Raptors Republic proudly conclude our pre-draft coverage with Big Board 3.0, final thoughts and insights heading into tonight.

If all we are hearing is true and there are no smokescreens running here, the Raptors are looking at (in order)- Knight, Kanter, Biyombo, Valenciunas . This means that Vesely, Leonard, and Kemba have all fallen out of favour. Vesely apparently has a promise from Washington at #6 (this means that Washington doesn’t expect Kanter to be there and they are in a position to trade up to get him). The Raptors should be happy with any of the four but in order of preference:

Brandon Knight:

  • If Utah picks Kanter at #3 or Minny picks Kanter at 2 and Knight falls to #5 it’s a done deal. The Raptors get their point guard of the future and the cornerstone of the franchise to pair with DeRozan, Davis, and Bargnani moving forward.
  • Drafting Knight will NOT result in Calderon being dealt, but instead in Bayless being the guy on the block.
  • GRADE: A+. This is the best case scenario and a homerun for the staff who probably would have picked Knight with any pick other than the #1 overall pick in this draft and now get him at #5 (after falling back in the lottery) and with that save a couple million dollars against the cap.

Enes Kanter:

  • In his own words, he’d like to come to Toronto and if he does he plans on playing the 5 and Andrea playing the 4 beside him.
  • Kanter has too much talent for the Raptors to pass on. As a 60-loss team, they have to draft the best available talent, and if by any combination Kanter is there at #5, the Raptors will take him.
  • Drafting Kanter will NOT result in Bargnani being dealt, but instead in Ed Davis being the guy on the block.
  • GRADE: A+. In a draft devoid of All-Star talent, Kanter still may be the most talented player in NYC tonight. The Raptors have continually under Colangelo draft the guy with the most talent, regardless of fit, media ideas, or fan fare. One could argue that Bargnani, DeRozan, and Davis have been top 3 talent in each of their respective drafts (whether or not they can live up to that is still debatable). Kanter, all red flags aside is definitely top-three talent in just about any draft, and if you can get him at #5 that is pretty impressive.

Bismack Biyombo:

  • If the draft plays out Irving, Williams, Knight and Kanter, then look for the Raptors to take Biyombo at #5.
  • Biymobo worked out for the Raptors on Monday. Casey was there. And he was impressive.
  • If they can make a play to trade down to say #8 Detroit and pick up another asset (maybe a future pick and their own second rounder back, or a player like Stuckey) or make a move to send #5 to Charlotte for 2 of their 3 first rounders this year, then look for them to do so.
  • Colangelo would prefer to pick Biyombo lower, pay less money for the pick, and grab some assets in the process. But make no mistake, Colangelo has no problem taking him at #5.
  • The medical red flag issues that came out today about Biyombo are not legit and appear to be a smokescreen out there by a hopeful team in the teens trying to get some GMS to rethink taking him in early lottery.
  • GRADE: A. This pick is not much about what Biymobo does, but about how much better he immediately makes Bargnani, Calderon, and the Raptors team defense. While his offense is very raw, it’s hard to argue with his energy, toughness, athleticism, and defensive capabilities are not going to have an immediate impact. This is a great pick for the Raptors, even at #5.

Jonas Valanciunas:

  • How is this for an unpredictable draft, Valanciunas is being considered seriously by every team starting at Utah at #3 all the way to Milwaukee at #10.
  • Not only that, all the rumours you are hearing about the Spurs shopping Parker, OKC shopping Maynor are all based on the overwhelming desire by just about every team in the draft to get their hands on Valanciunas.
  • The fear has always been that his buyout is high and that he wouldn’t come to the NBA next year, and there is some truth to that, but not much.
  • As reported here last week, the buyout is not that bad. Valanciunas himself told RR’s good friend, Ryan Feldman @thehoopsreport last night that the buyout was 2.5 million and that he planned on staying in Europe next season. But, that’s because there is a lockout looming, and it also sounds like his agent is trying to get his guy into a very specific spot.
  • $2.5 million is not a giant buyout. NBA teams are allowed to pay up to $500,000 and as a top five pick he’ll make a guaranteed 3.5 million plus for the next 4 seasons. Now I’m not Tom Liston, but the numbers here suggest he’d be crazy to turn down that kind of money.
  • If the right team picks him, he’ll be in the NBA next season. Having said that, I think he’s gone before #5. Cleveland at 4 seems like the best fit. But with picks 1, 2 and 3 still all up in the air, no one can tell.
  • If he is on the board, this is also a great space for the Raptors to trade the #5 pick. They could easily grab a veteran starter and a pick for the #5 if Valanciunas is still on the board. Again, there are a lot of suitors here.
  • GRADE: A. Raptors fans won’t like this, but drafting Valanciunas and partnering him next to Bargnani makes logical sense. It’s hard to argue with drafting a legitimate 7 footer at the #5 spot. Think back to the Bosh/LeBron/Wade draft. The Clippers may not have lucked out (in that they were unable to land one of the monster talents in the draft), but they did land Chris Kaman with #5 and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

Need a Rapcast fix? Check out my interview on TSN Radio yesterday on the Bryan Hayes Show:

You can also download the file.

