Going over the remains of the dead.

Here’s the agenda.

  • The season as a whole
  • Surprises, improvements, positives.
  • Drawbacks, disappointments, and underachievers.
  • The core: DeMarr, Davis, Andrea? Is this the core? If so how do they rate? Are you excited about the future?
  • What about James Johnson and Bayless fitting into the future plans? Are they guys who belong in the core?
  • Barbosa, Calderon, Reggie? What about the vets?
  • Coach for next season- and Liston’s article last week.
  • The draft and free agency this summer, what are the primary needs, anyone raps should be targeting?

There’s some audio issues with this podcast, especially between minute 29 and 30, sorry about that. Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (40:50, 15MB). Or just listen below:

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  • Nilanka15

    Arse, not sure if I’m as optimistic about your DeRozan projection (Joe Johnson) as you are.

    Yes, Johnson’s a scoring SG, but I think that’s where the similarities end. Johnson has point guard like handles and footwork, and has one of the smoothest 3 pt strokes in the game. I hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t see DeRozan ever becoming “elite” on those categories.

    • Shitslanka

      You’re comparing an 11 season veteran to a player who has just 2 years under his belt moron. Johnson didn’t average 17.1 points until his 5th season! DeMar did that in his second, minutes per game were equal too, if not more for Johnson, AND he was playing on a team that had Steve Nash on it. Do your homework before you make such stupid bogus statements. You’re the same idiot that wants to replace DeRozan with Mayo (Mr. Steroids/PEDs). 2 years in the league is not a great barometer for evaluating players, get a clue..

      • Nilanka15

        Joshua Reynolds’s mom is a slut.

        • Dookielove

          you big dummy. do you really think joshua reynolds cares?

  • lessthanzero

    The RR team option on this podcast’s horrendous intro theme need not be picked up… please!

    Also… with your first pick in the draft… select the best available microphone!

    • Smushmush

      I thought I was the only one that noticed that – RR guys, if it is a pain in the ass making podcasts, you can please tell us with an apology in the forums. The intro theme needs to change, get a better microphone and stop the background noises please, it is distracting – we will appreciate it, if you can effect these changes. Thank you.

  • WhatWhat

    Smh at calling Bayless another potential Mike James. Are you kidding me? What’s wrong with our fanbase regarding guards that can score?

    And WHY do people believe that Reggie makes the team so much better? When he was injured, we replaced him with BETTER defenders in Amir and Davis who ALSO rebound very well. The real reason for the downfall was moving Jack replacing him with a far, far, worse defender in Calderon.

  • Dookielove

    one on one i trust bargs most. the rest of our team cant keep anyone in front of them. then we all blame bargs for not sliding over ever so easily to contest the paint with a block,takin a charge or layin the hammer. our fan base is retarded. i hope bargs gets traded and they appreciate him and he comes back and drops 40 on us….while u idiots rock a joey dorsey jersey.

    • Nilanka15

      Yet another Bargnani fan, who isn’t a Raptor fan. It’s gonna be great to weed these clowns out once Il Mago is bounced.

      • Dookielove

        this is how dumb you are. you add and accumulate talent to get a better team. you idiots must come from the school of rob babcock and have backed giving vc away for nothing to the nets cuz you was butthurt by vc’s behavior. i would have sat vc’s ass untill he decided to play how the raps needed him to play. that trade in itself set this franchise back 5 years. this team needs an infusion of talent to add to the ed’s, demars and bargs.

        • Nilanka15

          This is how dumb YOU are, still believing that a 7 foot pansy in Bargnani will be part of our future. Have you been living under a rock over the past 24 hrs, let alone the past 5 years? The guy is absolute garbage.

          Talent infusion comes from the draft, free agent signings and internal development….not from holding onto a clueless player who chucks up shots, doesn’t play defense, doesn’t rebound and eats up starter’s minutes.

          Bargnani is as good as gone, fanboy. Get used to it.

