Yesterday’s ESPN Insider article by David Thorpe had an interesting take on how to go about analyzing players:

The next time you watch DeMarcus Cousins play, try analyzing him using just one word at a time. It’s an exercise I do when evaluating players. Here’s what I came up with when I watched him in person last Wednesday against Orlando: gigantic, lazy, gifted, infantile, physical, unafraid, vision, anticipation, lost, clueless, different, agile. My guess is you would come up with similar words after observing him.

I figured it’s time we apply the method to the Raptors, except we’ll take liberties with words and also use short phrases.

Alexis Ajinca: Big, wide, shooter, uncoordinated, forgets where he is on the court, unpredictable.

Solomon Alabi: Tall, long, smaller Manute Bol, too skinny, decent shot-blocker, lost.

Leandro Barbosa: Streaky, wild, weird release, quick off the dribble, plays passing lanes, unpredictable.

Andrea Bargnani: Skilled, lazy, unorthodox, unaware, scorer.

Jerryd Bayless: Selfish, quick, low IQ, physical, petulant.

Jose Calderon: Fearless, hard-worker, professional, slow, aging, improving vision.

Ed Davis: Competitor, physical, inexperienced, growing, upside.

DeMar DeRozan: Committed, hard-worker, athlete, improving, persistent, potentially dynamic.

Joey Dorsey: Short, strong, muscle, unskilled, garbage time.

Reggie Evans: Intense, rebounder, one-dimensional, injured.

Amir Johnson: Improving, long, finisher, rebounder, help-defense.

James Johnson: Athlete, low skill, unknown.

Linas Kleiza: Slow, streaky, bulky, post-up, offense-no-defense, match-up issues.

Sonny Weems: Mid-range, lazy, doesn’t get it, athlete, dunker.

Julian Wright: Defense, effort, intelligent, streaky.

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  • Calibremc

    um some of those are more than one word?????

    • Calibremc

      just read “short phrases” my bad…..

  • KJ-B

    James Johnson “low skill” bahahahahahaa!!!!! Arse: “unknown”, “unskilled talent evaluator”–you’re kiddin’ me right?! JJ’s the most NBA skilled dude on the roster!!! Ahahahaha!!! Great laugh….aawww maan! This is almost as bad as calling Sonny a regular NBAer who can average between 12-15ppg or Sayin’ you didn’t care for DeRozan ‘earlier’ in the season..!

    • krix

      How can 8 ppl agree with this…

  • PeaceDawg

    you should have left James Johnson just with “unknown”..

  • Techtj

    Wow you have no idea how to count…. One word, not two or three

    • Nilanka15

      Way to read.

  • Tinman

    Unaware. Great description for the big rook! In a fog.

  • Shayan

    I think the idea was one word AT A TIME. As in not just one word to describe each player ENTIRELY, but attributing different characteristics using only one word at a time – and short phrases like he said. Makes sense to me.

  • Reptar

    I want the last three minutes of my life back. I seriously you aren’t getting paid to write stuff like this.

    • Guest

      I seriously you aren’t an editor in your professional life.

  • Ya, don’t know why you called James Johnson unskilled. He’s not a great shooter, but he’s a 6’8 guy who can rebound the ball, bring it up the court and make a difficult pass on the move. I’m not convinced he’s going to continue to play at the same level as he has, but I don’t know why on earth you’d call him unskilled.

    • KJ-B

      Had to like the comment even though I disagree on one point, in regards to maintaining form, that being said I think if it were easy to collect 5+ assists per game as a swingman in the NBA, everybody would be doing it… He was part of a GREAT draft class that included Blake, Curry, Evans, Holiday, Blair, Jennings, it goes on and on and was drafted #16…

      To not play as much as those guys and then just do ‘that’ means he can keep it up but as you say he has to ‘convince’ us some–Conditioning has to the key for JJ’s upward spiral to continue in a more high level(ed) fashion.

      • It’s not that I don’t think he’s going to continue to play the way he has, it’s that I’m not expecting it. There’s always a honeymoon period when a player comes to a new team and suddenly gets more minutes than he’s used to. The same thing happened to Jarryd Bayless. Ask most people 2 or 3 weeks after he was traded to the Raptors whether they saw him as part of the future of the team and I think most would say yes. Ask them now….

