That feeling? It’s the horror of finding shit in your pants.

Remember how fun this season was? Remember all those wins and that exciting playoff appearance? Good, now keep those warm memories in mind and put it into a safe deposit box of some kind. Treasure it and hide them from view, because it could all come to an end.

According to a report from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the Heat and Lowry have “mutual interest” in a free-agency signing. Lowry is an unrestricted free-agent, and happens to be the top point guard on the market. The Heat, of course, are four-time reigning Eastern conference champions, and just happen to have a Wario Chalmers-sized hole at the one. This comes on the backs of a mid-December quip from Zach Lowe, who reiterated the Heat’s interest in signing Lowry.

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Here’s an analogy. Let’s say you’re in a bad place in life — middling job, not many friends, doesn’t have much money — but you do have one great thing: a wonderful relationship. Now, the relationship is great because it gets you through your day and grants you a Netflix partner, but it’s always in the back of your mind — you’re far too reliant on them. You know that if they want a break-up, you’ll be utterly miserable. Then, your partner goes to this magical bar filled with attractive singles — we’re talking good-looking doctors with great hair and whatnot — and he/she left their cell-phone behind. Oh, and this is the same bar that your previous partner went to after leaving you spent and hopeless. It’s like that. They could just be going for a drink, or you could be left watching the remainder of season 4 of Archer by yourself.


Lowry averaged 17.4 points, 4.6 rebounds and 7.4 assists per game, good for a 20.1 PER. He managed to avoid injury and coaching clashes for the first time in his career to post career-highs across the board. He’s 28 years old and slated for a big payday.

To make this happen, the Heat have to get creative with their payroll. LeBron, Bosh and Wade would have to opt-out and re-sign more team friendly deals to create cap room. Lowry will likely command upwards of $12 million per year on market, but a chance to play with the vaunted Heat should count as a discount. With Shane Battier and possibly Chris Anderson and Ray Allen retiring, the Heat also need to be mindful of not overspending on Lowry, as they need to fill out the remainder of their roster.

And of course, it’s totally possible that Windhorst is just reading the tea leaves on the situation. The Heat need a point guard, and who wouldn’t want to play for a title contender? But still, this sucks.

[H/T Hoops Rumors]

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78 Responses to “Report: Kyle Lowry to the Heat?”

  1. FenixL

    Say he does leave, how much does that change the plans for this offseason? Does it bring it to a rebuild level? I have a hard time seeing this team win without him

    • leftovercrack

      We’d have to use the No. 20 pick on the best pg available, re-sign Vasquez and use the money we would have spent on Lowry to sign a real SF

      • leftovercrack

        On the bright side, if Lowry doesn’t sign they might have enough money to make a pitch for Luol Deng………..

  2. That other guy

    Good and funny article, dude. The rumor on the other hand is a massive kick in the balls. From Lowry’s stand point: would you walk away from 1) getting good money; 2) playing in a championship team; 3) playing for one of the most popular clubs in the nba; 4) instantly getting a legitimate chance to win the title (s); 5) playing with the best player in the world + two other future hall of famers ? That’s one very godfatherish proposition.

  3. tortacular

    I’ll believe this when I see it. Can’t see all three Heat guys giving up BIG money AND Lowry taking less. Not to mention they would still have another 7 roster spots to fill (Cole is the only guy on the books next year).

  4. Sam

    Not sure what the math is, but with the tax situation in Florida, he could sign for less money and make the same amount as if he signed for $12mil here. There’s also that…

    • Minks77

      Although theres no personal income tax there are still many other taxes the state of Florida levies against individuals and corporations to provide state funding. The cost of living in Florida is reportedly quite high, especially if you livin large. I’m not sure how Ballers organize themselves (as a corporation/contractor/spouse as employee etc) for tax purposes but this whole idea of no income tax being a huge big deal is a little overstated as far as I can figure out (esp after discussing it with some people in the know). Maybe it makes things easier for those guys who don’t hire money managers and what not but I bet most guys have this figured out.

