Roll Call

Raptors Roll Call Jan 6 vs Magic

The “return of the mack” edition.

Banks – pretty hard to get on the floor with the way Jarrett and Jose were playing tonight. Back to the cups of Gatorade and making googly-eyes at the Florida ladies, homeslice.

Bargnani –  fouled out but won this game for the Raps on the way to it. His defensive effort was outstanding, his shooting was clutch and he further cemented the fact that we may have a bargain on our hands in 2-3 years. His handling of Dwight Howard one-on-one was nothing short of phenomenal.

Belinelli – rediscovered his touch from the field and continued his march to the free throw line. He even looked to pass the ball here and there. Imagine! That play at the end of the fourth was scary…he could have stepped out of bounds or, worse, had the ref not blown the whistle, that would have been a horrible heave of the ball back into the middle of the court.

Bosh – it’s obvious teams are playing him physical and making him hurt with every shot he takes. He had his clock rung by Barnes, forcing him out of the game early. Came back in to post a double-double and was a factor in getting Howard out of the game, but he played the role of second banana tonight. Again.

Calderon – back to active duty and back to leading the team in assists. Good to see the time off didn’t take away from his cocky attitude and his ability to spout off to the refs, both good things. He probably benefitted the most with Bosh going down early since it meant he had a familiar target to get the ball to right off the bat.

DeRozan – he was hitting his jumpers like Rapsfan hits YouTube looking for booty-shaking females. After being assaulted by Vince Carter in earlier meetings, he made Carter pay tonight by air assault. Good game by the rook using all of his 19minutes to the best of his ability.

Evans – last seen demanding Rasho to give up his man card.

Jack – worked well with Jose on the floor and battled hard to keep up with Jameer Nelson. You never like it when your starting PG amasses 4 turnovers against a team like the Magic, but he never seemed to check out of the game as he is wont to do.

Johnson – called into early duty when Bosh went out. Pretty inactive 10min of burn. He had as much impact in this game as Belinelli has in ordering at the bar in a reggae club in Jamaica.

Nesterovic – last name Up, first name Washed.

O’Bryant – so used to riding the pine that when the team hit the beach, he went to the far end, sat in a folding chair, and started folding towels.

Turkoglu- bit more successful this time in his return to Orlando. Couple of big 3s, could take a step back from being a primary distributor with Jose back, did a good job of running the floor without the ball, and looked like he had a permagrin on the whole time. Oh, and that Pizza Pizza commercial is an instant classic.

Weems – nobody likes Jay’s hyper rotation more than Sonny. Saw the floor for a small stretch, but left his mark by skying for a rebound and hitting both his shots.

Wright – I was impressed with him tonight. Whenever we get good minutes from him and DeRozan, we fare well. Hit a couple nice shots early, he stuck to his man most of the night and he didn’t look like a blind man at a strip club trying to find his way to the VIP. Nice effort.

Driving The Bus:  Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus:  Amir Johnson

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