Bucks 104, Raptors 98 – Box

How do you shoot 63% in the first quarter and within a minute into the second are down one? I would like to commend the Raptors’ offensive “explosion” of 28 points in the first quarter, but as soon as I start typing the words, the Bucks’ 30 point second quarter comes into view. I’m not going to sit here and sing the praises of a 10-11 FG start when beginning in the second quarter Drew Gooden, playing only his second game since January 22nd, dropped a season-high 22 points on us. This is Drew Gooden we’re talking about here, the guy we like to make fun of when discussing Amir Johnson’s contract by saying, “Haha…look what they paid that loser Drew Gooden, when we got Amir Johnson for a bargain!…Haha, what a loser this Gooden guy is.” Well, Gooden had 22/11, Amir had 3/6.

I’m not going to describe, as Jack Armstrong did, Andrea Bargnani as having the “fluidity and gracefulness of a man 7-feet tall who can score with the best of them”. Not when he finished with 2 rebounds in 32 minutes and gave the same effort contesting a crucial rebound at 2:30 of the fourth quarter as Sam does when trying to conceal his love for Teen Mom. Like any Raptors game, there were moments of goodness sprinkled here and there, DeMar DeRozan’s second-half, Jose Calderon’s first, James Johnson and Andrea Bargnani’s offense, but when it was all said and done, every positive was negated by the Raptors’ piss-poor defense.

Milwaukee came out flat and the Raptors came out hunting the game trying to forget about the Western road swing. The start was bright and the Raptors jumped out to a double-digit lead, of course nobody got too excited because when the defense is as porous at so many levels, every lead is short-lived and as soon as Milwaukee decided to pressure the rim instead of coughing up the rock, the balance of the contest shifted. Dribble penetration was the chief ingredient in the Raptors’ rocky second quarter, and you can throw in a dash of poor PnR coverage for good measure. You had to see it coming too, check out the ball-handlers Milwaukee has: Brandon Jennings, John Salmons, Michael Redd, Earl Boykins and Carlos Delfino. These aren’t superstars, but as a team they possess enough basketball ability to swing the ball and attack a seam when they see one. The Raptors counter with athletes who are by habit poor defenders, even James Johnson who might capture your heart with a couple great blocks once in a while, is notoriously bad at playing the angles on the wing.

At this point in the season I don’t care much about sub-patterns and things of thoughtful natures; I will say that I was inaudibly mumbling to myself that Triano should install Ed Davis and Amir Johnson in there to rotate over to the guards, and maybe throw in Julian Wright (LOL, like he’s going to play a minute again as a Raptor) to quell some of the dribble penetration. Then I remembered that Triano’s now carrying personal agendas into games and the priority isn’t winning, it’s….umm…something. It can’t be pure player development because I saw Reggie Evans play more than 0 minutes. Speaking of development, or lack thereof, check out Sonny Weems’ line:

8 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -10 0

What? I swear, you throw me in an NBA game for 8 minutes and I’m bound to fill up at least two columns, even if they’re turnovers and fouls.

So where was I, yes, the game. Raptors start the first quarter hot, Bucks realize they’re in a playoff race, wake up and Drew Gooden burns us in the second on the back of dribble penetration and PnRs. Andrea Bargnani was having a decent offensive game and finished with 22 points and 2 rebounds. His counterpart, Andrew Bogut, had 17 points, 10 rebounds and a far greater impact. Bogut singlehandedly brings the “inside” part of Milwaukee’s inside-out game, he balances out the floor, attracts double teams in the right areas and opens up the floor for their wings who can handle the ball. Basketball is a simple game. I loved the first two plays the Bucks ran for Bogut, a weak-side screen with a touch of misdirection in it and then Bogut flashes on the left baseline with his man sealed on his right side and the pass is delivered on time. Thing of beauty.

So if you asked me, “Arse, what did the Raptors shoot in the first half?”, I’d say “59%”. You’d probably say, “That’s pretty good, they must surely have the lead at halftime after shooting such a ridiculous percentage?”. That’s when I’d laugh at you and say, “No silly, they were down by 3.” And then you’d call me a liar and I’d ask you to check the box-score and there would be a whole debate back and forth and at the end of the day I’d probably key your car while you were giving money to the homeless.

I don’t recall much of what happened in the third quarter, DeRozan was steadily improving and got some scores, and Bargnani had his jumper rolling from three. What I most enjoyed was trying to see Ed Davis contend with Bogut in the block. Bogut was clearing him out of the way with two dribbles and a quick turn, and the Aussie’s agility took Davis by surprise. Davis might already be a decent help defender, and even an alright rebounder for his experience, but his man defense against bigger matchups is ways away. To be expected, though, giving up 45 pounds in a matchup has its drawbacks, the most significant one being getting owned in the paint. DeRozan and Bargnani scored 20 of the Raptors’ 24 points in the third, tight game heading into the fourth.

