In a question to find the answer to what position Andrea Bargnani should play, the RR research team dug deep into the archives to solve a mystery that has haunted us for years. Naaah…there was nothing on TV so I went to Before I get into that, I want to give some props to Matt Devlin.

Him and Kevin McHale are calling the Spurs/Grizzlies series and Devlin has been great to listen to. I can’t wrap my head around why he’s such a bore when calling the Raptors game, and no, it has nothing to do with the basketball being played. Devlin’s getting all his stats right, he’s not screwing up the score, or making mistakes like crediting the wrong people with the rebound etc. I’m sure it helps that the TNT production crew is a million times better than the Raptors’, seeing how they have replays cued up as soon as the play ends, and probably are a lot quicker in conveying the relevant stats/updates to Devlin. This isn’t the first year I’ve noticed Devlin perform significantly better in the post-season on Turner than with the Raptors. Must be something in the air, or it just might be Leo Rautins.

Individual opponent PER/48 is the subject of today’s post, you can find them on They measure the player’s PER by position along with the opposing player playing the same position at the time. The data can be skewed because, for example, the opposing small forward might not be guarding the Raptors small forward because of cross-switching, so keep that in mind when looking at these numbers. Here are three findings, and as with any statistic viewed in a vacuum, please take these with a sack of salt.

Leandro Barbosa is a good asset at the point

The best net PER/48 belongs to Leandro Barbosa when he plays the point: +7.2. It’s surprising to see this figure being high because coming into this season the knock on him was his individual defense. Turns out it was rather exaggerated and in his stints off the bench, he’s been producing and containing his matchups with good effect. The story changes slightly when he’s at the off-guard, which is where he’s -1.8, still not bad for an under-sized two-guard. Looking at this role in Phoenix, it’s not hard to see that he excels in a backup point guard role since that’s a lot of what he did there. According to 82games, Barbosa didn’t spend nearly enough time playing the backup point, and looking back at the season, maybe he should have?

Andrea Bargnani’s natural position isn’t necessarily a four in the NBA

The worst net PER/48 belongs to Andrea Bargnani who came in at -4.9 at the center position. No surprises here. The issue of Bargnani’s “natural position” has come into view since the exit interviews, and the numbers here don’t do much in proving his case that he’s better suited at the four. Bargnani was -1.3 at the four spot but played very little of the position, so let’s look back at years past:

Year Net PER/48 (Time at PF) Net PER/48 (Time at C)
2006-07 0 (27%) -8.1 (4%)
2007-08 -7.1 (37%) -1 (9%)
2008-09 -1.4 (47%) -0.7 (8%)
2009-10 -3.4 (47%) -1.8 (22%)
2010-11 -1.3 (1%) -4.9 (58%)

Hmm…so before last season when he was officially moved over to the center and played only “1%” of his time there, he fared better at the center position for three straight years. I was hoping for a dramatic difference in positional play but wasn’t quite expecting one, mostly because of a long-held belief: positional lines at the bigs are very blurred, and can be simplified by saying that in most cases you need two bigs who play like bigs, regardless of position classification.

Memory recalls his most effective year to be his rookie season where he was a great boost off the bench backing up Chris Bosh, as Rasho Nesterovic occupied a starting center role in a mostly defensive capacity. The stats bear this out and I would be perfectly satisfied with Bargnani reverting to the same role – scoring punch off the bench.

Jose Calderon fares better as a reserve

Jose Calderon has a positive net PER/48, 1.3 to be exact which is greater than the -2.3 of Bayless at the point (BTW, Bayless has an awful -10.5 at the off-guard). In 2009-10 he was -4.0 and the year before that in 2008-09 he was +4.6, prior to that in 2007-08 he was +6.2! This gets better, in 2006-07 he was +5.1! Is it really that much of a shock that Jose Calderon had his best years (in the context of this stat) in the two years he was the designated backup point guard? No, it is not, and it is consistent with the belief that the Raptors have promoted bench players to starting positions in the hopes that they would translate their reserve advantage into the starting lineup. It hasn’t happened.