        That said, I certainly like what I’m seeing from Johnson and hope it continues. If there’s one thing this coaching staff can do it’s to teach a guy how to shoot, and that’s what Johnson needs more than anything, right now.

        One thing that worries me, though, is I’ve seen glimpses of the bad decision making that was talked about when he was with Chicago. Nothing major, and it might be nothing, but my fear is that, as he becomes more comfortable, he may start trying to do too much. Time will tell, obviously.

        • Nilanka15

          I don’t actually remember Bayless’ honeymoon period being all that impressive.

        • KJ-B

          Players like James Johnson, Anthony Randolph make the game look way too easy… They don’t play for months then step on to an NBA court where the best on the planet play, and put up #’s most guys in the association dream of… With those kind of guys, I only question their work ethic and focus–whether or not Hoops is their first love or just a job they’re good at… Time will tell.

    • linden

      Wel, he has made a good first impression. Initially appears to be an upgrade(?) over what we have. Better than what we’d get picking 29th or 30th as well.
      Allows the Raptors to let Weems and Wright walk at the end of season, barring unforseen wheelings and dealings of BC.

      • It’s a little sad that a guy who couldn’t even get on the floor on a playoff team is an upgrade over anyone else at that position on the Raptors.

        I agree that he’ll most likely be better than anyone found low in the first round this year, though.

        • Tinman

          one mans trash………
          Lets not be sad, BC did a decent little move.
          Baby steps.

        • KJ-B

          It’s a statement against the Raps talent level for sure because Top 5 teams in the L are waay deep–it makes sense… On ORL they have Gilbert Arenas ridin’ the pine, Bass starting one minute and not the next, JJ Reddick, whom Chicago coveted as a 6th man and ‘Hedon’t’ as a muse to Ryan Anderson’s wet J! It’s just that way between winners and the losers…

          The Yankees bench essentially being better than most of the MLB–do you remember those Jays in the 90’s when EVERYbody wanted in on the championships???

        • Ice_man

          I don’t think it’s a sad thing. JJ couldn’t get off the bench due to who was ahead of him on the depth chart (Deng, Korver), not necessarily because he wasn’t talented. Look at his game log from last year when he started a few games while Deng was hurt and he actually put up decent numbers. He’s just getting the opportunity here, and so far he’s made pretty good use of it. Like they say, one man’s trash.. I mean look at Marcus Thornton. Suddenly he’s unguardable and he’s making Monty look like an idiot now. Some players just need that fresh start and new mindset.

          • Marcus Thornton couldn’t get off the bench in New Orleans because he doesn’t play defense. He still doesn’t play defense, it’s just that Sacramento obviously doesn’t put as much of a priority on defense. Monty Williams is a disciple of Gregg Popovich, who preaches defense and obviously knows how to win. There are loads of guys who can score, but on good teams, if they don’t play defense or do the little things, they aren’t going to play much. And rightly so.

    • Dan

      One reason he’s considered “unskilled” is summed up here:

      “Johnson may be the most high-mistake perimeter player I’ve ever seen — he led all small forwards in both turnover ratio and fouls per minute. His whopping 17.7 turnover ratio was the worst of any perimeter player’s, except for Memphis’ Jamaal Tinsley’s. No other wing player climbed above 15.0.

      On the foul side of the ledger, Johnson committed a foul every 6.0 minutes, a shockingly high rate for any position and an absoltely extraordinary one for a wing. The closest wing player to that number, Denver’s Joey Graham, was whistled once every 7.3 minutes.”

      Call it what you want – Johnson plays mostly out of control – remember him turning the ball over on 3 straight possessions against NO? I love his D, but let’s not act like he’s even partially polished with the ball or on defense.

      • Johnson is often mistake prone because he tries to do too much, not because he’s unskilled. Johnson is quite skilled. He just needs to learn to harness those skills better.

        A guy like Alabi is unskilled. Joey Graham is unskilled. Both can’t really do very many things, but get by on their physical presence.

  • Nilanka15

    Not sure if I would compare Alabi to Bol. Bol was a 3 point shooter. I have yet to see Alabi attempt a jump shot (from anywhere, lol).

    • Bol wasn’t a three point shooter until he hooked up with Don Nelson and turned him into one. And even then, he never shot a very high percentage at all. And didn’t hit many of them.

