bracket in which he went a whopping 51/63. Congratulations and take a bow, I’ve dispatched my carrier pigeon which ... Read more

Ode to a season

The season ended with fresh new wounds, a Magical defeat, oh so soon There was work to do, with options here, and options there With Ford as bait, at a going rate, not too high but not too low A trade was made, lot went out, one came back He came at a fee, and ... Read more

Moon screwed up, but so did Triano

You could even look past that shot if it wasn’t accompanied by the grin. Raptors 84, Hawks 87 Alright, let’s get the Jamario Moon hate out of the way early. Sure, he was probably dropped on his head when he was young and then run over by an off-road vehicle. Repeatedly. Yup, that’s the only ... Read more

Free-falling Raps now 10 games under .500

Just like Indiana, a three-shot foul was the turning point. Suns 117, Raptors 113 Pinch-hitting for Dinosty so bear with me. Rule of thumb is that you can’t get into an offensive pissing contest with the Suns. They might have unofficially changed their style of play under Porter but their core personnel are still of ... Read more