Describing the Raptors – one word at a time

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Yesterday’s ESPN Insider article by David Thorpe had an interesting take on how to go about analyzing players – using single words. Let’s apply that same technique to the Raptors.

Yesterday’s ESPN Insider article by David Thorpe had an interesting take on how to go about analyzing players:

The next time you watch DeMarcus Cousins play, try analyzing him using just one word at a time. It’s an exercise I do when evaluating players. Here’s what I came up with when I watched him in person last Wednesday against Orlando: gigantic, lazy, gifted, infantile, physical, unafraid, vision, anticipation, lost, clueless, different, agile. My guess is you would come up with similar words after observing him.

I figured it’s time we apply the method to the Raptors, except we’ll take liberties with words and also use short phrases.

Alexis Ajinca: Big, wide, shooter, uncoordinated, forgets where he is on the court, unpredictable.

Solomon Alabi: Tall, long, smaller Manute Bol, too skinny, decent shot-blocker, lost.

Leandro Barbosa: Streaky, wild, weird release, quick off the dribble, plays passing lanes, unpredictable.

Andrea Bargnani: Skilled, lazy, unorthodox, unaware, scorer.

Jerryd Bayless: Selfish, quick, low IQ, physical, petulant.

Jose Calderon: Fearless, hard-worker, professional, slow, aging, improving vision.

Ed Davis: Competitor, physical, inexperienced, growing, upside.

DeMar DeRozan: Committed, hard-worker, athlete, improving, persistent, potentially dynamic.

Joey Dorsey: Short, strong, muscle, unskilled, garbage time.

Reggie Evans: Intense, rebounder, one-dimensional, injured.

Amir Johnson: Improving, long, finisher, rebounder, help-defense.

James Johnson: Athlete, low skill, unknown.

Linas Kleiza: Slow, streaky, bulky, post-up, offense-no-defense, match-up issues.

Sonny Weems: Mid-range, lazy, doesn’t get it, athlete, dunker.

Julian Wright: Defense, effort, intelligent, streaky.

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