Some more:

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  • Howard Jung

    i haven’t followed individual raptors uber closely, but i recall triano saying something along the lines of….”bargnani is 4 trapped in a 5’s body” or “offensively he’s a 4, but defensively he’s a five”…something along those lines.

    in any case, are there any stats that further segment his offensive production at the 4 and 5 vs defensive “prowess” (or lack there of) at the 4 and 5.
    e.g. PER at the 4, PER at the 5 and some kind of defensive metric at the 4 and at the 5 (nothing comes to mind)

    i’d love to see what triano says is borne out statistically

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Btw- Triano just regurgitates BC consensus BullChit- point blank, Jack Armstrong even called Jay a Company Man.

      Andrea is a bench player unless coached properly & held accountable for his on court efforts as the bench is the best teacher in the NBA.

      His 21 ppg came on 17 shots per game while shooting 44% from the field. CB never averaged 17 shots per game as a Raptor.

    • Joel

      Offensively he’s a 4, and defensively he’s a 0

  • D32858

    For many years the Phoenix Suns were my favorite team and without a doubt Barbosa is not a point guard. To push that idea is ridiculous. He is a lead guard but not a point guard. +/- shows what he did but it does not show what happened with the rest of the team when he was chucking up shots.

    • Arsenalist

      He has a positive on/off as well so despite the perception that he’s a chucker, he’s not close to Mike James or T.J Ford (the latter years) territory like your comment makes him out to be.

      He’s not an official backup of course due to his nature, but he is capable of playing the point more than we had him play (which is less than in Phoenix). Not that I hold it against Triano or think it cost us wins this year, just a statistical observation.

      • Statement

        Barbosa is what he is, a good offensive player who is overpaid (but I guess who isn’t these days).

        The driving factor behind salaries is PPG. That is a conclusion reached by regression analysis. People are blinded by PPG. It’s why Rose is favoured over Chris Paul.

        The “analysts” in basketball are dumber than Joe Morgan. Example, Kenny Smith is a turd.

    • Basketball game has change, your guards have to get to lane point bank period! They’re bigger and stronger than guards from the past. I rather have Barbosa than Calderon anyways. Calderon is slow and out dated like British Knights. He is a soft guard and gets easily intimated by the other guards in league.

  • PER differential is a terrible stat. PER includes non-offensive factors, so it’s ludicrous to attribute an opponent’s PER to the player’s defense. Opponent PPP or dMult are exponentially better methods of evaluating defense.

    • Statement

      Can you post Bargs Opp PPP or dMult please?

  • Statement

    I will say one thing about Bargnani. People know that I don’t like his game


    He had unrealistic expectations foisted on him. His upside is nothing more than Jamal Crawford (Jamal is still a better player). To bank your franchise on that type of player is just stupid. Colangelo deserves blame for that.

    Bargs has sunk Colangelo’s ship, and rightfully so. Who brings in a GM and trainer for a dude that is worse than Jamal Crawford? Idiocy.

    • Statement

      Just reading the Armstrong Bargnani thread.

      Bargnani CAN’T rebound and play help-side defense.

      He just can’t. It’s not that he won’t, but he can’t. He isn’t gifted that way.

      Colangelo is just using him as a scapegoat because he is a dumbass for expecting too much.

      The more I think of it, the more I’m not liking Colangelo.

    • Smushmush

      So unrealistic expectations is rebounding and playing help defense? Righhhhttt!

      • Statement

        Actually, yes

        unrealistic expectations for rebounding and playing help defense. He doesn’t have the talent to do it.

        He could likely up his rebounding, but that would come at the expense of his mediocre scoring ability.

        Bottom line…he sucks, and he shouldn’t have been coddled as he was. Oh well. At least it’s not Isah Thomas running the show.

        • RapthoseLeafs

          His mediocre scoring ability?

