Ode to a season

The season ended with fresh new wounds, a Magical defeat, oh so soon
There was work to do, with options here, and options there
With Ford as bait, at a going rate, not too high but not too low

A trade was made, lot went out, one came back
He came at a fee, and had a busted knee
Some cried how it was great to see, others Fire BC

We need a wing! Cried the rear, wanting to end despair
A man named Hassan came to the fore, with a Jersey lore
Some scratched their head, some gouged their eyes

We need defense! Cried the front, being oh so blunt
A King appeared, his name was Will, a Euro shill
Some tore their hair, Bryan didn’t care

And it started, we won three straight
Hopes were high, but what a cruel fate
The losing started, and never stopped, Sam’s cherry popped

In came the Canuck, but he needed luck
The team still sucked, JO’s knee was f**ked
As he went down, Andrea, came around

A trade was made, lot went out, one came back
JO was gone, in came Shawn
Not the least it mattered, a season tattered

‘Tis a sad tale, of a season fail
Not much in the ranks, but Marcus Banks
Roko’s drive, Andrea’s play, all there left to say

A Spanish fly, injured or not, he sure, sucked a lot
Once was decent, now rarely hundred percent
Or so they say, ‘cuz they want us to pay

A summer looms, of CB4
Is he the cure? Don’t know for sure
One things for certain, Kapono’s a fraud

We rest our hopes in Bryan’s hand
A third time fail, surely not
At least I pray, as Bosh attempts, yet another trey

** Wakes up ** Oh crap, I was supposed to do a pre-game. Here’s what you’re looking for, her name is Andrea (pronounced differently than what you’re used to):

The Hawks are favored by one and I’m 3-0 in my last three calls against the spread. They’ve lost three straight and 5 of 6. I’m going to say they snap out of it against the Raptors – take the Hawks.

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