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Adam McQueen
Journalism student at UBC. All things Raptors and Southern Raptors (Grizzlies). Stays spicy, but with a side of sour cream just in case.

Adam Robles
Digital Marketing guy who takes care of all things social and content. If you’ve ever liked one of our posts, he probably posted it.

Adon Moss
Ire on the courts. Fire on the blogs. On so many Player Islands that it's beginning to look like an NBArchipelago. Leveraging irrational analyses and eccentric analogies to someday become the next Assistant to the General Manager of any team desperate for metaphorical success.

Alex Tansley
Community Sports Marketing Coach at SportsXpress Media Inc..Avid Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia Eagles Fan. Sheridan College Advertising Graduate.

Andrew Damelin
Andrew is 6'6 with a penchant for overdressing to Raptors 905 games. He creates highlights for Sportscentre, updates for TSN 1050 Toronto, and excels at NBA alma mater trivia.

Zarar Siddiqi
Long-time Raptors blogger and Arsenal supporter. Arse also happens to know a lot about how to make things work on the web which worked out well for the site. He likes loves hates despises follows the Raptors closer than he does his mutual funds. He's a lethal 3-point shooter when he's wide open and knows nothing about cars, Canadian politics, hockey, interest rates or how money works. He's from Kashmir and he happens to be terrified of fish. His favorite show is The Wire and his favorite movie is Fargo. He also happens to rock the mic like El Presidente... Email: arsenalist at raptorsrepublic.com

Barry Taylor

Blake Murphy
Blake was with RR from 2009-2018, serving as managing editor from 2015-18 before selling out. He was originally known for his curse - the Raptors had a 3-18 stretch from 2010-12 when Blake had post-game coverage duties - and later for naming a dog after Jose Calderon. He remains with the site in an editor emeritus/consulting capacity.

Brandon Jefferson
Freelance journalist. Work has appeared at Complex, DIME, Bleacher Report, Fansided and Sports Illustrated.

Chris Anderson
Media and Communication Studies graduate from Brock University and aspiring sports writer. Lifelong Raptors and Blue Jays fan. Spend my spare time covering basketball and soccer.

Colin Connors
Aspiring NBA writer. Lifelong basketball junkie. Varsity Basketball Captain at the University of Waterloo.

Nils Linnenbrügger
When not online doing Raptors related things such as work with forums, “Tweeting” and networking, Doc can be found …. ummm …. errr …. working with forums, Tweeting and networking. Doc got his start via the ESPN message boards back during the ’00-’01 season but most will recall him from places like EBSports and most notably, RaptorsForum.

Jamar Hinds
Joined RR in March 2021. I also do TSN Sportscentre highlight packs and remember way too much from the 90s. The undisputed king of NBA Sporcle. Like Lavar Ball, "I'm undefeated. Never lost."

Jonathan Chen
Canada basketball and Toronto Raptors junkie. Soft spot for Canadians who play for the Raptors. Patiently waiting for the SMNT to return to the Olympics.

Joshua Howe
Joshua is a freelance sports journalist with bylines at such places as Raptors.com, Sportsnet.ca, and, of course, RaptorsRepublic.com.

He is still waiting for Godot.

Katie Heindl
Katie is a writer from Toronto whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Dime Magazine, The Classical, VICE and VICE Sports, among others. She really misses Amir Johnson.

Kelsea O'Brien
Kelsea's primary focus is the NBA G LEAGUE. She is also a co-host of the Dishes and Dimes podcast. That's that Raptors 905 basketball baby!

Kyle Brickman
Co-host of Rap Up Live. The worst shooter in any given gym.

Louis Zatzman
Louis spends most of his life watching basketball and so writes about it now and then. He's been with RR since the 2016-17 season.