    • ckh26

      Then there’s the other tax situation in Florida. The luxury tax the Heat owner gets to choke down if they are over the cap for the second consecutive year. The Heat were over this years cap by ~8M.. so a tax of $2.5 for every dollar over the cap was paid,
      This coming year if they are over the luxury tax cap again its a pretty punative 2.5 dollars for every dollar your over the line in the Heats bracket..
      This years Cap is projected at 63.3M.
      Right now the 3 musketeers alone will cost 62.1
      Haslam and the Birdman have player options for 6.
      Norris Cole is under contract for 2.
      Their draft pick is going to cost them 1M under the CBA.
      Thats 71M and they have but 6 players under contract.
      Say they sign 3 guys under the MLE at a mill apiece and magically find another 4 serviceable players at 900K each to round out the roster to 13 bodies that would add another 3.5M. So the Heat are now around 78-80M

      If they could convince all the very altruistic muskeeters to opt out and opt back in again with each of them eating 4M AND foregoing another 20M apiece in 2016 (this would be tough for Wade who is on his last legs and who would pay that guy 22M in another year ?) and give Kyle the 12M over 4 years they would be again at the 80M mark. Add the luxury tax bill of 8-10M and will that tax loving Republican Micky Arinson ,the owner of the Heat , be all that happy to sign up Kyle ?

      • Milesboyer

        Well the salary cap is 63 mil but the luxury tax is 77 mil. So if the big 3 take around 16M each and Kyle takes 10M, that leaves them some play with the mid-level, veterans minimum, bi-annual and whatever other exemptions there are. They would still likely go into the tax but it wouldn’t have to be way over. It’s doable but only if the three amigos (+ K-Low) all agreed to take less money. Is Kyle the guy they do that for? Or is there a better piece out there, i.e. a big man that’s worth making that sacrifice for.

        • ckh26

          I don’t know if its Kyle or any other guy they do that for. Lots of egos and money on the table here. Lebron is in his own league. He can ask for and get pretty much anything he wants because he is simply that good a player and that good a draw that any franchise would love to have. His endorsement money rivals the GDP of small countries.

          On the other side of the coin are Mr. Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Wade’s health has him on the downside and the contract he is on is his last major score. Wade would have to forego about 26M in salary in total. The 4M he coughs up this year and the 22M that he is enttitled to next year. If he agrees he has to hope he can renegotiate a 3 year 45M deal and thats going to be a very tough sell on a depreciating to almost fully depreciated skill set. Bosh is in the same boat. Give up 4 this year and forego 20M the next year and hope to renegotiate.While they are all in the same draft class Lebron has a lot of game left in him. That can’t be said of Wade or Bosh.

          There are countless quotes and articles written about the NBA and how players want to ” play for rings” and not money. If thats the case why is there no lineup to go to San Antonio where there are rings to be won. San Antoino is however a small market with little publicity and a self imposed budget.

          Its pretty hard to breathe in and breathe out at the same time.

  5. Dan Revich

    Lowry plays for $3.28 million on the Heat unless the Big 3 take pay cuts. Even still he will probably end up playing for $5 million if the Big 3 do take cuts, as they will have to fill out their roster. No chance they offer him the $10-12 million that the Raptors will give him. Seems unlikely to me.

    • leftovercrack

      This is how the original article puts it:
      Windhorst claims the two sides have mutual interest in joining forces, but that several things would have to line up for the Toronto PG to take his talents to South Beach. Money, or lack thereof, is clearly the number one thing in the way of Lowry heading to Miami, as it’s unclear at this time just how much Pat Riley will have to spend on free agents.If every member of the Big Three opts-in, which would result in salary increases for all three, the Heat would likely not have enough funds to bring Lowry on board. But if the Big Three opt-out and then sign new, less lucrative deals, Riley could have enough money left over to bring in another star like the Toronto PG.

