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Raptors Roll Call Feb 7 vs Kings

The “just turn it on in the fourth” edition.

The “just turn it on in the fourth” edition.

Banks – I was looking forward to a little Evans v Banks mano-a-mano action. Damn you Jay….damn you.

Bargnani – if ever they need some footage of his help defence for NBA True Stories, they can use this. A couple of ugly ugly examples early and then he turns around and plays good D in the 4th. I’m beginning to think he is a rhythm defender just as some rely on rhythm on the offensive end. He seems to be the go-to guy late in the shot clock lately, too. Not a good situation for him.

Belinelli – was nominated as the party planner for the SB party tonight, so took the game off.

Bosh – man did he ever appear irritated by the quiet crowd. I can understand the crowd getting quiet in the first half as the Raptors let the Kings look Celtic-like, but during an important stretch late in the game? Come on. Bosh had a monster game and literally could have had anything he wanted. 14/18 from the field, 11 trips to the line, 11rebs and 5 assists is a pretty complete game. That monster block kinda stands out too.

Calderon – back from injury and showing some ramifications of it. Been said often enough the past 2 seasons, but he “just didn’t seem himself” in stretches. He didn’t hurt the team, necessarily, since he did indeed bridge the gap between Jarrett’s stints on the floor, but I’m sure the allstar break will be a welcome one for him. He needs to get himself straight for the stretch.

DeRozan – back on the floor as well, showing his hops in advance of his time in the national spotlight.  Clearly outplayed by his teammate today, but it was a solid return that saw him play up to his standards this year.

Evans – this could have been his last game in a suit.  Time for POB to head to International Clothiers.

Jack – didn’t have his shot, but he had his facilitator badge working for him. Good court vision, crisp passing, made Evans work (when he could catch up to him). His little tantrum of throwing the ball into the crowd was a bit silly, but I can understand the frustration. Still, keep that stuff in check and get your team on track to win a game, not give away points.

Johnson – more suckage than what happens at the Spaghetti Factory.  Just a horrible horrible showing. The only Raptor in the – today…and boy was he: –13.

Nesterovic – the Raptors version of a big headed Mardi Gras float.  Go Saints.

O’Bryant – he went to the Leafs game yesterday. He wore a Leafs jersey. He wants Leafs season tickets.  We may have lost his soul.

Turkoglu- full credit for playing so well with a hunk of plastic on your face. Obviously it was bothering him, but be it the rest or just the irritation at being told he had to wear it, he came out and played like a man possessed. Sure, he fouled out, but that was more indicative of how he was all over the court (in a good way).

Weems – that spark was something we needed more than a grilled cheese needs cheese. Sonny is quickly becoming our under-the-radar guy that other teams don’t scout and we need to take advantage of that as much as possible.

Wright – the groans in the arena were audible early as he had a bad defence/offence back to back early. This was made worse by an Amir-like 3 fouls in 4 minutes. Then the closer showed up. 6/7, 5 rebounds, and the ever growing appreciation of a fickle fanbase. More importantly, the team knows what they have in him and Triano finally seems to have stumbled upon how to use him. Great timing.

Driving The Bus:  Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:  Amir Johnson

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