Raptors Roll Call Dec 8 vs Timberwolves

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The “never underestimate the power of Love” edition.

Banks – over a couple of Roll Calls I suggested maybe it was time to unleash Marcus and see what he can give us. Evidently the answer comes in two parts: he has perfected the “airball three” to perfection during his time on the bench and other than that, he’s worthless. As our backup PG he provided us with no assists, 3 personal fouls, and 3 points. I’ve seen more production from a dog that has been snipped.

Bargnani – offensively the first three quarters seemed like he had Marcus Banks as his shooting coach. Then, in the fourth, it was like Jay told him if he stepped up his game, he’d get Andrea a second pasta commercial. Andrea not only pulled down boards, had some sweet putbacks, relied on his active hands, but he even kept our 3pt streak alive. Heck of an effort late in the game.

Belinelli – question: if I go to an Italian cafe and request a Belinelli to go, will I just get nothing in return?

Bosh – how can this guy be real? First he pimps out his DVD while fighting a head cold. Then he actually appears jovial and awake during the media scrum at practice. Lastly he comes out tonight and went insane with a 21/16 night. Also, is it just me or does it seem like 3 or 4 times a game, you see him jump out of the middle of 3 opposing players in the paint? It’s almost like a synchronized swimming move. Wonder if that’s on the DVD….

Calderon – didn’t play because his hip couldn’t do the hippy hippy shake.

DeRozan – heck of a start to the game. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with his movement lately and how he seems to almost be willing the ball into his hands. I was a doubter for a while but after these past few games, he just might be a legitimate starter.

Evans – how does he dress himself Does he just yank stuff out of his closet and pay no mind? Did you see his style tonight? What would you call it?

Jack – first start of the year and all he did was make Jay’s decision that much more difficult when filling out the starting lineup. He made Flynn work for most of his shots, plus on the offensive end he was doing to the drive and kick at masterful levels. Also appreciate the number of times he got to the line (12). You can’t tell me that isn’t there every night for Calderon and Jack. Have to be more assertive, draw contact and make the other team pay.

Johnson – anybody else let out a gut wrenching roar when he was tearing that ball away on the endline early in the game? Kept his fouls in check, pulled down 7 boards and was once again vocal on defense.

Mensah-Bonsu – 12.More.Days.

Nesterovic – nobody was happier than Rasho when they said Love would play. The Big White Center Plan came into play and Captain Nesterovic of the good ship Negate put his hat on and went to work. At times it looked like 2 seals going up for the same fish, but what the hell…the kids seemed to enjoy it.

O’Bryant – he fell asleep 3/4 of the way through the team meeting, so he asked for it to be RT’d.

Turkoglu- he had just an absolute horrific night shooting the ball, but bless the big galoot for admitting it and putting the ball on the floor and getting fouled. If not for that, we would have lost this game.  The other facets of his game are back and are pretty consistent now, but he ability to score the ball from the field needs to make a return…and soon.

Weems – proof that being a comedic ball player doesn’t get you minutes. Ever.

Wright – yes, he hit a three. The rest of the time on the floor it was inducing the kind of reaction you see from this video.  The man is about as healthy for my blood pressure as me being put into a room with Colangelo.

Driving The Bus:  Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:  Antoine Wright

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