      • Raymond

        If the Big 3 option out, they have money, but Heats will no longer a good team to attract Lowry

        • leftovercrack

          I think by opting out they mean renouncing their current contracts and re-signing with the Heat on more team-friendly terms. I don’t think it means they will lose any of those players

          • Junior Qamar

            2 things… wade is no longer a max contract player he should earn no more then 8 mil per year and bosh at 10 mil per year. This big 3 garbage no longer exists with the heat these are players in the decline. Paying them near max is ludicris and its the reason why miami will not go anywhere next season. Giving the heat players what they actually deserve $ wise would be the smart thing to do. I wouldnt even want wade in toronto if he commanded more then 10 mil. Rather have derozan. Hopefully pat riley is going to give all 3 of these guys near max again and watch this team crumble.

  6. Saskatoon Raps Fan

    We are beyond fucked for next yr without Lowry, it’s too bad we won’t know for sure until after the draft. Cuz if we lose him I’d prefer to blow it up

    • noname

      Nah…we aren’t as screwed as we think if lowry leaves. We can replace him with someone like bledsoe who is younger too. But lowry isn’t leaving anyway so…

      • Dagger

        Bledsoe is a restricted free agent, and the Suns have said that they will match any offer.

    • asifyouknow

      Rondo might be available….Great defensive guy, Casey would be in love…lol

  7. sitnonDfence

    Last chance at a payday. He’s not taking a pay cut. LeBron took a pay cut to get man handled by the spurs. Doubt LeBron will be willing to take a pay cut again, and if Lebron gets paid you know Wade and Bosh will want theirs. At best he opts in for one more year.
    Its not like Lowry has crazy Nike and Gatorade endorsements to make up taking less money or a shorter term. I don’t see any sign and trade scenarios, unless he puts the Free agency gun to masai’s head. Even in that scenario, I see Masai waving farewell and watching the heat dribble in luxury tax hell for the next oblivion, while they are still only 4 players deep.

    • ampharmacyconsulting

      LeBron took a pay cut to get man handled by the spurs. Have you been under a rock for the last 4 years ? He took a pay cut and made it to the finals every year of that contract and won 2 rings

  8. RickE

    Is there a source to verify his mutual interest? Agent pandering is one aspect to increase the price on the free agent market. Its definitely working here with ppl freaking out that he’s going to leave. I don’t see Lowry taking a pay cut in order to win a championship at this stage of his career. Especially when he wants to be one of the elite PG’s in the game. How much ball can go around if you still have the Big 3 around. Not happening…but hey its Toronto we cry when people don’t like us…lol

    • bobjoe

      At this stage in his career? He’s 28. This is the point in most player’s careers where they will begin to shift to win-now mode over extra money to maybe (but not really) contend mode.

      Don’t get me wrong, I want him back..but people need to recognize Lowry has, or is close to, peaking as a player. He’s in his prime right now.

      • RickE

        The Big 3 was really created when Wade, LBJ and Bosh were all on the dream team one year and came up with the idea in playing with each other. Lowry has no connection with any of them so I don’t see him taking a pay cut to get into win-now mode. The dude was going to be a journey man after his play last year and now he’s chasing a ring? If he was wise, take the money and win with a team that’s giving you the key’s to the wheel. In the end the Spurs showed us its a team game that helps you win championships not just 3 stars.

        • Milesboyer

          Remember though, the refrain from the recently championed Spurs was that they (Ginobli, Duncan and Parker) were happy to take a pay cut knowing they had a chance to win it all. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for Lowry, it might be worth it to him to only make 10 mil instead of 12 if he thinks he can get a ring and at the very least play with a few Hall of Famers on the biggest stage in the NBA.

          Anyway, it was nice knowing you Kyle, thanks for all the good times. Tyler Ennis anyone?

      • DC

        Players might shift to win-now mode AFTER they’ve had a payday. This is Lowry’s one and only chance for a payday. There’s no way he takes a pass on it. First thing first!