          Granted, his scoring numbers went down this year – he was the #1 focus for every team’s defense – but in the prior 2 seasons, his efg% was higher than Dirks.

          • Statement

            Yes, his mediocre scoring ability.

  • Stu Jackson

    Just to stir the pot, I’ll go out and say that Bargnani’s NBA scoring average is on par with Petrovic’s. Fact.

    • And they both defend about as well. Unfortunately Petrovic was a SG and Bargnani a big man.

      Oh, and since we’re comparing, Michael Beasley is far better than Bargnani was at the same stage of his career.

      • RapthoseLeafs

        Beasley was the #1 option?

        You can’t compare the two, until Beasley gets thrown into the same type of scenario. Trash Bargs all you want, but all this BS about his scoring being terrible (now) really gets pathetic.
        Andrea’s usage was beyond normal, and his offensive stats suffered because of it. Why that happened … one has to ask Triano.

        • Statement

          Nobody said his scoring is terrible.

          I personally said, mediocre.

        • Statement

          It happened because Bargs sucks.

        • What?!?!? Who said Bargnani’s scoring was terrible? I’ve consistently said that Bargnani is a very good scorer.

          Persecution complex much?

          As for Beasley, what on earth does Bargnani being a #1 option have to do with what I said? I simply said that Beasley is better than Bargnani was at the same stage of his career. Beasley is in his third season and Bargnani didn’t become the #1 option until his 5th season.

          Disagree with me all you want, but at least disagree with something I’ve actually said, and not something that your imagination may have said while pretending to be me.

          • RapthoseLeafs

            The scoring reference wasn’t specifically addressed to you – I added that comment in reference to some posters here who are getting delusional now – or maybe they already were.

            As for Beasley I probably got off track, as the comparable (Andrea vs Beasley) is unique. Bargnani’s 3rd year wasn’t as a 1st option, and he didn’t have any Love on his side. Not that he has any now either. lol.

            • Nilanka15

              Bargnani had Bosh on his side in his 3rd year. Oh wait, Bosh was just stealing Bargnani’s rebounds, nevermind.

  • Stu Jackson

    From Hoops hype

  • Bo4

    Arsenalist, were there any numbers on Andrea’s PER & opponent’s PER when he played SF? (Right now. I’m thinking it might be best to get C Marc Gasol & move Andrea to #1 SF … )

    • Bendit

      omg….you really want him on the team dont you.

      • Bo4

        No, actually, I don’t. However, two things are making me think this is a ‘best bet’ move … 1) Bryan Colangelo is unlikely to trade him away, & 2) Andrea’s individual stats were the third best on the team (behind Amir & DeMar).

        • Bendit

          1) Seems like BC is resigned to it barring a promise by Bargs that he will in fact REALLY attempt to be defensive minded. I think we have all seen some (very few) games where he has done this.
          2) Its been mentioned ad nauseum that his scoring is not worth a wit when his defensive marks score more than he. His numbers are minus here and he does nothing to make his mates better. I believe the cutoff point his when he scores > 26..but then he needs to take about 20+ shots probably.

          I am afraid on the Raptors he (all) must be a more complete player. Even a Reggie’s production is too weighted on the rebounding and not much on the offensive.

    • Arsenalist

      Twice he has logged meaningful minutes at SF, once in 2006-07 when he was -7.3, and the other in 2008-09 when he was -9.8. That was the JO year when they wanted Bosh, JO and Bargnani to play together and they only place they could stick him was the three.

  • golden

    All this talk about Barg’s “natural position” being 4 or 5 is getting tiresome. Clearly from the point of view of the opposition player attacking the paint, Andrea’s “natural position” on defense is either “missionary” or “doggy”. lol.

