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Raptors Sign Sundiata Gaines To 10-Day Contract

I have heard of this name once before. From this game:

Official Press Release

I have heard of this name once before. From this game:

With Jerryd Bayless hobbling around and Jose Calderon also sporting an injury, this is a signing made just to make sure we don’t ever ask Bayless to Calderon to ever risk further injury by playing hurt. This was the case against a couple times last week and it made me cringe.

Here’s what Draft Express had to say about him:

Gaines is a reasonably athletic point guard who excels in transition and sports a chiseled frame that is substantially improved since his college days. He can create his own shot going left or right and gets to the free throw line at a high rate, excelling on the pick and roll in particular where he can get to the rim and finish (61% 2P) with an array of spin and pivot moves or find open teammates spotting up on the wing. He does a good job taking care of the ball despite the incredibly fast pace his team plays at, and appears to have strong fundamentals and a nice basketball IQ to help compensate for his lack of incredible physical tools.

The biggest question mark about Gaines (besides his average size) revolves around his perimeter shooting stroke, which has never been considered a strength throughout his career. He shot just 32% from beyond the arc this season and 30% as a NCAA senior, attempting quite a few shots which may indicate some shot-selection issues. With that said, he has a very strong mid-range game, being highly adept at creating space and knocking down shots pulling up off the dribble.

Gaines is a fairly tough and scrappy guy who plays good defense for the most part and is a very good rebounder for a point guard. He’s a bit inconsistent from game to game, something he needs to address.

How much does a minimum contract pay? Well, since Gaines has one year of experience (8 games with the Jazz), the minimum salary of $762,195 applies. The 10-day contract is either 10 days or 3 games, whichever is longer. Since Gaines will play at least four games, that’s 762,195/82 * 4 = 37,180. Nice.

Hey, at least we didn’t sign Dupree again.

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