Out comes the zone. Out comes the zone-buster. Carlos Delfino. Here’s a drop of wisdom which I personally employ when I play basketball: when you have a shooter who is relatively open and you have to contest his shot, but know that there is absolutely no way you can get a block or even a real contest in, the last thing you should do is flail at him with both arms because that sets the shooter’s rhythm up perfectly. It’s almost like you’re doing him a favor, watch Carlos Delfino’s two threes in the fourth quarter and you’ll notice a guy running at him only for the sake of “contesting”. The much wiser option, and certainly in the case of a streaky shooter like Delfino, is to close him out. Yes, don’t even contest his shot, get to the perimeter and close him out. That will throw him off more than anything because that’s not what he’s expecting. It works, check out Delfino’s miss and see how DeRozan’s close-out changes Delfino’s chance at shooting.

Calderon left the game with a tight left thigh so Jerryd Bayless played the point. He wasn’t too much of an improvement over Calderon defensively, and will mostly be remembered for his flagrant foul on Jon Brockman, who only played one minute before Bayless denied him a layup by taking him out with a 9mm, hacking his body up and disposing it in a nearby dumpster. Leandro Barbosa did his thing where he tries to take over the game, 14 shots in 22 minutes which is quite uncalled for. I’d rather DeRozan uses those 14 shots to improve his jumper, hell, I’d even rather Andrea Bargnani shoot 14 threes.

So after lighting up the third quarter, how did the Raptors big guns do when it counted? Bargnani: 1-3, 2 points and 0 rebounds in the fourth. DeMar DeRozan: 2-3, 6 points. The two key plays of the game were 1) Up two with 2:28 left, Gooden gets out of control and throws up a shot like he’s playing in the Rookie-Sophomore game which hits the backboard, gets his own rebound for the put-back while Bargnani is knitting a sweater and Amir Johnson is baking a cake. 2) Same score difference with 1:16 left, and the Bucks throw it to Bogut who executes a professional hook in the post to make it a two possession game – that’s what go-to means, you go to the them when you need a basket. Later on, Drew Gooden iced it with a jumper coming out of a timeout.

So here we are, mercifully at the end of the season, and looking forward to Chicago, Orlando and New York coming up. Next three games for Washington: vs Cleveland, @ Charlotte and vs Detroit, next three for Sacramento: vs Denver, vs Utah and on the road to Houston. Yeah, we could move into third if all goes “well”.

Final word to Triano and his “Nothing to Hide” segments. He sounds like an old man pleading with his grandkids to stop horsing around in the house. I’d ditch those in favor of a segment showing what the hell Alex English was writing in that notebook of his when Delfino was draining those threes.

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  • WhatWhat

    What Alex English was writing: “TANK”

    • brother

      Nah that was his resume.

  • kuzzybear

    Derrick williams or Terence Jones or Harrison Barnes 1st
    Brandon Knight with the 2nd pick.
    Believe believe believe

    • Scottbbaird

      There’s no way in basketball hell Barnes is going first.

      • FenixL

        Pretty sure he meant with our first pick. Because there is not way in basketball hell terrence jones goes first overall, and Knight goes second overall.

    • Lights

      Irving first, if not him then Barnes, then Williams. After that I’d go for Walker or Knight, even though they’re projected to go in the 8-12 range. Anyone else just doesn’t seem to cut it.

    • What second pick?

  • iwishiwastallerandstronger

    “Basketball is a simple game” . You are correct. Bogut with his inside outside, balance and attraction has taken already the Bucks to 4 consecutive championship, has been mvp several time and obviously a perennial all-star. when the grass is always greener on the other side, shall we ?

    • Rickydice

      By that rationale ‘Melo is garbage because the Nuggets never won anything.

      Bogut is an excellent conventional center and any team would want him.

    • Marksilke

      Although I liked the write-up, it really did over praise Bogut. He is far from a go-to guy, his offense disappears for games at a time, and how valuable can you be as an inside man and double team drawer when you play for one of the worst offences in the league?

      No doubt he is a very solid defender and a player any team would want, but I feel his game romanticized here because he always seems to play exceptionally well against the Raps.

  • Raptor4Ever

    “his is Drew Gooden we’re talking about here, the guy we like to make fun of when discussing Amir Johnson’s contract by saying, “Haha…look what they paid that loser Drew Gooden, when we got Amir Johnson for a bargain!…Haha, what a loser this Gooden guy is.” Well, Gooden had 22/11, Amir had 3/6.”

    My Favorite part of the article 🙂 🙂

  • Neaguda

    Arse your columns are usually lol material, lately you’ve been slacking in that department. 🙁

    • tonious35

      This game sucks the LOL spirit away from you, vs. the Bucks games tend to do that to Raptor fans because Bogut’s paint presence makes Andrea look as worthless as Kwame Brown.

