Chris Bosh on his time in Toronto and never asking for a trade

This ones comes from the RR forums courtesy of user, buckets. Chris Bosh was on the Bill Simmons podcast and talked about his time in Toronto.  The clip is below along with a summary – here’s the full forum thread.

  • Gave up hope in Toronto after John Salmons bailed on us in free agency
  • How playing in Toronto was a handicap
  • Complains about customs wait times, said he did the math and spent about 26 hours per season
  • Sam Mitchell’s business casual dress code
  • Miami flew players around on private jet, asked for this in Toronto but they said no
  • Never considered asking for a trade but ran out of gas in 09/10 season
  • Wanted to carry the Raptors on his back because he saw guys like Jordan do it
  • How it got tiring watching the playoffs in May instead of playing in them

You can listen to the full show here.

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