  9. Donald Godreau

    After all the players who have used the Raptors as a stepping stone to a better pay day, why does it still suprise and sadden me to hear about this…

  10. Louiev

    Yes! Would love to have Lowry in Miami. Still a long shot but would be a great move…

  11. Alex Vostrikov

    not gonna happen.
    he didn’t make a killing like wade, bosh and james did, before they took SMALL pay cuts to play together. its not like they sign to play for 3-4 mil a year. all they did, is sign for few mil less, with state tax bringing them to somewhat the same they would get in NY for example.
    plus lowry is not type of player who can make big buck on endorsements.
    and forget about the rings… 28 yr old players care about pay cheque, that’s it. offer lowry 9 mil to play in Miami, he will gladly take it over toronto’s 12 mil….. in the end, it would come to same amount… with “sunshine all year round” bonus.
    if Toronto can somehow guaranty success for the next 3 years, he might stay. problem is, Toronto is a “few” players away from finals, and “minus one” player away from lottery. be that lowry, derozan or JV.
    last year was the most fun I had, watching nba… Toronto in particular, and spurs going hard into heat.

  12. MoPeteRules

    Wow. And that’s not directed at this report, that’s directed at the amount of hoopla this has created given the source is an ESPN commentator who is clearly trying to fill up TV time in what can be considered the most stagnant time of the year for NBA basketball. If you had any sensibility, you would realize that there is no possible way that the Big 3 would take pay cuts to earn near what Kyle Lowry is commanding, let alone leaving the Heat in a position to sign nobody else before entering luxury tax territory. TNT knows drama, but William Lou, you sir know drama.

    • DDayLewis

      So I have your word on this, or Brian Windhorst’s, who isn’t some Chris Broussard/Stephen A. Smith bullshitter giving a report. Got it.

      • MoPeteRules

        That’s it though. It’s like the Mayans predicting the end of the world or a turtle picking the world cup winner. Newsworthy, but ultimately we know better. Again, dull time for NBA talk so I guess any news is better than no news.

      • ckh26

        Or we might just have Lowry and his agent engaging in what we call “building a market”. It is a business.

        • Tamberlyn Richardson

          Your comment is spot on. As soon as I heard this rhetoric I thought
          Kyle’s agent is smart. With so many quality point guards in the league
          and most teams already happy with their personnel, there really weren’t
          too many teams who could vie for Kyle’s services and fit his personal
          goals of:

          1) collecting on his first substantial payday
          2) guarantee he remain a starter with a significant role within the system
          3) duplicate the chemistry within the team he experienced in 2013-14.
          4) not be a bottom feeding team

          reason Miami makes no sense is Wade and Bosh would have to take
          substantially less money for Kyle to be signed, as well as leave enough
          dollars on the table so front court help can be added. Also, Kyle is too
          similar to DWade and even James for that matter to work in that system.
          People can espouse on the merits of chasing a ring, but the truth is
          Toronto has a solid core who is young, have great chemistry and have
          gained valuable playoff experience.

          More importantly, following
          bad experiences on teams either with the head coach (McHale) or having
          to compete for the starting PG position (Memphis, Houston) Lowry is
          finally the big dog on what most would deem HIS TEAM. He and Casey have
          created a great rapport after what many perceived to be a rocky start. I
          think the truth is closer to Lowry came to Toronto following surgery
          which meant he came into camp out of shape and more susceptible to
          injury his first season, plus the team wanted to spotlight Calderone so
          he could be traded.

          Fact is ex-Raptor Calderone would be a
          better fit for Miami than almost any PG out there since he is a pass
          first PG who shoots the 3. Not to mention, Bosh would probably soil
          himself at the prospect of reuniting to run some pick and roll with Jose
          after his abysmal showing in the paint these finals.

          I just
          can’t see Kyle opting to play for a team where he’ll get maybe 4 shot
          opportunities a game, have to take far less money and frankly have to
          take a seat pretty far back in the bus given the popularity and exposure
          of the Big 3. To that end, Toronto doesn’t offer the same lucrative
          national exposure of American companies, however given Lowry’s
          performance this season and in the playoffs he’ll stand to definitely
          get some endorsements in the TDot and even Canada-wide.

          I know
          it’s just my opinion, but I don’t think Kyle is going anywhere since
          Toronto addresses Kyle’s needs the best of the projected possible
          suitors. I’m not buying the hype, but I am slightly annoyed since this
          move may serve its true purpose: to drive Kyle’s asking price up.

          needs to appeal to him by pointing out how Miami’s Big 3 had 4 good
          years with a 50% win margin (and albeit, some luck in Game 6, 2013),
          whereas San Antonio’s core have competed for 15 straight years (12 years
          with their Big 3) because they saw the bigger picture. They chose to
          take reasonable paydays (slightly less than the NBA elite) so there was
          available funds to create a roster of depth.