  • kallaghan

    Management, Coaches, Players
    all of them are giving up

    it’s a shame

    but nice piece from Arsenalist.

    • Jose

      Agree, and still there are 14.000 people in ACC who actually pay to watch this circus over and over again. Year after year. That’s bizarre.

      The only bright spot in the Raptorland is this forum and the people contributing to it.

      • sleepz

        Great observation.

        Change will happen if that number ever dipped from 14,000 to 10,000 like in most other NBA cities when losses pile up as they have been here.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          The ticket buyers have more power than they realize as they don’t have to accept this current garbage called Raptor basketball under BC, Gheradini & Jay.

          Hopefully they won’t renew at a high rate in order to watch- DeMar develop in year 3 (a Rap’s seaon ticket ad that I recently viewed). There have been alot of empty seat at the ACC especially when the opposition isn’t the Lakers, Heat, Celtics or another top NBA team.

          It’s time to pull BC’s hoe card as he has been pr media spinning the Rap’s particulars to cover his butt and rationalize all the losing like a politician politicking (shrewd & cunning)- the bigger the lie the more some folks will blindly bind to it ie blame CB.

          • Theswirsky

            I’m going to be very conservative in all my approximations here.

            If attendance averaged 14,000 for the season thats approx 4000 less than max potential.

            If a person would spend on average $60 a game (its probably more than this… I think the Fan Cost index is > $70 per person)… tickets, hotdogs, drinks etc.

            There are 42 home games a year.

            That comes to atleast approx. 10 mil in lost potential revenue. You don’t think MLSE feels that? I know MLSE has an asset value of > 1 billion, but thats not even close to all being liquid, and you don’t get to that point by missing out on 10+ million dollars a year.

            I understand people complaining about the team not being good. I understand complaining about players, coaches and the GM. But complaining about having too many butts in the seats? really?

            Vancouver didn’t put enough butts in their seats… good thing to because in the long run it made them a much better team.

      • Ol’ Dirty Raptor

        i like this forum, but it’s really insignificant when it comes down to things at the end of the day.

        and yeah I’ll pay to watch nba basketball. what’s so bizarre about that? of course i’d rather have a winning team, but this is the only team we have, so i’d rather support them than let them make me miserable.

        it’s just entertainment.

        • Jose

          If you are going to be paying to watch this “product”, that’s entirely up to you. Your money, your choice. No problem there.

          • Roy

            You must be on the wrong website, go to cavstheblog.com. They will welcome you with open arms.

            • Jose

              Funny thing is that some “fans” cannot stand any criticism directed towards this franchise. Those who say anything against the current state of this organization are seen as bandwagon fans or they are “on the wrong website”. Contrary to what you think, I believe that healthy criticism is the right way to send the message to this organization. If you want to keep your blinders on, it’s up to you.

              And, thanks for the link.

              • Roy

                Go ahead, say what you want. My question to you is why do you come to a website about a team that you don’t give a shit for? Just seems odd.

                • Jose

                  What makes you think I don’t give a shit? Where is that coming from?

              • voy

                there is a difference between healthy criticism and much of what is said here. You think some guy typing about an “italian conspiracy” from his parents basement is really gonna have an impact on basketball operations.

                Or you think BC is gonna visit the site and see “David Anderson is a way better basketball player than AB” posted 50 times and then think “Eureka!! David Anderson IS better than Andrea”.

                Maybe, one of our scouts will be visiting the site and see one RR member who has been harping about defense all year long, advocate the drafting of a Kembra Walker, a 5’10 point guard who cant shoot, defend, or run an nba offense.

                If you want to send the organization a message dont go to the games.

                What were your expectations for this year, I’d like to know.

                • Jose

                  No, probably none of the Raptors execs will visit this site, but lot of people contributing to this site are also posting elsewhere (Globe and Mail, TSN, ESPN etc.), and I do believe that some of the execs and some of the MLSE stakeholders read online sports reports.

                  Expectations for this year? How about past 5 years since Bryan took over? Frankly, I expected more than 1 winning season over past 5 years. Oh, well…

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Is it really just entertainment?

          Enter (to come into)

          Tain ( to hold, possess)

          Ment ( a state of)

          In other words, to enter into, possess and keep an individual in a state of possession as a fan (fanatic: a person whose enthusiasm or zeal for something is extreme or beyond normal limits) of said entertainment- in this case Raptor basketball.

          To act out on fanatical impulses contained within the entertainment as rationalized thereof ie hate, under the guise of being a fan.

  • JezusP

    Those Triano segments are brutal. It makes him sound like he’s the coach of a grade 5 team. “OK guys, we have to get back and get some bodies in front of them.” <— oh great, problem solved….


