Look at that, Jermaine O’Neal’s a reasonable guy

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And I quote from his post-practice interview:

I told the coach today, I’m going to come off the bench and work my way back into it. He’s earned the right to stay in the starting lineup. I have no ego. I’ve been out for nine games, I don’t deserve the right to come back and take back the position of somebody who’s playing well..it’s all about winning, if we win, whether it’s me or Andrea, whoever is in the starting lineup, that’s all that matters.

Nice to hear from him, if anyone was counting on him to be an egotistical and unreasonable SOB, I hate to disappoint. Now, he does sound like he’s close to 100% and would play in Indiana tonight. Coincidental healing or master plan? You decide. He also drops some info about why he’s been out for so long, apparently getting on a plane right after a knee contusion isn’t good and it swells it up. He wanted to avoid draining it and was taking medications for the swelling and finally found one that worked.

Triano says O’Neal had a full practice and if he feels good tomorrow, he’ll play. Apparently he was banging hard in the post, blocking shots and rebounding. O’Neal’s been talking to Bargnani, encouraging him and helping him out and Triano thinks its great and helping Bargnani. Triano’s goal is to play Bosh, Bargnani and O’Neal together as much as possible. Jose didn’t practice but will fly to Indiana, it seems the Raptors will not make the mistake of rushing anyone too early.

Chris Bosh is talking after practice too (not really worth watching).

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