Suns playing Rent-a-Center with Shaq + Memorable games

It looks like Shaq is heading over to Phoenix to bolster the Suns frontcourt. Coming the other way is Shawn Marion. Now at first glance it appears that Steve Kerr just lost his mind but on further analysis, this might be the shrewdest move he’ll ever pull – assuming Shaq gets healthy.

I figure the Suns don’t give a shit about the regular season and are just counting on him to play a couple week in the regular season to get warmed up. The target here is the Spurs, in past playoffs Amare has had to deal with Duncan in the low post and it’s resulted in foul trouble, rebounding responsibilities and other such petulant shit. If Shaq just occupies Duncan on the defensive end and does a good job on the boards, the Suns would’ve offset the Spurs greatest strength. I think that’s what Kerr is banking on, for Shaq to come in and help win a series or two. Once you get to the NBA finals, it’s all kosher because the best the East can put out is the Celtics and even they’ll get devoured by the men from the desert. Ignore how Shaq doesn’t fit with the run ‘n gun style of the Suns, in the playoffs even the Suns slow it down, hence the acquisition.

On to off-day Raptor news of which there is none. There’s this Feschuk article which says the schedule is easy and how Garbajosa thinks his skin is too white. Mike Ganter tries to convince us that spacing is essential if you want to score in the NBA. I believe you man. The LA Clippers game coming up will be game #1000 in Raptors history which immediately got me thinking about memorable games, here’s my top 5:

  1. Game 5 of the Knick series we won.
  2. Vince beating the Celtics with a turnaround three in Boston.
  3. Game 7 against the 76ers in the EC Semis.
  4. Last game at Maple Leaf Gardens against the 76ers, we got crushed and Grunwald gave “The Speech”.
  5. Raptors beating the 72-10 bulls.

Even when the Raps aren’t playing, there’s another Toronto team which I take great joy in watching when they’re playing like this. I don’t mean to kick a guy when he’s down but the years of overshadowing the Raptors for no good reason has really filled many a fan with a sort of despise for the Leafs.

Cleveland’s one point win over Boston last night meant that we’re down to 5th place and trail the Cavs by half a game. Since betting is a constant theme around here, I was trying to tell somebody how stupid it was for him to pick Boston over Cleveland even though they were favorites. There’s no KG in there and the last time these two played in Cleveland, the Cavs beat the Celtics who were at full strength.

I have a lot more to write but work is calling. Later.

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