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Tim Chisholm talks to Raptors Republic

Tim Chisholm, basketball writer for was kind enough to chat some hoops with us. You can check out his regular blog here. Here’s a very brief summary:

  • Sam Mitchell’s X’s and O’s: Feel’s like Sam’s not capable of having a great assistant which takes a large role in how the team works.
  • Mitchell’s gone if he doesn’t win a playoff round. Maybe even early this year if the team struggles because Colangelo will not stand by.
  • O’Neal Trade: Had to be done, doesn’t think we gave up too much. Risk is if things don’t work out, it’ll end up being minor rebuilding.
  • The small forward situation
  • Voshon Lenard: Agrees with me that he cost us Lebron James.
  • Takes the Raptors to beat the Sixers tonight.
  • Old Raptor teams: The Vince Carter Raptor teams were a “flash in the pan” while what Colangelo is doing can be sustained.
  • Colangelo’s philosophy: Hasn’t succeeded in doing this in Phoenix, he’s learning to build for the first time in Toronto.
  • Leo Rautins’ handling of the Sammy D situation wasn’t great.
  • Predicts 45 wins
  • more…

You can listen to the podcast by simply clicking on the play button. You may also choose to skip my rambling and go directly to the interview which starts at 5:07.


Or you can download the file.

Apologize for the audio quality/production, it’ll improve in future podcasts. Once again, thanks to Tim.

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