          At the end of the
          day I think Kyle Lowry would rather play a significant role in leading
          his team like Parker has: alongside teammates he considers brothers as
          opposed to playing 4th, 5th or lower fiddle to a team of superstars
          while being expected to do so for much less than he’s worth.

          I guess we’ll see in a couple weeks.

          • ckh26

            Both the Heat and the Lakers have been mentioned as possible destinations for Kyle. The Heat went into the tax last year and would be in repeater territory this year if the payroll is over 77M and it looks like it will be in the 78 to 80M range. The owner Arison in Miami is already on record as looking for ways out of paying the tax and it means the staff taking a pay cut. THat should go over well eh ?
            The Lakers need everything. They have an aging Kobe and thats it. They will be in tough shape for a few years unless they snag Lebron from the Heat this year or next. Kyle will be on a pretty poor team for at least 3 of his 6 remaining high contributor years. And he has to play with Kobe. Those two have the personalities to just butt heads over where to eat for lunch.

            The other guys that really need a field general PG are the Pacers but they are kind of hamstrung by the West / Hibbert and George salaries. Don’t see any other teams out there that are a PG away from serious contention who will pay top dollar right now for a player to put them over the top. (GSW, The Clips, OKC , Portland all have a PG and the Bulls believe the MVP version of Rose is coming back)

            So that makes for a pretty small market this year. Its reasonable to think to get Kyle our term would be a 4 year deal @ 10.5 to 10.75 with the last year being a team option with a partial guarantee of say 6M . Miami can’t really match that without a lot of work on restructuring contracts for guys who are going to be giving up a lot of guaranteed money and I think LA is just not ready to reload now but rather next year.

            Its Fair Market Value and if he does choose another path so be it. We have the draft slot to get another PG in Payton or Ennis or Adams and wait for them while Vasquez runs the show anext year. The silver lining is we get ~10M in cap space this year to fill that gaping hole at SF (Luol Deng ?).

            There is lots of chemistry with Kyle and the Raps and I would think its in his and teams best interests to make a deal for all the reasons you point out. I think he stays. If he goes its not the end of the world as we know it though.

            Can’t wait for the draft as the selections will foreshadow how close to a deal we are with him.

          • gtang

            I don’t know about the overlapping skillsets with Wade and James. Wade sat out 25+ games this year, so even if there was overlap, Wade doesn’t play enough games over the course of a season to matter. Plus, there’s been suggestions that are gaining traction that, if they’re going to sit Wade for this many games, they’re better off bringing him off the bench (a la Ginobili) and adding punch to their bench unit that way. Paying max money to a bench player isn’t ideal for the Hear, obviously, but neither is paying max money for a guy to sit out for 25% of the season.
            Lowry fits their need for a quality point guard, especially given how far Chalmers fell in the Finals, and it’d be a cheaper, and far more logical acquisition than Carmelo. If you want to talk about overlapping skillsets that don’t address a need, that’s the definition.
            Simmons pointed out that Wade and Bosh would need to re-structure, but it’s not impossible for the Heat to clear up $18M in cap space if they can convince Haslem to retire. If they manage to do that, then there’s room to do something. Whether it’s one superstar in Melo. Secure 2 elite free agents (Lowry being one of them) + a veteran or two.
            Unfortunately, the latter option of elite free agents plus vets makes the most sense.

            • ckh26

              “it’s not impossible for the Heat to clear up $18M in cap space if they can convince Haslem to retire.”

              The man is owed 4.6M dollars.
              Its very very unlikely you just walk away from 4.6M dollars for the sheer sport of it.

  13. Dagger

    The Heat need a PG with athleticism who can create, hit threes when the defence collapses on Lebron, and play tough defence on opposing points.

    Lowry wants a good contract and a chance to play on a winning team.