          • Dookielove

            aint it funny you and your gaggle of faggots are busy blamin one dude for all our teams troubles. meanwhile money weems amir and demar the vaunted “young ones” elevated this team to what? fuck all…but hey,keep blamin one guy you dumb bitch.

            • Nilanka15

              LOL, who said anything about Weems? Keep hanging on to a MLSE marketing scheme that’s 8 months old.

              Bye bye Bargnani….good riddance.

              • Dookielove

                lol, you really are a dumb bitch eh. im a raptor fan. as are all of us in here considering we devote this much time to these losers. we all want the same thing.a winning team. i dont care if they trade bargs, demar,amir,davis or caldy. there are no untouchables on this team as our record suggests. i support the team not any one player. as long as we get something good back for bargs im down with trading him. id also like to trade demar for a sg who can hit a 3 and defend. im down with trading anybody off this putrid roster…but 2 pin this teams i’lls on the dorky white guy is pure faggotry….how bout some blame go to the players you suggest are our best players. why put all the blame on your so called worst. u haters make no sense….dumb.

                • Nilanka15

                  LOL, you’re not a fan, you’re just a rambling fool. You said that you’d love to see Bargnani get traded and drop 40 on us. I’m not making this up…you actually said it. What kind of Raptor fan wishes to get torched by opposing players? You’re too stupid to even know who/what you’re a fan of.

                  BTW, let’s see how many times you can say “dumb bitch” in your reply. Your incredible vocabulary skills amaze me.

                • Nilanka15

                  And as usual, nice work liking your own comments. Fuckin’ clown.

    • Dookielove

      no other raptor in the history of this franchise has ever been done this dirty.

      • Nilanka15

        No other Raptor in history has had a combination of a high draft pick, an extra long leash from coaches, a personal assistant general manager, a lazy/unfocused attitude, consistently inefficient numbers, 5 years of coddling, an undeserved contract extension, and the inability to make anyone around him better…all while earning extra playing time (not to mention his ridiculously blind, annoying, obsessed, defiant fanboys). But hey, he can score 20 points on 20 shots! FUCKIN SWEEEEET!

        Your man-crush on Bargnani is nauseating. Go buy a Benetton Treviso jersey. Or better yet, try watching some non-Raptor basketball for a change. You might actually learn something.

  • Ears hurt

    Phd steve, I like your segments, but holy crap the sounds quality is bad. It sounds like your recording them with an iphone app.

    • lessthanzero

      Not even that good… more like the internal mic of his computer…

  • jumperson22

    Anyone else having difficulties with iTunes not having the up-to-date list of episodes in this podcast???

  • Ears hurt

    and it gets worse. Honestly, it really hard to listen to the whole thing – there’s a crying baby in the background, one persons volume is so high that their voice literally hurts, while phdsteve’s voice is barely audible. Then the the slurps, sneezes, and other things unidentifiable in the background that are louder than phd steve.

  • arsenalist

    Sorry man, they’re usually good quality. Shit happened this time around. Forgive us please.

    • lessthanzero

      Honestly, the roundtable in nature is tough to record properly… leniency should be given… but that doesn’t excuse PHD Steve’s solo rants all year.

      • Raptoronto

        Steve was the Kwame Brown of the RR pick-ups.

        • Bendit

          Jeezus what a tough crowd.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    •The season as a whole was very disappointing from the front office (failed off season transactions- Chandler/Barnes, CB S&T, Kleiza signing) to the on court product.

    •Surprises, improvements, positives.

    Surprised that Jay is still the head coach after BC fired Sam at 8-9.

    DD dramatically improved over his 1st year but still has far to go in order to maximize his talents.

    Only positive is that this season is finally over.

    •Drawbacks, disappointments, and underachievers.


    No more NBA XL (Cam & Cabbie- those were the days)

    Listening to Matt, Leo & Jack babble about complete balderdash during Raptors games.

    Andrea’s coddling.

    Team defense.


    In Andrea’s lack of consistent overall effort & his immune system- post all star break.

    That the Jose trade or Barnes signing didn’t go through.

