Best Raptor Ever

Best Raptor Ever Battle 1




One of the more popular things I did over at AltRaps was do a knock-out style tournament comprised of former and current players. Some results were surprising and some matchups brought out some interesting discussion. Plus, it was a great way to get through the dog days of summer.

I did it a few years ago, so it’s time to revisit it and see what you have to say. The matchups are random and the players I chose came from our player listing. I literally put the players into a hat and drew them out, placing them in a matchup as they came out.

Voting will be done via our online RR poll and will last 48 hours or shorter if it’s a blow out. It’s up to you how to define “best”: favourite, statistics, looking, least likely to beat us when he comes back to play against us…whatever.

Feel free to use the comment section to plead your case for your choice or trash talk against the other guy, just keep it somewhat civil.

We will put a tournament style grid up, but for now here are the first round matchups:

Alvin Williams – Dee Brown

Walt Williams – Anthony Parker

Joey Graham – Damon Stoudamire

Oliver Miller – Jalen Rose

Zan Tabak – Tracy Murray

TJ Ford – Vince Carter

Jose Calderon – Dell Curry

Kevin Willis – Doug Christie

Charles Oakley – Donyell Marshall

Jerome Williams – Jorge Garbajosa

Andrea Bargnani – Matt Bonner

Carlos Rogers – Morris Peterson

Keon Clark – Tracy McGrady

Jason Kapono – Chris Bosh

Rasho Nesterovic – Marcus Camby

Antonio Davis – Jamario Moon

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