Top 100 Players to Finish the Season 50-26

To the surprise of no one, the NBA is trying very hard to finish it’s season. Players and owners alike have a watchful eye on dropping revenue, and will do their damndest to mitigate the financial losses that COVID-19 has subjected to their sector. Naturally, there’s a lot left to figure out before anything pops ... Read more

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42, 44, 43

“O Deep Thought computer,” he said, “the task we have designed you to perform is this. We want you to tell us….” he paused, “The Answer.” “The Answer?” said Deep Thought. “The Answer to what?” “Life!” urged Fook. “The Universe!” said Lunkwill. “Everything!” they said in chorus. Deep Thought paused for a moment’s reflection. “Tricky,” ... Read more

Kyle Lowry

Gameday: Pelicans @ Raptors, Oct. 22nd

First up – get tickets for tonight’s watch party – Sportsnet Bar & Grill. $20 gets you in and a drink. It’ll be a blast. The time has come. After a relatively short summer of soaking in the Raptors championship, fans and players will come together  in a mind-meld to celebrate under one roof. Tonight, ... Read more

Morning Coffee March 8

"I don't think I can fault the energy or the effort, but maybe the focus," coach Jay Triano said. "We just didn't seem to be as locked in on this team as we should be."