CB4 paces BALL-less Raps to victory

The Raptors notched another confidence-building, team-bonding, towel-waving win in the stretch of very winnable games, disposing of the Indiana Pacers 117-102. The Pacers turned out to be a pesty opponent, one that seemed to be improved from earlier battles with a healthy Mike Dunleavy and a pine-riding TJ Ford. But this Rap team has become even better in the last couple of months

Gameday: Raptors vs Pacers – Jan. 31/10

Ball February is a key stretch of games for the Raptors as their schedule, seemingly, gets lighter in that 6 of the 10 teams they play are under .500. It starts today with a home-and-home with Indiana. This will be the third time this season they have played a home-and-home, with the Raptors going 3-1 ... Read more

Raptors implode in Indiana

Raptors 101, Pacers 105 – Box I’m not even surprised the Raptors blew that lead, not in the least. If you expected them to sustain a 23 point lead for a whole half, you have them confused with a team with a killer instinct. They had Indiana at their mercy in the first half and ... Read more

A blowout without a blowout feel

Calderon’s play was instrumental in getting the Raptors off to a great start. Pacers 112, Raptors 123 – Box The trend of blowing big leads is becoming the norm. Last night we were able to hold off Indiana by executing brilliantly down the stretch, but this cannot possibly be a sustainable method for winning games. ... Read more

Podcast: Weekly Review/Preview

Not a good week for the club, we got clobbered in Denver and then put up little resistance against the Jazz with the defense going from bad to worse. We gave up 108.25 points per game and our league-worst defensive rating went further down a couple notches to 116.4. Thankfully Miami came to town and ... Read more

Podcast: All things Jarrett Jack

To get a taste of what Jarrett Jack could bring to the Raptors I spoke with Tom Lewis, the main blogger over at Indy Cornrows. He saw Jarrett Jack play all 82 games for the Pacers last year and we talk about his character, his defensive make-up, what he brings offensively and what Raptors fans ... Read more

Live Blogging the 2009 NBA Draft Lottery

As it stands now, the Top 3 looks like: Sacramento Washington LA Clippers I’m predicting Sacramento gets screwed, and the Knicks win the Lottery – taking take home Blake Griffin, stay tuned… BC representing, let’s hope he brings some luck (last time we got the #1 pick) Joel Litvin shouldn’t be allowed in front of ... Read more

Pacers Exact Terrible Vengeance

Anthony, try to put those arms up. Raptors 101, Pacers 130 If there was a mercy rule in the NBA it would’ve been fit to invoke here. The Pacers laid down a beating to remember on the Raptors and unlike the last time we were in Indiana, there was no comeback to feel good about. ... Read more

Let’s wait till the 4th quarter to play hard

I’m thinking of buying a Raptors jersey and putting Granger 33 on it. Raptors 104, Pacers 111 Part of me didn’t even want the Raptors to make that run in the fourth because it doesn’t mean a thing. We got outplayed for three quarters and were down 24 when the Pacers decided to bring out ... Read more