Indiana deal dead, Knick interest in TJ Ford + Exodus to Europe?

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We all know TJ Ford is going to get traded but that doesn’t mean you have to print a picture like this of him in the Toronto Star. It’s like they went through every image of Ford they could find and picked the worse one possible. BTW, I love newspapers – always a day late in their reporting.

The Indiana deal is dead and the reason isn’t the 17th pick, its concerns over TJ Ford and Jermaine O’Neal’s health. Fair enough, both sides would’ve done this deal with an element of reluctance and fear of coming out on the wrong side of a gamble. On the surface TJ Ford’s injuries seem to be less chronic than Jermaine O’Neal’s although both are probably one play away from having their career’s killed, but then again who isn’t.

TJ Ford and Leandro Barbosa are also on the Knicks radar according to Donnie Walsh who wants to get himself a new PG on or before draft night. In the same story we’re told that Jorge Garbajosa might sign for CSKA Moscow – good luck to the lad. Also according to this article, Anthony Parker is said to be considering Olympiakos and has their offer “in his mind”. Now I’m not one to cite another blog as a “source” but here goes anyway: Delfino is also said to have interest from Europe. Don’t put it past his agent to cook stories up just to increase his worth on the market. Also, the Raptors are apparently anxious to “revamp the roster”. This paragraph should suffice for the BS portion of this post.

According to Michael Grange there was no “next Jamario Moon” to be found at this year’s free agent camp. Tamar Slay and Rod Benson picked up some cred but as far as being invited to training or summer camp, no luck there. Yet.

Dave Feschuk tells us that Matt Bonner’s getting married in Toronto but the story is inappropriately titled “Return of the Red Rocket” when it really should be “Return of the Red Rocket because he’s getting married here and then returning to wherever he’s playing now”.

Our man Brandon Rush leads off USA Today’s look at the best young guards in this year’s draft. The more I read about him, the more I want like him on this team. He seems to be a guy who appreciates the prestige of playing in the NBA and won’t get caught up in the “playing in Canada” bullshit. His knee injury has given him a very fresh perspective on basketball and has made him into a truly hardworking player, not just someone who relies on talent exclusively.

Chris Bosh is pumped up for the Beijing Games, great, just don’t get injured. That would seriously suck and put a damper on the season. Even if he tweaks his knee just a little, that means 10 games without him which means at best a 2-8 record.

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