  • Nilanka15

    I’ve completely forgot Kleiza’s on this team. On the assumption that J.Johnson keeps up his current level of play, would there be any use for Kleiza next season? I don’t know how useful a guy like him would be coming off bench. I mean, he was ecstatic that Denver (a playoff calibre team) didn’t match our offer-sheet because it meant he would play heavy minutes here…or so he thought.

    • barenakedman

      The latest talk I heard from management on Kleiza was that you don’t sign him to a long term deal unless you have a significant role for him to play and that they still like him a lot. He’s out next year with his injury so when he’s ready to come back chances are he’ll have a tough time cracking the starting lineup.

      • mountio

        I would hope that this year might have helped him realize that hes best sticking to what he can do best and that he has a lot of weaknesses vs NBA talent. Id be happy if he went back to his Denver role of shooting open corner threes primarily. Its something this team needs desperately. His D isnt great, but with the right mix of players, he might have a role on this team. A little overpaid for a spot up shooter .. but whats done is done at this point ..

        • KJ-B

          Less = More…Agreed.

      • slaw

        A season and a half is a long time in the NBA. I don’t think Colangelo is going to keep a spot open for Kleiza if other options materialize.

        As for Johnson, this always happens in Raptorland: the Raptors acquire some castoff from another team, said castoff has a good stretch of games, said castoff is praised as part of the new core going forward, the next season begins and said castoff isn’t quite the same guy, fans turn on said castoff, said castoff is shuffled out of town.

        • Nilanka15

          I don’t think it’s accurate to refer to JJ as a “castoff”. It’s pretty clear he was playing behind Deng, Korver, Bogans. Kind of like Amir’s previous situation playing behind the Wallaces and McDyess. There just weren’t enough minutes to learn through their mistakes as young players.

          Bayless, on the other hand, is starting to look like a castoff.

  • James Johnson – Aggressive, basketball IQ, court vision, strong, defense, handles, distributor

    By the way last night I saw the Hornets – Knicks game.

    CP3 – 4 Points
    Tony Douglas – 24 Points

    Watching CP3 the last two nights it is clear that there is something wrong with him including it looks like being over weight.

    • chrischris

      CP3 is still recovering from the thrashing Jose gave him 🙂

    • L-man

      His knee still ain’t 100%. As such, his explosiveness will be limited.

    • Jackie Moon

      Personal tanking to make it easier for New York to get him.

      • Theswirsky

        yep…. helped make Bosh, Vince and Lebron feel better about leaving I guess.

      • Bendit

        CP has a year after this for $23 mil. (his option). Thats a lot cabbage to let go considering all the biggies are in the luxury tax area already and wont be even close to paying him that.

  • Ruuuuuuuuuuuuu

    one word has to be included when comes to Bargs: FRUSTRATING

    How can a 7ft centre that can blow by J.Noah and reverse dunk on his head, not use those damn athletic abilities to be at least decent on the boards?

    “Lazy” kind of covers it…but also sometimes its not lazy, he just does not get how to do it

    • hateslosing

      He knows how, we’ve seen him turn into a monster on the glass 5 or 10 times a season, it’s just that he doesn’t want to. I don’t even think it’s that he’s lazy, though he may be that too, I think it’s that he hates contact and is afraid to get hurt. This is the reason so many fans, myself included, backed him for so long. He knows how to rebound, when he wants to he’s not bad at it, he just never wants too.

      • Theswirsky

        first word that comes into my mind reffering to him: SKIRT.

        As in the one he wears on the court.

        • Disqus

          What a coincidence, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of you…

          • Statement

            you picturing Theswirsky in a skirt? A little strange….not that there’s anything wrong with that.

          • Theswirsky

            good one!

          • Raptoronto

            Hopefully you dont see his salami and cheese…ewww!

            • Kreza23

              That is all sorts of wrong, and ridiculously hilarious at the same time

            • Jackie Moon

              hopefully his salami doesn’t have cheese…..

    • KJ-B

      I just think that in #7’s mind, which is sponsored by BryCo-MLSE, and a closely held organizational secret, he thinks that getting the ball is beneath him–for the “less-skilled” players like Amir/Special Ed who can’t shoot… THE PROBLEM IS, the brass have made it alright for him to be this way and act all aloof on the court by not rebounding–the fans get that he’s not that friendly with the public BUT with your teammates when y’all are at war, CMON MAN!!!

