This week on The Doctor is In with Phdsteve, I have called in the boys from the world wide roundtable to talk ball and we have a discussion about all the action in NBA and NCAA while continually tying it back to the Raptors!  Joined by my brother Mike (who knows college basketball), Greg Mason (the brain from the south), and Blair Miller from The Fifth Quarter Blog we discuss:

  • The week that almost was as the Raps close out the West Coast road trip 2-3 before a big win vs New Orleans at home
  • The SACTO loss.  Was it the refs or players?
  • The Clippers loss and how sometimes the better team just wins.
  •  And The win against NO reminds us how good Lowry is and how taking out the trash is all this team needs to do to get the 3 seed in the East.
  • We close with some random thoughts on the all-star game and the upcoming trade deadline.

Then from about 30 minutes on we talk NCAA

  • It’s a tribute to Iowa week! as we look deeper at both Iowa & Iowa State.
  • There is a local Toronto kid not named Wiggins tearing up the NCAA and we talk about him!
  • We then start our Conference previews with conference tournaments just around the corner as we preview the Big Ten and the Big 12
  • The mailbag question of the week comes from @mitchymitchy4: will/should Embiid stay for a second year at Kansas?
  • And the we talk about Marcus Smart and stupid fans

Quick note: no Dr Is In next week but we are back in 2 weeks time.

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  • Bill

    Is it Tyler Ennis? I can’t watch at the moment.

    • raptors phdsteve

      We’ve talked about Ennis a few times this year. After that big shot last night vs Pitt, he’s probably due for another preview. But Skip2MyLou is right- its Ejim!

  • Skip2MyLou

    Melvin Ejim I’m assuming from the Iowa theme?

  • sleepz

    – Iowa is definitely a good team. They had a brief lull recently but with the Michigan smashing is looking like they are back to early season form. Didn’t like the recent loss to Ohio St at home though.
    – Iowa St. is solid as well but I don’t trust them in tourney setting when if the 3 isn’t dropping they might be in trouble.
    – Regarding M. Smart, as a black man, if the fan said anything race related, I would have suspended him a game and the fan shouldn’t be allowed to attend games anymore. If the “piece of crap’ comment that was made is true, then the punishment fits the crime. Players shouldn’t confront fans in that manner, but does paying a ticket allow you to say anything to the players? If that dude said something racially charged to me, I’d have also taken great offence to it.
    – Wiggins coming to the Raps would bring pressure but it would be like the prodigal son returning home. As long as he wants to be here (which he does), the fans would eat up every minute of it. A Canadian kid that has the chance to be a star in the league would be the ideal set-up, pressures or not.
    -Last kid to play four years in college and come into the league and make a splash was Lilliard.
    -Not a big fan of Barnes at Texas but that team is sneaky good. J Holmes is a baller.
    -If Embiid goes back to school he’s wasting his time. His footwork is NBA ready as is. Go learn in the pros young man.
    Love the fact that you guys are really talking college ball and not just paying some brief lip service to it.

    • GetLicks

      Agreed on the Wiggins pressure. I actually think I’d rather have him go to another team and develop, then maybe come here in his prime. May not happen, but I think the chances are good that he’ll be a raptor at some point. As I said below, it’d be nice to get Ennis (or even Stauskas) too. Both kids can ball

      • sleepz

        Bledsoe is more athletic than Smart but his size will be a major factor as a 1 in the league.

        I also think while Bledsoe is a better scorer, Smart is more of a true 1. Good comparison though.

        • sleepz

          Sorry that was in response to Guest. My bad.

    • rapierraptor

      Great points, sleepz. Embiid obviously still has a lot to learn but I totally agree that the footwork and the base for development is there. Plus, he is a FAST learner. Make the jump.

  • GetLicks

    Been saying Ennis is a stud since the beginning of the season and maybe the raps could grab him in the 15-20 range. Unfortunately for the raps, he’s played he’s way into the top 10 (top 5 in some mock drafts). I think he should ride all the attention and declare this year, look what happened to Smart.

    • GetLicks

      His way**

    • sleepz

      That buzzer beater against Pitt was a dagger!lol

  • Guest

    I really like Marcus smart’s game. Reminds me a lot of Eric bledsoe. He’s one of the few guys coming out of college that can make an impact immediately for a team. In a league dominated by points guards, you need to have a strong defensive minded point guard. Oh yeah, he’s also 6’4 220. Ridiculous size…

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