Roll Call – Jan 9 vs Grizzlies

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The “big shoes to fill” edition.

Adams – Honorary roll-call inclusion. Although he wasn’t present in body, he had the same impact on the outcome of the game.

Bargnani – The VL tag wont be dropped until he hits the 20 ‘solid-game’ in a row mark, but thanks for the hope during a shit season so far. If only you showed up last season, might not have had to trade for the HO.

Bosh – Efficient game. 31 points off of 13 shots (10 from the stripe). The Yin to Bargnani’s Yang. The kid’s sick, I got nothing else.

Calderon – It was good of him to pass out Gatorade during half-time. The Raptors have been fortunate so far with Rokoman at the helm, but they will need him desperately for the upcoming home-and-home with the Celtics.

Graham – Perfect from the floor. Perfect from the line. Hit the glass and didn’t break a sweat.

Humphries – Sir Hump-a-Lot got some burn, but was more concerned with the Vodka red-bulls and dirty girls he will be pounding later at Lobby.

Jawai – After 37 games, you would think this guy would have worn at least one good suit.

Kapono – Second good game in a row. Even hit a trey, I should check my Super 7 numbers.

Moon – It’s not considered child support when she’s living in yo momma house, is it?

O’Neal – Missing persons alert: I’m seeking information about the disappearance of one Jermaine O’Neal. Last seen working the ESPN trade machine.

Parker – It couldn’t go on forever, 3 points though? I mean, Voshkul had 4 in less the half the time on the court. At least he kept Mayo in check.

Solomon – Why would anyone purposely cut their hair like Damon Jones? Continued his solid stretch of games with Jose out.

Ukic –Ukic-be-good-to-me. Started bad, finished bad, but in between…bad.

Voskuhl –The teacher’s pet is still the first off the bench. Thankfully Swirsky isn’t around to give him a gay-ass nickname like J-Hova.

Driving The Bus: Chris Bosh

Riding Shot-Gun: Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus: Roko Ukic

Game Theme: Killer B’s

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