    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Jay aka Substitute Teacher couldn’t motivate a fish to swim, the wind to blow, the rain to fall, JWright into a blowout game and so forth.

      Those segments are a true slice of his untenable leadership abilities & motivation skills under pressure.

  • Milesboyer

    The difference between watching Jose run the offence vs. Bayless is like the difference between drinking an ice cold premium beer on a warm summer’s day vs. an open can of Coors Light that’s been sitting in the sun for 4 hours. One is cool, smooth and satisfying, the other is flat, tasteless and a waste of a good opportunity.

    If Bayless is the back up point guard next year, I will have lost all faith in management’s ability to evaluate talent.

    • Nilanka15

      I’ve lost all confidence in Bayless’ ability to run a team (not that I had much confidence in the first place). I’m willing to admit that he’s got a lot of good tools…that is, the handles, the quicks, the toughness, the attitude, but it doesn’t seem like he’s being mentored on how to actually run an offense.

      There just isn’t any discipline with this team…it’s not just a problem with the defense. The lack of discipline spills into all facets of the Toronto Raptors. That’s on Triano.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Why was Jack, who has played in all 82 regular season games over the past 3 seasons & embrace the TDot in the off season, traded by BC again?
      Oh, yeah, because Jose couldn’t beat out Jack as the team’s starting pg so BC had to alleviate that lockerroom/media issue instead of allowing competition to dictate who starts he went and traded Jack for a less talented player to end all the pg drama in the TDot earlier this season. Now look Jose aka The Spanish X Ray is hurt again- nice choice BC.

      As well, Bayless does everything Barbosa does just not as good as Bosa does it.

      The team would have been better off keeping both Jose & Jack this season in my mind.

      Btw- I wouldn’t call Jose point guard game satisfying even when comparing it to Bayless’ pg game. If Jose is the starting pg next year……………or a Raptor……………

      • Nilanka15

        Bayless has just one year left on his contract. It was a good move simply from a cap savings perspective…because we all know that Jack wasn’t our answer at PG either.

        If Jack and Calderon were both still on our roster, I’m convinced that Colangelo would be looking at one of them as our full-time starter going forward, and thus, shoring up a young PG probably wouldn’t be on his priority list heading into the draft.

      • AJ

        Wow, are you still crying over Jarrett Jack? Didn’t know he meant all that much to you. I mean, he was the franchise’s all time leader in points, assists, games played, and even led us to the finals once so I guess I can see where you’re coming from.

    • nottheendoftheworld

      Wow, your metaphor skills are great. Your point is total shit.

    • Raptor4Ever

      Now come on, Do you remember the poll in the forum about Bayless’s potentials ?

      88% of fans here thought that Bayless has All-Star Potential or can be a Solid Starter in this league 😉

  • 511

    Getting my car keyed while giving money to the homeless … while they knit sweaters and bake cakes. Sounds like a night in Raptor-ville.

  • Quirk

    Another close game..another loss. Those who advocate tanking for the illusion of getting better should rejoice. Those like me, who just hate losing have nothing to do but to yell, cuss and ..just give up on an organization who in my opinion lost the respect of a lot of people in NBA and most of it lost the respect of a lot of fans. I’m just very dissapointed in Triano ( who I defended for along time) because as you said there seems to be a “hidden agenda” and I’m totally dissapointed with the people who can actually think that with the majority of this roster we will be a NBA team. ” Young Guns” experiement proved to be a total disaster because we have a bunch of selfish players, with a very low basketball IQ who to me seem to be not giving a shit about any coaching. It was funny to listen last night to poor Jose trying to rally the troops and looking at those “puppy faces” saying ” are you kidding me?”. If most contributors here are so diligent in shipping Bargs out ASAP, for the sake of objectivity we should collect money to ship out Bayless who just killed the game last night with his idiotic gong-ho attitude; It’s not called swagger ..it’s just called stupid. Funny thing that at the end of the game he was so proud of his achievements. If that is the core of the future Raps, people should start thinking of tanking next year with game no. 1. After all, we need more draft players. End of the rant..end of my contributions to this wonderful forum. See you in 2012.

    • Ha

      why do you care if they win a couple of games to end the year??? that’s just plain stupid….I get mad when they win right now! I want Washington to pass us in the standings! Thank God Jose got hurt, maybe we can drop everygame left for the rest of the season.. I would gladly give up a nothing win for a chance at a top three prospect pick!!!!

      • Nilanka15

        I don’t understand why anyone would think otherwise

      • Ol’ Dirty Raptor

        get mad? overreact much?

        and then what happens when we are the worst team in the league, and still don’t get the top pick? it may make a slight difference in our odds if we come in 4th vs. 3rd, but we still have a very good chance at at top 3 pick, so i’d rather the team try to win.

        it’s just a difference in philosophy, i guess.