  • Imonostradmos

    The Idea that a player wont rebound when asked ask year after year is grounds for dismissal. Jack Armstrong’s comment about Bargnia is weak I am sure he can come harder than that. The NBA is not a high school program how do you throw your whole franchise down the drain on one guy who after 5 year you can’t fit in your organization.
    Demar, Davis and James Johnson are player that fit,they have the body and nature to play there position.
    Colangelo let the fans down it is not Bargnia’s fault or Bosh. The Blame must fall back on the individual who put the team together. Because Colangelo has no responsibility other than taking any good compliments and leaving the bad for others to burden we should let him crawl back under the dark rock in which he came.
    We need someone who is a leader who will stand and put the organization on their back and not only take the praises but to fully own up to all his mistakes without blunder. Hopefully not many mistakes.
    I notice that when Raptor were in 6 in the lottery Kantar or other European player was slated for 6 now the Raptor are 3rd Kantar or other european players are slated for 3rd. As long as B.C is on board this shadow will always follow us around.
    The Raptors need to go with proven players like Branon Knight, who is from Kentucky where their turning out recent point guards like Derrick Rose and John Wall. It has now become a fact that society expect us to do the the obvious by alway picking unknowns and praying that 50 million and word is enough to do to make them good.

    B.C has to go, Triano has to go. Triano showed that he always made the wrong choices when it came to players playing time, starting 5 and rotation, benching wrong players, and over evaluating player in whole, even though B.C asked him to do so. Hopefully when the garbage is picked up on friday morning Toronto biggest mess will be thrown to the curb.

    Note: This article shows that Sam Mitchell lost his job because he was doing what was best for the organization. Colangelo couldn’t bear the fact that his precious Roman was coming off the bench.

    • Nilanka15

      Derrick Rose played at Memphis, not Kentucky

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Notice a pattern with BC?

      Blame Sam. Time passes and Sam wasn’t the problem.

      Blame CB. Time passes and CB wasn’t the problem.

      Blame Bargnani- when BC’s ass (contract) is on the fire.

      The Raptors President & GM of basketball operations for MLSE- BC, needs to be a man and blame BC for the Rap’s demise under his guidance and leadership- mirror check, as BC has been constantly trading away the Rap’s future (draft picks) while trying to fix his own transaction mistakes of the present.

      AB has been coddled by BC & Gheradini since day 1.

      That enabling of Bargnani’s lethargic efforts has led to Sam’s firing while as soon as Andrea signed his contract extension last season it made CB’s free agent departure from the TDot even that more likely. Did BC really believe that CB wanted to play next to AB for the next 7 years?

      Yes, fans, Bargnani (divided locker room because of the “teachers pet” approach to Bargnani) was and is the problem.

      Note: I wonder who told BC that the team had stopped listening to Sam (or was that just another BullChit pr spin)- Jay aka Company Man? I recall that both CB & JO were miffed by the firing at the time.

      *Jack Armstrong is another BC consensus puppet as his Raptor related thoughts are memo’d via BC.

      • c_bcm

        BC has said at the end of numerous seasons that the buck ultimately stops with him. This is usually followed by a complete roster overhaul. I don’t think you can say BC has not held himself accountable. The evidence suggests otherwise.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          BC is a proven liar- and you take his word as bond?lol

          So how many times are we going to overhaul the roster?

          Ever since Sam was fired the roster turnover has been a yearly event with the only roster constants under BC for the past 5 years being Jose & Andrea.

          BC is still blaming CB- do the full math not the self serving half.

          • c_bcm

            I think i’m looking at a far bigger picture than you are.

            In the end, BC has constructed this team for the past 5 years. No doubt that the team is a product of his “vision”. But that vision includes several very impressive roster moves that, at the time, were very exciting to the team and for the fans. It’s very easy to sit here and look back to point out all the problem and mistakes that have been made, but those decisions were based on sound and creative roster moves (more often than not). I’m of course referring to the JO deal and the Turkoglu deal. Big time moves, by a big time GM. BC has proven that he will not settle for losing and mediocrity, and has said as much in the past.

            If you are going to criticize the man, you have to do so from the proper perspective. Based on your reasoning, Brandon Roy and Greg Oden were among the worst draft picks in ecent history (save, Hoffa) because they’ve been huge disappointments. But you would be kidding yourself if you wouldn’t draft them again and again and if you were the Portland GM in 2006 and 2007.

