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If RaptorsTalk can say it, I can say it: Lame Post Alert!

After a game like that, you’d think the Grizzlies might have been better off just showing up, collecting their bobbleheads, and heading back to their hotel.

Mike Miller: 0-5

Rudy Gay: 2-9

Pau “I used to enjoy this” Gasol”: 4-12

To recap: Three best offensive weapons – 6-26. That’s “blind midget shooting backwards free throws” type accuracy.

They sure held up to their name, the Grizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Memphis assistant Johnny Davis was out five minutes before the tip making little marks on the court about a foot behind the free throw line. It’s to give Mike Miller his spot since he doesn’t step right up to the line. Very odd.

And this doesn’t even crack the top ten Mike Miller Oddities.

With luscious locks like that, you had to know implants were coming.

Not much to say. Outscored them 30-10 in the second quarter, and that was that. Bosh and Bargnani went out with matching owwies (groin and knee, respectively), but should be short-term. Rasho returned, Jose bobbled Joseway to another double double, too much Joey Graham, WAY too much Derrick Martin (Why him and not Juan as the backup PG? This does not compute). See the snooztastic highlights here. (WARNING: Do not watch while operating a vehicle or eating hot soup.)

Oh, and Doug Smith finally evened the score with Chuck!

Here’s the inside dope on that Kanye West song that seems to be the intro music in every arena in the league. No, the NBA doesn’t mandate its use (I can’t imagine David Stern sitting around with a bunch of CDs coming up with some catchy tune). Apparently eight or nine teams use it, and all chose it independently of each other.

Looks like we got another date with royalty on Friday. Talk to you then.

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