    The mutual interest is so obvious that I’ve feared this would happen for months. Let’s pray for a miracle.

    • Milesboyer

      Yep, perfect fit basketball wise, unless Lowry’s ego gets the best of him. Financially – there are some questions but if Melo’s in the conversation then Lowry’s obviously a possibility.

    • asifyouknow

      I agree with you but a winning team ! What the hell you think Toronto is? is a winning team my friend…

      • Dagger

        Hate to say, but there is a difference between winning like the Raptors, and winning like the Heat.

  14. JP

    No way in hell this is happening. This is Lowrys last chance in his career for a big payout. Add to the fact he has the perfect situation for him in Toronto. If he’s smart he’ll make the smart decision.

  15. johng_3

    I don’t know where that fat boy gets his source where there is mutual interest. Brian has been a Miami dickrider and will say any player is interested for playing for the Heat

  16. tonious35

    If the shit hits the fan and Lowry’s a Heat, the only consolation prize is if they put Bosh on waivers like the little-bitch he is.

  17. asifyouknow

    This will be a fight between Lakers and Heat. Kyle’s decision will no longer be about money because he will obviously get paid what he wants.
    The prospect of playing, as I stated on another post, with LeBron or Kobe will be the closing point of this deal. Lets be honest I think many of you folks had an idea that this might happen. Kyle, in my opinion, is a top 10 PG, maybe even better than that.
    Too bad for Vaz, I love the guy but he won’t effective in Toronto as a starter in Casey’s scheme. Mr. Casey probably finds Mr. Kyle a bit too adventurous at PG and GV would probably drive him nuts.
    Coach reminds me of Bobby Knight at Indiana, old fashion basketball, he does not like the no look pass or the alley-oop dunk.
    I see Vasquez also gone, the good thing is that Toronto can renew their original plan of reconstruction. There are some nice defensive point guards out there they should go get and maybe find a few bigs.

    • thegloveinrapsuniform

      if he gets paid what he wants then obviously it is about money. if he sacrifices salary to be with a contender, then you can say its no longer about the money. although i dont think he will sacrifice money and he will be a fool to do so, but who knows, maybe he wants a title, bad. but again, i doubt it. why let go of the opportunity, as JP said below to earn a big paycheck now, which may be his last chance? he most likely will not get 10-12mil in miami, he could get that with the lakers, but playing for a new coach and 14 new teammates may not look too appealing for him. as we’ve seen in the past, Lowry is all about continuity, stability and fitting in a good system. he’s found the system that makes him excel, why leave? besides, he probably knows he still has a good 7-8 years of good basketball left him. take that big payout, then look for a contender when he reaches the twilight. thats what everybody’s done so far.

      • asifyouknow

        Everybody thinks that the Lowry/Casey relationship is all love love.. Has there not been problems about the way Lowry wants to play basketball?
        That may also play a part in his decision.

    • Milesboyer

      Sorry buddy, no chance in hell they let Vasquez go (he’s restricted) if Kyle ends up leaving unless there’s a major trade for a PG.

      • RapthoseLeafs

        I like Vasquez. He may be 27 years old, but he’s still a newbie in the NBA.

        I see Greivis (what a name) just starting to bloom. He has potential to be the Leader of this team. Especially liked his take on things during the play-offs … “We can’t play like sh!t (or something to that effect)” ….. “I don’t like these guys [opponent]”.

        Toronto has been missing these type of guys for a long time. As much as I like Lowry, I wouldn’t pay him 12 million (based on 1 really good year). Kyle’s has a certain ferocity, but he’s too small. And while somewhat a Leader, he’s not how I envision Vasquez. That interview during the play-offs sealed it for me.

        Raptors could have gotten a 1st round pick for Kyle last season. I realize Knicks vetoed that “trade”, but that’s because we were asking too much. Instead of shooting for the moon, we (probably) could have had a 1st Round pick + Shumpert – who is underrated in my mind. Great defender – just got p!ssed on by his own Coach.

  18. asifyouknow

    Kyrie Irving might be available, he is a bit selfish for my taste but he is a great PG…. who would Toronto give up for him?

