Day 39/59: Countdown to Change

Come hang!

Still no Raptors news. Lotta coaching names out there right now.

Is it just me, or does Miami fracture the entire concept of analysis? God I wish I could write about them for FiveThirtyEight. But they’re pretty much breaking history by even making it this far — the Knicks made the Finals as an 8 seed, of course, but it was in a lockout season, so the regular season was less predictive with fewer games. Right now, the Knicks can just assume they’ll shoot better as a team than should feasibly be possible, and they’ll do it with very mediocre shooters simply hitting all their shots.

How can you assume that!? Insanity. Denver is a different kind of beast, with a very different offensive structure than Milwaukee or Boston. I assume Denver just beats the pants off of Miami. We’ll see. Crazy stuff. Exciting Finals.