Raptors to select fourth in the NBA draft

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Hearts might have been in throats when the Raptors jumped into the top four of the 2021 NBA draft, only for the show to go to an ad break, but the Raptors’ night moving up the board ended at four. Still, with the Raptors statistically projected to select seventh or eighth, the fourth pick is a huge win.

Most draft boards have Jalen Green, Jalen Suggs, or Jonathan Kuminga as the fourth pick in the draft. One of them in all probability will be available for the Toronto Raptors. You can read about each of the top prospects in more depth here.

Watch the LIVE show here with Oren Weisfeld, Sahal Abdi, William Lou, Kyle Brickman, Lukas Weese, Zarar Siddiqi, Samson Folk, Brendan Stewart and Matt Shantz.

The NBA draft will take place on July 29.

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