      Now, if the team had a policy that stated expressly if #7 didn’t get the rebound, or at the very least be within 5′ of the defensive glass, he wouldn’t touch the rock on offense JUST WATCH AND SEE #7 GET 20 BOARDS A GAME!!!

      …Yah, he’s lazy that’s why I dunking refuse to take the time to spell out his name until the day #7’s traded, if he don’t change his ways and decides to come clean with his foolishness by getting his hands dirty by hitting the glass so hard… He needs to put his fingerprints literally on the glass!

      The only thing he might be passionate about is his chica and hair gel! Nothing wrong with those things, it’s just that why do fans have to question your ability for playing a game and getting paid $10 million????

      • Raptoronto

        The closely held organizational secret is that Andrea has bad feet.

        • Guest

          and onion breath

  • Calibremc

    wow….fickle Raps fan(atic)s…James Johnson is a diamond in the rough…better than JuJu, wayyyyyyy better than “Money” Weems….use him properly in a rebuild and the sky’s the limit…

    • Calibremc

      my “2” cents…

    • Copywryter

      You know this from two games? Three? He’s gonna get scouted and teams are going to prepare for him. Then we’ll see what his potential is.

      I heard the same stuff about Bayless after he marked his arrival here with a few strong games. Now he’s the same Bayless he was elsewhere.

      • KJ-B

        These weren’t the 1st 2 games that James Johnson has ever played basketball… The NBA does not follow a script for the talented–they just improvise… JJ hasn’t played in however long and this is what he’s doing while playin’ on fumes…You should be asking yourself how much more effective he’ll actually be when he’s in better shape and knows the plays Triano’s running…

        When talented players make it look easy, don’t be so easily fooled…6’9″ 245 with mad skills is not something you can “scout” against or prep for in practice unless you’ve got an Andre Iguodala or LeBron James on your roster–that’s the type of game he’s got…Maybe they’re better but that’s his game type…

        • Guest

          jj has a lebron game but MAYBE not as good? u need to rewrite the entrcne exam for this site

  • Statement

    Damn you Liston,

    You get to go to the MIT Conference…damn my real job.

  • Bo4

    Wow. You seem to have a similar opinion of our swings to me. DeMar is going to be legit someday, but nobody else can be a consistent starter, except maybe James. I haven’t seen him play, so I don’t know about him, either. However, I remember wanting us to draft him a while ago, so I’m more than willing to give him a chance. If we can do that for Sonny, we can do it for James.

    QUESTION: Which of Linas, Leandro, Sonny, Julian & James MIGHT wake up one day & “get it”?

    • Statement

      Tough question

      Certainly not Leandro, dude is 28 – in or a little bit past his prime.

      Also not Linas, he just isn’t skilled enough to be a starter on a good team.

      Sonny – no

      Wright – if James wasn’t mentioned, I’d say him.

      I’d have to say James Johnson as the guy who MIGHT! break out

      • mountio

        Agree. J Johnson the most likely of the bunch. Hes like Weems except better or equal in every category (way better defense, comparable slasher, both brutal shooters, way better rebounder, better passer)
        Kleiza is what he is
        Barbosa is what he is
        Julian just doesnt have enough offensive skill (around the hoop or as a shooter) – his work ethic and instincts seem good .. but its not enough
        Weems is probably second most likely .. if he decided to just be a slasher, stop shooting long Js and run the break. Every once in a while he does this, but otherwise .. hes a waste

        • Statement

          Just curious,

          What makes you say Weems over Julian?

          • mountio

            I just feel like Sonny has better tools – his clear issue is “getting it” (ie working hard on D, realizing hes not a shooter). If he was comfortable in his role, I actually think he might have a decent NBA career.
            I think Julian already “gets it” to some extent .. just not sure hes got the tools. His shot is awful and he even has trouble finishing at the rim (and looks out of sorts in his offensive spacing). He plays good d and is a good passer .. but not sure thats enough to make up for the rest

  • Copywryter

    I laugh at the Jesus Johnson stuff from casual Raptors fans. He’s an upgrade over Sonny, for sure, but teams are going to scout him just like they did when Weems made a strong showing at the end of last year. Then we’ll see what he’s got.

    • Nilanka15

      Every player in the league has a scouting report on them already. It’s not as if Johnson has been absolutely torching the opposition. He’s just been playing better than expected. He’s hardly going to be the focus of opposing coach’s gameplans anytime soon. Their primary focus will still be slowing down Bargnani, DeRozan and Calderon.