        • Nilanka15

          Obviously, losing doesn’t guarantee a top pick, but it definitely increases our chances. On the other hand, winning does nothing but lower our chances at a top pick.

          So does it really matter that we win 20 games instead of 25 games this year, other than satisfying some fans’ meaningless need to witness winning basketball in the here and now?

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Exactly, what if Rap’s end up with the 3rd worst record but fall in the Lottery to 4th or 5th?

          Play to win and let the chips (ping pong balls) fall where they may whether because of injuries, coaching, talent level or whatever.

          Tanking is for suckas.

          BC put this roster together- point blank.

          He traded CB (BC tried to posture on CB and send him to a team offerrnig the most in return yet in the end he got badly burned by Riley).

          He signed Kleiza (Barg’s & Kleiza were the only 2 guaranteed pre season starters).

          He traded for Bayless (Jack >>> Bayless).

          He traded for Ajinca (another soft jump shooting Euro center).

          He traded for JuJu (you want me to go into the game Jay- really?).

          He traded for JJ who became an immediate starter at SF for Rap’s (used Miami pick in CB S&T to acquire from Chi).

          He bought out Peja (a rotation player in Dallas).

          He traded for & signed Solomon to a 2 year deal (NBDL for life).

          He tried to trade Jose & Reggie (who Jay is currently playing over the younger guys- development?)

          He tried to sign Barnes as a free agent (that whole fiasco showed how much BC was slipppin’ as a GM).

          Rebuild, is just another BC pr spin in the wind to rationalize all the Rap’s losing this season to the fans who tend to drink his bull chit flavored kool aid- wake up!!!

          • Nilanka15

            Regardless of whether you agree with BC’s moves or not, this team stinks, and needs to be rebuilt. One important component of the rebuild is the draft. All indications point to BC being the one .

            Winning games in March/April when you’re already mathematically eliminated from the playoffs is for suckas.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

              BC put this team together- comprehend?

              Rebuilt from exactly what?

              The Rap’s haven’t made the playoffs or had a winning/.500 record ever since Sam was fired?

              You drank that rebuild media spin kool aid- not I.lol

              You want a rebuild? Get rid of BC, Gheradini & Jay. Then trade the longest tenured Raptors- Jose & Barg’s away- now that’s real a rebuild not a pr media spun one.

              Being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs is for suckas.

              • Nilanka15

                I want Colangelo, Triano, Jose and Bargnani gone just as much as you do. But in terms of Colangelo and Triano, knee-jerk reactions are not the way to proceed. They should only be replaced when/if the perfect candidate comes calling. Otherwise we end up with another Rob Babcock simply for the sake of change.

              • Nilanka15

                And constant change makes the the franchise look more pathetic than it really is (to would-be free agents). Fire those guys only when we have their proper replacements waiting in line.

                Interim tags are for suckas 😉

              • Milesboyer

                Hindsight’s 20/20…..we are where we are and the top priority is getting the best draft position possible at this point regardless of how we got here or whether you think hiring BC was a bad move when it happened (which I doubt, since his hiring was almost unanimously lauded as a great occurrence).

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                  We are now 5 years after the fact of BC’s arrival in the TDot and we are back in Babcock territory-let the blind led the blind….

                • Milesboyer

                  Here’s an analogy for the Colangelo situation: Let’s say you buy a used car that looks and drives great. It continues to do so for the first year and then starts having some minor problems. By the third year it needs a major repair, so you go ahead and dump the money into it. The fourth year another major repair, so you decide to put more money in. By the fifth year you start to wonder…… should you stick with it, since first off you have invested $$$ into it and getting rid of it would mean starting all over, and second, maybe the major repairs are out of the way and it will start driving nice again. Or do you consider it a lemon and cut ties, buy another car that may or may not have the same problems.

                  It’s a question of when to give it up. In this case I don’t see any benefit in starting this process all over again at least not this year. Upheaval on all levels takes a long time to recover from. Let’s also not forget (whether you agree with it or not), Bryan Colangelo has won Executive of the Year twice. The man is not a chump.

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                  BC has taken the Rap’s from Atlantic Division Champs upon his arrival in the TDot unto Eastern Conference chumps in this current year 5- do the chump math.

                  Not to mention how Riley has played (chumped) BC from the JO deal to the CB S&T giving BC back a Lottery pick that he 1st traded away in the JO deal as well as the Heat’s pick which BC turned into JJohnson. Plus Ajinca & Bayless who were acquired using parts of the CB TPE which is currently a little above 9 million dollars left before it expires in July barring a NBA lockout.

                  BC played basketball where again?

                  Oh, he went to Haaavaaard and was credited for his daddy’s moves in Phoenix- elitist nepotism.lol

                  BC is far from irreplaceable.lol

                • Nilanka15

                  Just to clarify, Colangelo wasn’t handed an Atlantic Division champion. He created an Atlantic Division champion out of nothing.