            Regurgitating old and tired arguments based on loose associations and skewed historical facts does not an intelligent poster make.

            • Bendit

              Some forget that Roy was originally picked by Minnesota (an org. known for judging talent!) and traded to Portland for Randy Foye (picked by Boston and traded to Portland) on draft day. Roy was also picked higher than Foye and was a straight swap I believe. We dont know who approached whom on the trade. If Minn. did then Roy moving to Portland was luck.

              • c_bcm


            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              BC (who has a Euro basketball vision for the Rap’s) has led the Rap’s from Division champs in year 1 unto Conference chumps in year 5 w/ most fans praying for Lottery balls in a weak draft ala 2006 Bargnani- do the full math.

              Big time moves, by a big time GM?

              An injury recovering JO (an all star past his prime) & Turk (never been an all star).

              You call those big time, exciting moves?lmfao@u

              Please don’t put words in my mouth in order to make yourself come off as being correct- time 4 a Kareem Abdul Jabbar

              Fyi Minnesota drafted Roy then traded him to Portland.

              Insinuation is like masturbation- it only gets you off, buddy.

              • Joel

                Fans like you are the reason why I’m oft-embarrassed to publicly admit I’m a Raptor fan.

                You mean the injury recovering 28 year old 6 time all star JO that posted stats similar to Amare’s the season before he went down for a full year? Or the Turkoglu that was the true glue guy on the Orlando team that turned everything around in 3 years time?

                You delusional idiot. We gave up a conflicting player in TJ Ford and the 17th overall pick to take a chance on an athletic center who blocked almost 3 shots a game while shooting 75% from the free throw line. What would you have done with those 2? Boris Diaw? Tyrus Thomas? Do us a favor Mr. Big-Shot, shut the hell up. Even when he played for us he gave us 14 points, 7 rebounds 2 blocks and shot 48/81 percentage wise.

                You would have rather had TJ Ford and a questionable rookie center that year? Keep in mind, hind sight means nothing. Great job, you can make the best decision based on what you know will happen – welcome to 100% of the population.

                So, since you’re so well-versed in hind sight, maybe you’re the best man for the GM job. Oh wait, we can’t hit rewind or pause when something happens in the office. Can’t refer back to 2008 to give advice in 2011. Shut your computer off, the world’s much better off without you on it.

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!


                  I think the product should be the reason not “fans like me” as so so eloquently put it.

                  Name calling, insinuations- get a life, buddy.

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!


                  I think the product should be the reason not “fans like me” as you so eloquently put it.

                  Name calling, insinuations- get a life, buddy.

      • C.d.G.

        Hey, dude, you look so stupid every time you say something, and your last exit is so crazy that… it’s not even funny!!
        To you, not only one player is to blame for (the detestable) Sam Mitchell leaving, not only is responsible for a split locker room, he’s even to blame for the departute of that fuckin traitor Ru Paul?!
        I understand: you must be out of some drug busted project somewhere in the suburbs. Stop having crack, bro.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          Truth hurts?lol

          Who are the two roster constants ever since BC took over in the TDot? Calderon & Bargnani. And BC tried to trade Jose away.

          Save your stereotypical responses- societal conditioning at its worst, free your mind one brain cell at a time.

          • C.d.G.

            Great humour, fella.
            What’s social conditioning?
            I’m just saying you’re a stupid.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              Stupid is as stupid does- mirror check, friend.

    • MexicoRaptor

      A few months ago I mentioned on a blog that Smitch had been the only coach who held Bargnani accountable and future events have shown him to be right. i mentioned that there are cases of teams rehiring coaches and that Sam should not be ruled out to replace Triano. Needless to say I was openly mocked. I miss Sam

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        Sam wasn’t the problem that’s for sure as he was fired at 8-9 but Jay finished up at 25-40 and got a 2 year contract from

        I would welcome Sam back as the Rap’s head coach- but would BC ever admit to that judgemental mistake of prematurely firing Sam?