      • Copywryter

        I don’t agree. Johnson languished at the deep end of the bench in Chicago. Most players and most teams will have no idea how to play him in the same way that they don’t know JuJu. I agree that they won’t gameplan for him, but they will change matchups and instructions.

        • Statement

          As an aside,

          Is JuJu not the WORST nickname in sports?

          It’s f’n baby-talk

          • KJ-B

            It’s his name man, no need to get personal–hate the Game not the Player in this instance…

            • Statement

              I’m not getting personal.

              His name isn’t JuJu, it’s Julian.

              It’s just a dumb nickname.

              To quote some jay and silent bob dialogue….that name is fucking clown shoes.

      • KJ-B

        Agreed, Johnson just plays basketball–there’s no way to really scout for that. It’s kinda like what Sam Mitchell was trying to accomplish in his days here when he wanted to speed up the offence…Don’t look to the bench, you know the plays, call them on the fly every so often to keep the D off balance… I mean James Johnson is probably the only guy in the L besides LeBron that could take a crack at playing 5 positions–that’s crazy skill/talent…Not saying they’re in the same league but that’s not easy to prep for!

        • Guest

          jj is not and cannot be a pg or sg because he lacks the skills to play those spots. can he defend 1-5, i doubt it but if he could then we’d need to expand the group to include a whole bunch of other guys (marion, gerald wallace, etc).

          • KJ-B

            Give it time… He’s already been grabbing the ball off the glass without outletting to Jose and facilitating the Offense–Playing the two, if DeRozan can become a ‘shooting’ with English and co’s coaching, I’m guessing Johnson can do the same with time and increased fitness–he’s got a better natural arc on rotation on the ball than DeRozan came into this league with…

            • KJ-B

              a ” ‘shooting’ guard”, pardonez moi…

          • Neither Gerald Wallace nor Shawn Marion can handle and pass the ball like James Johnson. I think the Johnson love might be a bit much, but the guy has shown he has a rare talent. He can grab a rebound, bring the ball up the court and make the right pass. There really aren’t many in the league with that ability. It’s more than just LeBron and Johnson, but it’s not common, that’s for sure. Whether or not he can do it consistently, will still making good decisions, is the question.

      • Jackie Moon

        Every player has a scouting report on them? Can someone please forward copies of these to to the Toronto coaching staff? They may just find them useful.

  • KJ-B

    #7: Stubborn…

    He’ll either broken by being traded or by hard work due to the inevitable epiphany that he’s not 1 tenth of the player that he SHOULD be… It has happened with great players b4 it just hasn’t happened in this case just yet…

    I think of the story of a young Chris Paul, where I believe his dad might’ve been the coach and told him he could not take a shot unless there was first an offensive rebound… That’s right CP3 was just so fast and skilled with the rock that he got enamored with scoring till it was too easy so his coach decided to literally make him a ‘pass first’ point guard. I believe, if I’m right, he still led the team in scoring and then also assists…Now look at him (look beyond his injuries) he’s the best pg the game’s seen since Isaiah!

    Story #2… Akron, OH LeBron James before he became the King.
    As the story goes, his then AAU coach, who would also become his High School Coach at St V-St.Mm was observing his young prodigy beginning to dominate wherever/whomever he played against and/with around age 14, I believe it was… He had simple words of wisdom he wanted to “witness” in effect on the court. I’ll paraphrase what he told him, “LeBron, your teammates would enjoy playing with you so much more if you pass them the ball.” The coach said he only had to tell LeBron that one time and now today we all ‘WiTnesS’ how historically well-rounded his floor game is–only Michael, Bird, Magic and Oscar can be truly compared…

    So who’s gonna tell #7 ‘When you shoot the ball on offense, it’s because someone from your team beat everyone else to the ball. Then someone dribbled, passed the ball up the court, then passed it to you so the TEAM could have the best chance to score and WIN the game”…Really, who’s gonna get REAl with this guy? Who’s gonna tell him that his stuff really does stink? That he doesn’t value the basketball because he only puts in effort one half of the full court?

    The last guy that brought it real was Sam Mitchell and BryCo fired him. Will Triano find his onions in London???

