Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Pacers Mar 11

Suck on that, Larry.

The “THIS is what it feels like to win a complete game” edition:

Ajinca: sweet suit, gotta give him that.

Alabi: at least he can use his Target card again.

Barbosa: rumour has it he had family in town to see him..and after seeing how he played tonight, I believe it. True he took a lot of shots, but he was in good spots most of the night and he was making people work to cover him. Top 3 game of the season for him.

Bargnani: 1 of 13. How does that roll off your tongue? He possibly may still be fighting “the flu” but he had a pretty poor return to the floor tonight. I’m sure Jay already has the video guys breaking his night down.

Bayless: bit more under control tonight, no? It’s like he sees the end of the season closing in and he figures he might as well slow down and relax.

Calderon: back down to earth but still willed this team to win. Had guys in good position, Reggie’s and Ed’s boards got him the ball, but you still gotta think he could have done a number on Collison a few times.

Davis: a double double feature event that will go down on the DVD they are creating to mark this rookie season. He is proving a lot of people fools who passed on him and he is quietly stealing teammates thunder without them knowing it.

DeRozan: speaking of someone who didn’t force it tonight, DeMar has to be put into that category. Some turnovers that could have hurt, but some nice makes that cancelled them out. His aggressiveness is beginning to wane, though….needs to get back to the stripe.

Dorsey: played some dirty bridge minutes. Inconsequential.

Evans: hello sir, would you like your massive rebounds back?  He did what he is supposed to do: attempt no shots, grab a bunch of boards and foul until they tell you to stop. Speaking of fouls, those pair of free throws in the second half (with the second one barely touching net) were probably the most hideous things I’ve seen since Megan Fox’s thumbs.

A. Johnson: pimp walkin’, injury restin’.

J. Johnson: quietly comes in, does his thing, and hopes to God that Jay doesn’t realize he isn’t as good as he thinks he is. So far it’s working and tonight was cookie-cutter for him since coming to the Raptors. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Kleiza: a recliner and some bratwurst. Nice.

Weems: sure, not as pretty as the other night, but he still didn’t suck like he has many nights before. I’m glad he’s angry because he should be. So should we be for paying to see him.

Wright: right.

Driving The Bus: Leandro Barbosa

Under The Bus: Andrea Bargnani

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