        The Sam & Salami & Cheese Raptors basketball era was much more entertaining than this current stagnation of stability basketball under BC, Gheradini & Jay!!!

        Now Rap’s are full of bad karma ie BC, Gheradini, Jay, AB & Jose-that needs to be exorcised out of the Raptors Franchise as a whole.

        • POINTS

          BC should exorcise bargs to the new jersey net .

  • cb

    “and Devlin has been great to listen to…”

    puked in my mouth when i read that.

    • yertu damkule

      unfortunately, it’s the truth. he’s also quelled his inane desire to mention every single stat that is being accrued throughout the game.

  • Bargani aka (Banana) is more like Rashard Lewis than Crawford He definitely will fit in well with orlando i also think he will fit in well with the lakers if Gasol wasn’t there . oh by the way those primo italian commercial is fucking annoying

    • Bendit

      Why? Is it the way he chews his food or that knowing look of recognition of a supremely simmered & flavoured pasta sauce …from a can.

  • Juicy

    Are we just looking for ways to mispell his name know? So far there is Brags, Bargani, and Bargnia. Okay I’ll throw my hat in the ring and go with a name that suits his style of play: Bargina.

    • Statement

      To be fair, 2 of those spellings came from Overeem.

    • yertu damkule

      i dunno…are we also looking for creative ways to mix up ‘know’ & ‘now’?

      • Juicy

        Okay I typed too fast. But in my defense, the ‘k’ is silent.

    • Theswirsky

      Bargina…. definetely a fitting name.

  • Juicy

    Also, I’m not sure if anyone else saw this on TrueHoop the other day

    “David Berri’s final “Wins Produced” rankings for the year. Kevin Love nudges out Dwight Howard, LeBron James and Chris Paul. Mo Williams, Marreese Speights, Brandon Roy, Aaron Brooks, Brook Lopez and especially Andrea Bargnani are among those who would urge you not to click.”

    Here is the link to what he is talking about:

    If you are wondering what he means about Bargina, click the link and scroll down.

    Still can’t find him? Keep scrolling.
    No lower than that.

    That’s right, right there at the very bottom.

    • cesco

      Anyone who is not retarded could tell you that if a team has won more games percentage wise with a specific player in the line-up than without him , that player CANNOT be the worse player in the league in helping his team win games . Unfortunately the only purpose of those advance metrics is to make retarded fans (which are legions on this blog) even more retarded than they already are .

      • yertu damkule

        on so many levels…just…wow. i don’t even know where to begin.

      • Are you still banging on this same, completely flawed argument? Is that ALL you have? Because if it is then you have no argument at all.

    • mountio

      These guys (Berri et al) defend their stat to the death as you read through their links .. but any stat that says Kevin Love (a player on the LAST place team in the league) is the best ranked player .. tells me its fatally flawed. As much as they deny it .. seeing Love and C Humphries towards the top of the list and AB at the bottom tells me this stat is skewed towards rebounding relative to your position.
      If the question is whether AB is a worse rebounder than K Love and Humphries .. the answer is obviously .. yes. Not sure this shows much more than that ..

      • cesco

        You would think that WP stand for wins produced and therefore the top scorer in your team (# 2 among centers in scoring) would have helped a little bit in that category rather than being the worse in the league . Like I said , only retarded think that this stat has some meaning .

        • cesco


        • Theswirsky

          “You would think that WP stand for wins produced and therefore the top scorer in your team (# 2 among centers in scoring) would have helped a little bit in that category rather than being the worse in the league”

          you’d think that, but then you watch him play and you realize why

      • Juicy

        While I am certain rebounding is an important part of this metric (as you say K.Love at #1 proves this), it’s not the only thing. Take for example Jose Calderon, not exactly a rebounding dynamo, but still is surprisingly high on this list. Reggie, a big time rebounder is not.

