Rapcast #177: NYK/TOR Trade + Tanklantic Talk with Knickerblogger

We talk to the man in New York regarding the latest on the Knicks and Raptors trying to swing a deal for Kyle Lowry.

We got trade winds blowing right across Lake Ontario into New York and to help us make sense of just what is going on is Jim Cavan, better known as the Knickerblogger. To get a taste of what this dude is about just read his Reaction post from the BOS-NYK 41-point disaster.

You can follow Jim to get the latest on how and when the Knicks will surrender to Ujiri.

On this weekend edition of the Rapcast we hammer through some key topics:

  • What are the Knicks doing – are they tanking, are they trying to make the playoffs?
  • Just how much do the Knicks value Lowry and what do they think of Felton
  • Why the Knicks are reluctant to part with Shumpert
  • Will NYK cave to Ujiri – yes, yes they will, it’s only a matter of time
  • Ujiri’s perception in New York – Jedi Master?
  • Bargnani’s stay in New York thus far, good by comparison but comparison to what?
  • Will Mike Woodson last the season (or the weekend) in NY?
  • The Knicks organization and their propensity to try to win now instead of look to the future
  • Raptors options this year versus New York’s
  • The risk of tanking this year with so many team vying for those top picks – what does the Knickerblogger think of the strategy?
  • Lowry’s reputation around the league and just what NY thinks they’re getting with him
  • Other trade options at PG for NY
  • Will a team hang the Atlantic Division banner this year?
  • And more…!

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (22:00, 26 MB). Or just listen below:

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