    Jay’s cussing in pressers- total lack of class & professionalism.

    In the Kleiza free agent signing.

    CB S&T transaction assets


    BC has been the biggest Raptor underachiever this past season.

    •The core: DeMarr, Davis, Andrea? Is this the core? If so how do they rate? Are you excited about the future?

    Anyone on this team is open to be moved as there is no core.

    I will be excited about the Rap’s future once BC, Gheradini & Jay are gone in the wind.

    •What about James Johnson and Bayless fitting into the future plans? Are they guys who belong in the core?

    Rotation bench players at best but not starters on a playoff caliber team in my mind. No one is untradeable.

    •Barbosa, Calderon, Reggie? What about the vets?

    Bring Reggie back @ vet min (he is too injury prone) as the Rap’s 4th big man behind both Amir & Ed.

    Trade Jose (Lakers, PO, Mem, Dallas) his time is up in the TDot.

    Trade Bosa (Instant Offense off of the bench for a contender) or keep him behind DD.

    •Coach for next season- and Liston’s article last week.

    Off the top of my head:

    Lawrence Frank

    Mike Brown

    Alex English (has earned a head coaching shot if anyone has)

    Jeff Van Gundy

    Brian Shaw

    Dwane Casey

    Sam Mitchell (wouldn’t be the 1st coach to coach the same NBA team more than once)

    •The draft and free agency this summer, what are the primary needs, anyone raps should be targeting?

    In the draft I hope Rap’s select DWill, Barnes or TJones.

    In free agency I want Rap’s to target UFA centers Chandler & Dalembert to start and Magloire to be a veteran back up.

    As well I hope that the Rap’s acquire either Nugget pg Lawson or Felton.

    *** The NBA Summer League has been cancelled.

    As well there will most likely be no free agent moves this summer until the new CBA is finalized.

    • c_bcm

      I agree with pretty much nothing you said.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        U sound like my wife.lol

    • guest

      When I read BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!, I can’t help but think of Jim Kramer from Mad Money’s rant….YOU KNOW NOTHING!

  • I like the content, at least I think, but is there anything that can be done about the production quality? Everybody is at drastically different volumes so some I couldn’t hear while others I had to turn down, people move around and cause static over top of everybody else, etc. I felt like I missed a lot of what I was trying to hear simply because of that, which is why I’m not really sure whether I like the content or not.

  • Dookielove

    will people please stfu with sam dalembert. DUDE FUCKING SUCKS.

    • mountio

      Amen. Absolutely useless ..

  • ESPN analysts have Derrick Williams being selected by Toronto.
    Even though DW is not what we need. He is a big bargaining chip.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      DWill is exactly what the Rap’s need think a young Andre Iguodola.

      If Rap’s can draft either DWill or Barnes it will have been a very nice draft.

      (Chandler or Dalembert)
      (Felton or Lawson)

      • Statement

        Is Barnes coming out?

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          He has until April 24th to decide as that is the last day underclassmen can declare for the 2011 draft.

          May 8th is the deadline to pull out of the draft.

          If Barnes does come out then Rap’s will hopefully get to draft either Irving, DWill or Barnes.

          The 2011 NBA Vegas Summer League has been cancelled by Stern.

      • mountio

        Agree. Id take Kryie is we can get him .. but if not, a big SF like Williams (who has some range as a bonus) is exactly what we need. A big part of our rebounding issues is having guys like Money Weems at the 3, who can’t rebound (and cant shoot from distance, so its a double whammy).
        Yes, Williams will need to work a bit to guard the quicker 3s in the league .. but I think hed be a great fit (although Id take Barnes in a similar role over him if he comes out).

        • Stu Jackson

          If you draft williams he fits perfectly with Bargs because on offence he can bang inside.

          if you get barnes, linas, jj bargs becomes expandable and if you get kyrie calderon or bayless can go. the trades on the off season should depend on the draft

    • Raptoronto

      Agreed, we really need to take the best available and make deals to fill holes.