                  In my eyes, Colengelo’s 5 year mistake was building around Bosh/Bargnani. People learn from their mistakes, and every move he’s made since the failed Calderon trade, indicates that Colangelo has learned from his mistakes.

                  The biggest issue remaining is whether or not to keep Bargnani. And if the NY Daily News rumours are true, Colangelo continues to learn from his mistakes.

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                  1st off, BC didn’t create that team out of nothing as CB was already here as a Raptor plus the Atlantic division was the weakest in the NBA that year by far- recognize.

                  Secondly, Boston made moves after the Rap’s Atlantic Division Championship and have owned the Division ever since.

                  What has BC done? Fired Sam at 8-9? Coddled Bargnani into a lackadaisical player? Got schooled By Riley in both the JO & CB deals?

                  Throw enough shit up against a wall over 5 years and some of it is going to stick- BC had his turn now it’s time for him to go- point blank, we are back in Babcock territory 5 years after the fact of his arrival in the TDot.

                • Toshmon

                  check the raps draft history, look at our 2005 babcock draft, i think it goes somthing like this: joey graham Charlie V Roko ucic Uri Slokar 2004 was Hoffa.

                  BC: Bargnani Derozan Davis who do u want to do the draft? that teacher’s pension fund accountant? maybe Petty?

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                  It’s much deeper than drafting talent it’s about creating a competitive, winning environment in Raptorland- take a look around.

    • sleepz

      Crazy thing is they are not tanking. Triano is playing Reggie and Barbosa and Jose (before the hammy) in an effort to try and get wins. A hobbled Amir is out there on the court as long as he can be pieced together before tip-off.

      The talent on the roster is just that low level it amazes me why there would be talk of extensions for anybody associated with this team right now.

      This year has been excuse filled ranging from injuries, to Bosh blaming, to youth development, to rebuilding woes to referee bias. Of course there are counters to every one of these arguments so when I listen to post games on the Fan with Jonsey and Smith I can’t help but laugh at the myriad of reasons used to justify what we’re watching (you’d swear by their comments the Raps are battling for a playoff spot) when we should all just call it like it is.

      The team just plain sucks right now.

      • Jose

        I am with you Sleepz. They are not tanking, this is as good as they can get. I believe that they are trying to win home games, if nothing else, to bring back season ticket holders for 2012. I don’t see this as a development year either, as Triano plays veterans for very long stretches. Another reason might be that Triano is on the hot seat right now. Who knows…

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        They (BC, Jay) say one thing in the media (develop young guys, rebuild) the do another thing when it comes to games (play Reggie over Ed, give Jose major minutes over Bayless, keep Ajinca glued to the bench along with Wright)- do they really think that no one will notice this contradiction of BC’s Raptor reality?

        We don’t believe you (BC, Jay), you need more people!!

        Jay aka Company Man aka Mr No Accountability has no credibility left with me after preaching defense for 2 training camps then coming out as one of the worst defensive teams in the whole NBA-fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    • knickz

      don’t mind another losing season myself…we need to do it right this time

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      That “hidden agenda” makes the Raptor basketball cult like under BC ie BC consensus, especially with the obvious nepotism going on within the organization.

      Also, Bayless foul on Brockman was a borderline play. I just hope that the kid didn’t get injured too badly as he left the game and didn’t return after hitting the basketball stanchion hard via Bayless.

      That 1 play got Milwaukee’s attention and they played better team ball from that point on.

      Also, Jose is not a leader, those young kids don’t look to him for guidance as he is the reason that Jack- their young gunz homeboy, was traded away.

      Barg’s & Jose the longest tenured Rap’s and defacto leaders exemplify what is wrong with Raptor basketball under BC- stagnate facetious balderdash.

      5 years after the fact BC has hypnotized some fans into embracing “losing with a purpose” due to his mismanagement of Raptor assets leaving some praying for ping pong balls instead of wins. I guess evil is good under BC?

      • Milesboyer

        Alot of people on this board seem to think assembling a winning team should be fast and easy. The two biggest variables….getting lucky through the draft and having the ability to attract free agents, have not been in our favour lately or in the case of the latter, may never be (unless there we start winning – a catch-22). Right now there are no players on the team in the class of Vince Carter (in his heyday) or even Chris Bosh. I don’t imagine we’ll be landing some top free agent anytime soon so we’re left with the draft as our only hope of landing a star. Doesn’t matter who the GM is, draft position, the quality of any given year, the unknown of player development, all this has more to do with luck than anything else. Once you get a star, then the strength of a GM comes into play by filling out the rest of the roster. Until then, all criticism is just a way to pass the time.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          BC had Bosh for 4 years- surrounded him with bullchit rosters and drafted Bargnani #1 overall with a 5 year plan- well this is year 5.