Lukas Weese
Lukas Weese is a multi-platform sports journalist based in Toronto, Canada. He is contributes written coverage on the Raptors, Raptors 905 and Canadian Basketball for Raptors Republic, along with hosting the "Raptors End Game" video podcast. His work has appeared in outlets such as ESPN's The Undefeated, USA Today, Complex Canada, Yahoo Sports, Sportsnet, and The Hockey News.

He is also a huge fan of sprinkles and Kyle Lowry charges."

Manny Rao
Outside of writing for RR, Manny also works in radio and spends his time preaching about how magnificent pineapple and jalapeño peppers are on pizza.

Matt Shantz
He gets forced to play as a big during pick-up due to his height, but lacks the body mass to support such ambitious goals. Matt’s relationship with the Raptors can look a lot like Stockholm Syndrome, although one day his friends and family will understand why he put himself through the heartbreak.

Nick Reynoldson
Comedian, Actor and Writer. Nick can be found performing Stand-up comedy in clubs and theatres across the country. 1/2 of Talking Raptors. Sick handles. No defence.

Nick Tutssel
The only documented owner of a Bruno Caboclo jersey (purchased on draft day), Tutssel is an opinionated sports junkie who shoots as liberally in his columns as he does during pick-up games. He probably hasn’t seen your favourite movie because he was too busy watching a 2007 T.J. Ford press conference. Onions, baby, onions.

Oren Weisfeld
Oren Weisfeld is a freelance journalist from Toronto focusing on the Raptors and the intersection of sports and politics/culture.
Oren's work has appeared in The Guardian, Sportsnet, the Toronto Star, CBC, VICE Sports, NOW, FanSided, and more.

Sahal Abdi
Formerly at FanSided's Raptors Rapture, current Managing Editor at Rotoden and frequent contributor to the Locked On Raptors podcast. He provides great holiday rates for companies seeking additional vehicle parking (his forehead). Featured on Bleacher Report, Sportsnet, BlogTO, HOOP (official NBA publication) and BBallBreakdown.

Sam Holako
Day 1 Raptor fan. Day 1 RR OG. Sam still sports his battle scars from the dark ages of Rob Babcock and Kevin O'Neil. It was their short comings that chased Vince Carter out of Toronto...but he still can't talk about that time without getting overly emotional... rapsfan@raptorsrepublic.com

Samson Folk
"Unequivocally the best dunker in the blogosphere" - Joshua Howe

I talk and write pretty frequently on this great website."

Shyam Baskaran
Shyam is about as die-hard a Raptor fan as they come. A product of Mississauga, he has played competitive basketball at various levels but was unable to make anything out of his well below-average talents. Shyam started with Raptors Republic in 2015, and is looking to live the basketball dream through his writing, podcasting and tweeting about everything Raptors and the NBA. A Chartered Accountant by day, when Shyam’s not in the office, staying up to date on the Raps helps keep him sane.

Tamberlyn Richardson
Tamberlyn Richardson joined Raptors Republic in 2013. Presently she is the Managing Editor of Sixteen Wins A Ring and Editor of Thunderous Intentions, the FanSided OKC Thunder site. Additionally, she hosts a podcast- Tamberlyn’s Tip-Off and is a frequent contributor to NBA Full Court Press Radio, The 94 Feet Report and many others. Nicknamed The Queen of the NBA by the Doctor of Joyology (Steve Gennaro), she remains unabashedly faithful to the lone team North of the border.

Tim Chisholm
Tim was tsn.ca’s first basketball columnist and he spent nine years there writing about the NBA, the Raptors and FIBA basketball. He also spent three years writing about the NBA and the Raptors for Bell Sympatico’s sports section. He has been contributing to Raptors Republic for two seasons, where he routinely proves unable to meet even the leanest of podcast requests.

Trung Ho
Trung is a basketball writer, photographer, and videographer from Toronto. He joined Raptors Republic in 2018 and is primarily on the Sauga grind covering Raptors 905. He is also a big advocate for Canadian university basketball and is the creator of @inthefourth_u.

Zach Hirshberg
Graphic designer

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