    • Theswirsky

      difference… you are talking about teenagers and highschoolers. Not 25 year old men who have established their mode/style for 5 years at the highest lvl (ie. league) possible.

      • KJ-B

        Not really sure why I care but I’d hate to see him retired with the rep that he’s rightfully built for himself. Screwing GMs, franchises and above all himself from not committing to himself to be the absolute best #7 he can be… What must it feel like to not even try and still put up #’s–it’s aggravating and in a sense, if he can’t improve in these last 20 games the umbilical chord between him and BryCo/Gherardini must be severed!

    • Nilanka15

      “Will Triano find his onions in London???”

      Fuck no.

      • Lights

        “Will Nilanka ever find his dick???”

        Fuck no.

  • Bo4

    Blah, blah, blah. Face it … Bargnani is destined to be the Vince Carter of the NBA’s big men. BC will have to wake up one day & realize that he just made a mistake, – a BIG mistake! … or we’re going to have to wait until BC is no longer the Raptor GM … AB will be the first one traded or bought out then.

    • Samir1986

      lol….haters and morons blinded by retardation.

  • Pesterm1

    BOKO, bought out…? cmon man obviously not bought out

  • Bo4

    If I’m a team-mate, I don’t want a C who doesn’t want to make a consistent effort to reb and block shots … the sooner he’s gone the better … even though he is the most talented current Raptor … goodbye and good riddance … but that’s just me … I wonder?

    • cesco

      When DD rookie contract expires , he will be leaving for sunny California and Andrea (and the haters) will still be here .

      • Nilanka15


      • KJ-B

        Uhmmm, the league is in all likelihood going to introduce a franchise tag and might have to force the players to take less guaranteed years, so Bargs might just not be around as long as u think…Whereas DD looks like he will be!

      • Really? Can you tell me what’s going to happen on the 5th season of Mad Men? Also, are there any companies I should invest in? And maybe you could tell us what computers will be like in the future. How exciting that you can see the future!

        • ASDF

          Can’t predict any of those things, but what can be predicted is that you’ll continue to be living in your mom’s basement for the rest of your life.

          • I have a wife, two kids and own my own house. That insult only works if it has the possibility of being true. Nice try, though.

            • ASDF

              You also posted details about your personal life on an online blog, that’s funny lol.

              • I didn’t realize posting vague personal details was verboten. Which is worse, trying to personally insult someone over the internet you don’t know, or telling people that I belong to a massive demographic?

                • ASDF

                  None of the above. What’s worse is that you’re trying to convince a total stranger about what your life is like, and at the same time, you are trying to convince yourself what your life is like. Quite humorous actually.

                • What’s worse is that I’m wasting my time talking to someone whose sole purpose seems to be to incite people by insulting them because you have nothing worthwhile in your life. I’d rather be funny than sad.

                • ASDF

                  You’re not funny though, you’re mad. I basically made you mad, haha.

                • Guest

                  Wow, are you 3?

                • ASDF

                  Why? Interested in little boys you pervert?

  • RapthoseLeafs

    What about Jay?

    • Bo4

      Jay needs to hire a big man for an assistant-coach, for Amir & Ed’s further development, … and pray that the next 3 players BC gets are Derrick Williams, Marc Gasol & a PG to replace José someday (Jerryd isn’t a starting PG, although he’s OK as a sub combo-guard).

  • hotshot

    This is a fun game, maybe we should go back in time and describe other Raptor’s legend, Although I think you can truly describe Hoffa with one word.

    • Statement

      Does that word ryhme with mit?

      • hotshot

        yes! you win $100.

        • Statement


          Send the cheque to PO Box, H.O.F.F.A. S.U.X

          but he still prolly makes more money than me…sigh.

  • Statement

    Just throwing this out there,

    For Raptor Fan Friday’s, is there a way that we could have it at a closer place to Etobicoke. I always wanted to come out, it’s just the logistics don’t work for me.

    Something closer to Union Station would be optimal IMHO, it might help the attendance.

  • guest

    Bayless like Klieza came to Raptors and was injured. Not sure if someone who writes these articles can say someone else has a low IQ. At the beginning of the season you were all over Derozen, now he is a committed hard worker. Sounds like you really don’t know what you have on this team yet.

  • Seeten

    The Thorpe article involved using single words while WATCHING the player play. Not just throwing them down on paper while typing up an article.