          BC has taken the Rap’s downhill ever since winning the Atalntic Division with his team management style & asset decisions- point blank.

          When BC & Jay-who wouldn’t even shake CB’s hand pre game, lie in the media on CB insinuating that he quit on the Rap’s last season (something none of the players agreed with when questioned in training camp) after the All Star break blaming CB for the Rap’s missing the playoffs I don’t think alot of players will look at the TDot if they have other similar options- the NBA is like a brotherhood and BC’s star has been faded among players and the like.

          BC’s piss is not rainwater- wake up people!!

    • Someone

      See you in 2012? How about never, leave for good you rage-quitter.

      • Toshmon

        After that chandler and barnes deal fell through I think BC has been wanting to tank.

        Didn’t we all want this though? To potentially draft high and develop with a few young pieces?I don’t know about you but I hated pinning all of my hopes on Bosh, i think the whole ‘build around our skinny all star’ philosophy was depressing.

        Its tough, but the last time we played this bad we drafted this guy named vince carter.

  • Mediumcore

    What happened to the PHDSteve podcast?

    • Arsenalist

      He had something come up work-wise, he’ll be back next week. Will see if we can drum something up tomorrow.

      • Mediumcore

        Thanks, and hope you get a chance to catch the McDonald’s highschool allstar game.

  • Statement


    The Raptors eat one of these before everygame!

    • Nilanka15

      No KFC Double-Deckers?

      • Statement

        both prolly.

  • Calderon needs to go!!! Draft Kemba Walker!!!

    • Guest

      he has no ball skillz???? man u must not be watchin enough raps games

      • Are you serious right now… really? The guy is brutal

        • Kemba Walker will eat that guy’s food!

          • Nilanka15

            Jose’s got skill, he just can’t play a lick of defense.

            Walker’s a pure scorer, but he’s undersized, and his quarterbackign skills are to be determined.

            Kyrie’s a better choice over both Calderon and Walker.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

              Trading for the Nugget’s Lawson or Felton is a better route as most rookie pgs need at least 3 years to develop consistency in the NBA- some need even more time to adjust to the lifestyle off of the court.

              As good as JWall is he hasn’t made the Wizard’s winners this season and I don’t see Washington in the playoffs next season- as is.

              Jose is a walking X Ray, an injury waiting to happen.

              Walker’s scoring game may not translate very well into the NBA and Kyrie has already been injured and missed almost a full season of college basketball.

              • Nilanka15

                If you put Lawson or Felton on that Washington roster, they’d be just as garbage as they are now. That would tell us that a rookie PG isn’t their problem.

                I’d definitely take my chances with Kyrie. As long as he clears medical evaluations, he’s easily our best (attainable) choice at PG. Besides, it’s not like he’s torn ACLs, Achilles tendons, or had multiple concussions. His injury was to a ligament in his big toe…hardly career comprising.

                • Nilanka15

                  *…career compromising*

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                  Take your chances- sounds like BC speak. Plus Kyrie might not even declare due to the potential NBA lockout- time will tell.

                  I’d go for the proven playoff experienced NBA products in Felton or Lawson and jump start the 2-3 years it will most likely take Kyrie to be a consistent NBA pg able to lead the Rap’s over 82 games. BC should even consider using the remaining 9 million dollar CB TPE to get it done.

                • Nilanka15

                  Dude, every move the Raptors could possibly make is a gamble, including acquiring Lawson or Felton. It’s not “BC speak”, it’s common sense.

                • mountio

                  Im with Nilanka on this one. Felton and Lawson are fine .. but the reality is, if we have a chance at Kyrie, we need to take it. We arent building for next year .. we are building for 2-3 years down the road .. Kyrie makes more sense. Felton and Lawson would make sense if we already had some great pieces – but we dont .. our only hope is to find a star, which will in turn bring more better players here. Felton / Lawson are not that type of guy. John Wall is. Kyrie might be ..

              • First Off Denver is not going trade Felton or Lawson.

                • Kemba Walker is a machine!

                • Kemba Walker won MVP @ Maui tournament

                  Kemba Walker won MVP @ Big East tournament

                  The Dude is a winner

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                  Shows how much you actually know about the Nugget pg situation.

                  Felton, who is fine coming off of the bench this season behind Lawson, wants to start next season and so does Lawson- do the math.

                • Who cares want Felton want’s he is under contract for next season and Karl is not going let him go anywhere.

                • And Plus Karl plays both point guards at same time! Felton is getting 30 mins a game of the bench. So I suggest to you! Go check your facts before you decided to say something

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                  Felton is fine with his bench role this season because they are winning but he has stated on the record that he wants to start next season whether it be in Denver or somewhere else.

                  Time will tell.