  19. asifyouknow

    Others rumors in Miami…plus many tweets…Miami Heat ‏@iAmMiamiHEAT 16m



  20. hyperdouche

    I read the headline to that article and thought the same thing as you. But if you read it through, he does go on to say that there’s a lot of love between Lowry and the Raps and everyone’s on board with getting back together. Move along. Nothing to see here. Putting ‘Miami’ in the title of any article is the basketball equivalent to a BuzzFeed link.

  21. GoingBig

    Neither the money/cap situation is going to work for Miami / Chicago, or Kyle

  22. Mexiballer

    Whatever. Its amazing that one article can cause so much reaction. Its predictble that writers need something to write about between now and draft day. There is interest in Kyle Lowry? Really? Big news. His agent may be upping the ante for Masai like any good agent should do. Kyle Lowry is a Raptor. It is his team. His team with his team mate friends. He is not going to leave that to be on Lebron”s team or Kobeys team or anyone else’s team. He loves playing for Toronto and he and Demar have a championship dream. Unless someone offers him a ridicoulous amount of money he is not going anywhere.

  23. Xtremenator1

    Hope he stays with the Raptors in the end. This team has so much potential, and really all they need is someone who can defend in the post and get some boards consistently. Jonas isn’t that guy yet, but he will be down the line. Amir will never be that guy, but he is an energy player and that’s valuable to this team (I’d prefer if him and Pat came off the bench). Ross is going to get better as well, and if his defensive play on George this year said anything its that he has a pot of potential. Demar is likely going to have an even bigger break out year (similar to George this year I think); lot of people sleeping on him for some reason. I like this team man, it’s like the Spurs but with no vets really. They’re gonna be even better next year, and I’d they can bring back everyone + a good rebounding/ defending big man the sky’s the limit.

  24. Will

    What about rebuild with Lin and Asik? Not sure how the salary cap works but would that help in the short run?

  25. Jensan

    The heat cannot be over the luxury tax for a third consecutive due to the triple tax scenario. There has to be one year moritorium for the Heat. So wade goes to 4/50, bosh 4/60, and Lebrun takes one more year at 20 million. That means for the three players at 45 million for next year , Cole makes it 47 million plus haslem makes it 50.5 million.
    Lowry is not what the heat needs , they need Gasol at 3/40 million starting at 12.5 million . Cole, Gasol, Lebron, bosh -wade as a 6th man and the heat needs a starting shooting guard playing 32 minutes a game. The six players are under the cap at 63 million. It is up to Wade and Bosh to take the hit so Gasol can be a starting Center. Use the MLE and the first round pick and you are up to 69 million for 8 players . The next 5 players can spend 7 .5 million dollars and remain for this year under the luxury tax.

    • ckh26

      So Wade is guaranteed 42M for 2 years
      And he suddenly finds his inner Mother Theresa and takes 4 years at 50. An incremental 4K per year.
      Long odds on that one.

  26. Narol Denison

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  27. Trace Fairley

    Money or Ring? Hmmmm I say Kyle takes the money with the Raps, stays as the big man and a fair chance for a ring two years down the road with a good young team and GM. Too many variables with Miami.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      “Too many variables with Miami”

      Do you mean … like winning it all, or losing in the finals. If Lowry signs for 4 years (along with Lebron & Wade – Bosh can go in my opinion, and they’ll still win), then Kyle will be in the finals – AT LEAST 2 – 3 years during that contract.

      Hate to break it to you, but Toronto will be lucky to land in the Finals – ONCE – during the next 4 years. Especially if they pay Kyle 12 million, along with other future contracts – Free agents – plus JV and Ross in 2017-18.


      • RapthoseLeafs

        Those JV & Ross contracts would likely be “redesigned” for the 2016-17 season, in order to avoid Restricted free agency (after).

      • Trace Fairley

        Of course, they will have to be lucky to get into the finals. If the young players mature etc etc. Variables are do each of the big three opt out and resign? Does Miami owner want to pay salary cap tax? Who else do they need to sign to fill spots?



  1.  Report: Kyle Lowry to the Heat? - Raptors Repub...

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