Raptors Roll Call Dec 9 vs Bucks


The “if Roko makes you look silly, you probably are” edition. Banks – at least I now know why his shoulders are so muscular: they have years of having to prop up a flailing career based on broken promise. Sir, Roko Ukic slapped you with his purse tonight. Bargnani – Belinelli – Great game tonight…. Read more »

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Gritty wins always feel good


Timberwolves 88, Raptors 94 – Box Too close for comfort but eventually the quality came out on top. Minnesota’s rugged style of play and determination to go inside forced the Raptors to play a physical style of defense and they proved to be up to the task. Overcoming 32% shooting is tough, if not impossible,… Read more »