            • Jose has no skills period. He can’t get to the lane. He doesn’t push the pace. He’s not aggressive. He can’t shoot. He gets destroyed every day by opposing guards.

              I’m sorry I have to disagree with you. Kemba Walker is best player in college basketball. His basketball I.Q is amazing, and he can play off the ball as well. And he gets to the lane at will! No one can stay in front of him.

              • Toshmon

                Kemba Walker is a pro.

                He gunna surprise some people; point guards from NY are nasty.

                • Bendit

                  Like Marbury & Telfair? Or do they play with a different ball?

                • Nilanka15

                  Marbury WAS a stud…until he decided to tattoo a logo on his oversized melon

              • Milesboyer

                “Jose has no skills period.” – That’s just plain ignorance. He has a lot of shortcomings but there’s no doubt he’s skilled. He’s fifth in the league in assists, ahead of other such unskilled point guards as Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, John Wall, Jason Kidd……

                • Dude are you on crack? or meth no no it’s got to be cocaine. Because no way you mention Calderon in the same breathe as Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, John Wall & Jason Kidd…. can some body pinch me because I think I’m dreaming right now.

                • Milesboyer

                  I’m not “mentioning him in the same breath” by saying he’s as good overall, I’m stating a fact – not an opinion, that he’s ahead of them in assists. There are 30 teams in the greatest basketball league in the world and Jose Calderon ranks fifth in assists. I don’t care how much you personally dislike him you can’t be “unskilled” and average 9 assists in this league.

  • RapsM

    this is Drew Gooden we’re talking about here, the guy we like to make fun of when discussing Amir Johnson’s contract by saying, “Haha…look what they paid that loser Drew Gooden, when we got Amir Johnson for a bargain!…Haha, what a loser this Gooden guy is.” Well, Gooden had 22/11, Amir had 3/6.”

    Well, He was playing against Raptor defence. We make guys like Luke Harangody have career games.

  • Guest

    1. That flagrant foul on Brockman was a thing of beauty. Headshots suck in hockey but are awesome in basketball.

    2. How the *%$(# did you get 80+ Raps? Who cares, people! Watch baseball.

  • Corey

    i make this trade with the Nuggets:

    Bargani $9m to Denver
    Felton $7.5m , Chandler $3m to Toronto.

    this deal is a no-brainer in my mind. we fill two starter positions with good players. if there is a draw back, its that both felton and chandler r in the last year of current deal in 2011/12 season. and, we have calderon for two more yrs. we’d need to find a way to deal him.

    i am sure the nuggets try to switch al harrington (and his huge deal – 4 more yrs, $28m) for Chandler. on the plus side, we have barbosa and our first pick as other assets to make a deal work.

    the other guy i’d target is marcin gortat. bargs for a package of gortat and and aaron brooks or gortat and michael pietrus. if i could get aaron brooks with gortat i’d even consider sweetening this one. say what u want about his size, brooks is a sparkplug, can shoot, and would give us waaay more speed at the position.

    anyhew, thats my 2 cents

    • I have question to you if you were Denver Nuggets would you do that trade?

      • Guest

        I would do that trade if I’m the nuggets. I’m not high on either Felton or Chandler as pieces of a very good team because they don’t have any elite skills – also, if their contracts are up and the next contracts won’t be at a discount, bring in the (other) big Italian.

        Bargnani is an elite shooter for a big man and has the potential to become an elite scoring big man both in terms of efficiency and volume.

        The Phoenix trade is ridiculous – Phoenix would never do that because they already have Bargnani facsimile Channing Frye (also, arguably each of Gortat, Brooks and Pietrus are better players than Bargnani – I don’t subscribe to that view but many basketball minds do).

        • I hear you! But I believe the problem is not Bargnani. The problem is Calderon! He is the worst starting point guard in the league. The best point guard we ever had was Mighty Mouse, and then one year we missed out on Inverson because the stupid lottery rules. Kemba Walker is the real deal, he’s tough, he competes and he is a winner. The raps are missing an offence guy that can create is own shot like Kemba Walker, but still able to run the team. No one can cover this dude!

          • Guest

            do you havea crush on Kemba Walker???

            • Guest

              do you want to tell everyone that you’re not the real Guest or should i?

              • Nilanka15

                “Guest” is such a generic name…maybe you both should come up with a handle a little more unique

                • Guest

                  Maybe you should put a bargnani fathead up in your room.

            • I Love that guy no homo lol

              • Dude I appreciated ballers! And Kemba Walker is a baller. Raptors have no ballers, but they have a slow and old point guard with no ball skills.

          • Nilanka15

            Walker’s a baller, no doubt. But he’s not a PG. He’s a Ben Gordon (undersized SG).

            We need a player capable of running an offense. That’s Kyrie.

  • This is so sad …. Sonny is already thinking about a new team. He doesn’t have the drive to work hard for the Raps anymore 🙁