Jose Calderon

The Raptors New Years Resolutions


Adams – get a sleeve for the other arm. Bargnani – start shooting left handed. Bosh – get the hell out. Calderon – pass out Red Bull’s at half-time. Colangelo – hire Messina. Gheradini – get monogrammed cuff-links. Graham – tie my shoelaces with a double knot. Humphries – tea bag Voshkul. Jawai – start… Read more »

Zero quality wins for 2008


And this kids is how you DON’T play perimeter defense. Nuggets 114, Raptors 107 That Bosh brick clanged so loudly that it was mistaken for an early New Year’s eve firecracker. More on that later but first, Golden State beat Boston, Miami beat Cleveland, Indiana beat the Lakers, could the Raptors beat the Nuggets? No…. Read more »


Roll Call – Dec 31 vs Nuggets


The “pop the corks” edition. Adams – he’s like that chick you see through beer goggles at the end of a new years eve party……Colangelo thought he looked great, got him home, then realized he was about as satisfying as the Zone diet. Bargnani – hotter than Mariah Carey, he was on fire like chili… Read more »