        Don’t get me wrong I’m not pushing this metric, I just posted it for interest sake. But assuming the basis of this metric is even slightly sound, seeing the “best player” on your team in the last spot on the list is very damning.

        • mountio

          For sure rebounding is not the only metric. And they seem to adjust for rebounds based on position, so a player like Jose wouldnt get penalized as much as a 4/5.
          As a whole, it seems like a resonable list. It just seems to take guys who are outsized rebounders for their position (Humprhies, Love, Reggie (Reggie wasnt so high on this list, but had seen an earlier list where he was near the top .. perhaps that was part way throught the season) and skew them high .. so its natural that AB would be skewed low as hes a brutal rebdounder for his position.
          Im not necessarily defending or bashing the stat .. just noting some of the irregularities ..

          • Theswirsky

            the metric’s focus is possessions. Creating them, using them effectively and not wasting them.

            Reggie does well because he creates a lot of possessions (rebounds and steals) while wasting few (turnovers are low as are missed shots). K Love’s is high because he creates a lot (rebounds), and uses them effectively (good fg% and ft%). Jose’s is solid because he wastes few and uses them effectively (low turnovers, solid fg% ft%, high assists), his steals (possession creation) is also solid.

            All about possessions and making them as useful as possible…. its the exact reason why Bargnani is terrible in WP. His rebounding is terrible, his fg% is terrible, his steals and blocks are tnon-existent, his turnovers are high(ish). Its also the reason why he is criticized outside of any metric.

            • cesco

              If KL is so good in this metric how come he was not capable of doing what LBJ did in Cleveland ? Cleveland went from two seasons of 60 wins to 19 wins without LBJ . Why hasn’t Minny won something like 40 games ? what is the purpose of this stat when it does not relate to what a player (at the top of the list) can do for his team winning more games (LBJ is the barometer in this regard ) and KL is a complete failure compared to LBJ . So WP is a meaningless metric because it does not relate to a player WORTH to his team .

              • Theswirsky

                way to overreact. Just because it is not perfect does not mean it is meaningless.

                I know you don’t like that it says Bargnani sucks, but he does. Get over it.

  • Rpsfan95

    word on the streets Glen Grunwald coming back

    • Nilanka15

      LOL, whether this post was serious or not, I actually wouldn’t mind that move.

  • Lewis_a58

    Couldnt be more right about Calderone being best suited as a backup, ive been trying to tell all the Calderone lovers this for the last 3 years!

  • Herro?

    Losing Evans to injury hurt his game. With a healthy Evans and Amir; things would have been different.

  • Nilanka15

    Do we really need to waste more time discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of Bargnani? It’s been done to death.

    Aside from his near extinct fanbase, we ALL know he won’t finish the 2011-12 season in a Raptors uniform. So let’s spend our energy discussing the draft instead.

    • Matt

      No way, We need to expose this guy for his rebounding problems. Lets face it, he is averaging 1.2 less rebound than Amir, this is huge man !!! If Tim does not talk about AB in each and single thread and article and … then maybe someone will not notice this huge rebounding problems.

      Come on, As Tim W has been saying over and over this team without AB would have been in the 2nd round of play offs now.

      You get rid of him and we are all gooooodddddd.

      • Nilanka15

        I’m 100% certain Tim never made such bold predictions, but nonetheless, we’re beating a dead horse. Bargnani is as good as gone.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    Bargnani is Italian for- I smell pussy!!!
    *Fast forward to 7:33

    Once again, looking back on the season after the London trip Bargnani quit on the Rap’s- point blank, straight up & down.

  • Statement

    Overeem all nba-team

    Leonard (milk lover) at PG
    Brags at C
    Regae Even at PF
    Amir Johns
    Derzion at SG.

    • golden

      Overreamed FTL!

      • Statement

        I stand by my original thought,

        please give Overeem a Sitcom – man has natural talent.

  • Copywryter

    Bargs’ natural position is the 6.