Be sure to come chat ball tonight at the RR Draft Party at St. Louis Bar & Grill (Yonge/Wellesley), where you could have your food and drink covered by answering a simple question.

Hope you have enjoyed all the draft coverage this spring. See you tonight.

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  • Kevin

    Bismack Biyombo is a certified guaranteed BUST.  I would be happy with either Knight or Kanter but why Biyombo and Valenciunas would be ahead of Walker is completely beyond me. 

    • Shadybiz

      I agree with you 100% I think taking Biyombo at 5 is way too much of a risk.  I really think they should take Walker if Knight is not available as would give this team a vocal leader on the floor

    • LinuxFTW

      If you knew anything about Bismack you’d know that he does more of what we need than Kanter. Kanter = Bargs Jr with slightly better D. On top of all this he hasn’t played in ages and has a TON of red flags via injuries.

    • Gradgrind101

      Kanter has played High School (period). Bismack has very quickly advanced to arguably the second best league in the world. Bismack may turn out to be a bust but right now he has done way more than Enes. And btw if Kanter turns out to be a bust then wow…Think of all the butt jokes he will have to live through…I hope for his sake he goes anywhere but Toronto…

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Bismack ‘Bust’ Biyombo- he won’t even be a Pops Menshu Bonsu.

      Knight is a shorter Larry Hughes plus Bayless is much better than him currently.

      Kemba or Leonard- fuck the rest  at #5!

  • Rpsfan95

    i hate the notion of the pick deciding someone has to get traded, lets just go to camp with this team and watch ed davis win the starting spot

    just cause he mentioned Bargs, that doesn’t throw out all the stuff he said about defensive accountability which we know Bargs won’t be able to do

    • It’s called turning redundant assets into something that can make the team more ‘whole’.

  • Do not underestimate Kemba.

    I can’t help but think that drafting Biyombo is equivalent to signing Pape Sow to a guaranteed contract at $2.9M+ per year.

    Enes Kanter is being compared to Andrew Bogut, but I think he’s closer to Yi Jianlian.  No one has seen this guy actually play, against actual competition.

    You’re damn right Jerryd Bayless would be the odd man out if we drafted Brandon Knight, considering Brandon Knight is the next Jerryd Bayless.

    Let’s hope your Big Board is as accurate as it was last year.

    • Gradgrind101

      I would trade down to get someone like Alec Burks (transition player), Klay Thompson (spot up shooter) or even Fredette (shooter + ball handler). All 3 are different players but any one of them could easily help the raptors squad and maybe molded into more complete players

  • Daniel Rubin

    So basically you guys are ready to suck Colangelo’s balls no matter what he does. You would give Colangelo an A for taking the Congolese kid at #5? Without even trading down? Have you ever even seen him play?

    • Gradgrind101

      What if ‘Smack is the player the raps really want…What if he is the player the raps think will fit in the best and make a positive impact. Obviously they would trade down if they could but what if they do and someone else takes him first. I say if he’s the guy the raps really wanted then they take him and live with the consequences. If he’s a bust BC will be criticized anyway. As for how he plays think of an even more active AK47 without a jumper and you’ll have the right idea. I would take him at 8-10 but 5 spots is not that much when there is so much uncertainty about everyone after Irving and Williams.

  • barenakedman

    Obviously some heavy weight talent evaluators are saying Biyombo is the best all round defensive big available.

    Offensively he is excellent at rebounding, dunking and put backs but doesn’t have a game outside of 10′ and is around 50% from the line but I’ve heard he’s recently improved there. 
    At this point in Raptor history I’m not adverse to going with that kind of player verses a talented offensive player who is a project on the defensive end.

    • ‘Offensively he is excellent at rebounding, dunking and put backs but doesn’t have a game outside of 10′ and is around 50% from the line…’

      sounds like dwight…

  • Mediumcore

    Any chance of Clevland taking both Irving and Knight. Either to use Knight as a shooting guard or in order to trade for a veteran player?

    • did they hire kahn in last hour?

    • That’d be a huge waste of a #4 pick, not sure why they’d do it. You can’t draft a player with the hopes of potentially trading him….and if they can’t? They’re stuck with 2 pg.

      • Juicey

        Stuck with 3 as I assume nobody is lining up to take Baron off their hands.

  • Ho Tep

    I like the failure to mention Walker. Who knows how far he drops if he doesn’t go 5? This has to be about the best available player regardless of need.

  • dribbles

    Honestly, what the fuck is with people making such definitive statements about players they’ve only seen on youtube? How much money would any of you be willing to actually bet that Biyombo will be a bust, or that Knight will be better than Walker, or vice versa? Can everybody calm down? I don’t have a good feeling at all about Knight but it’s not like I’m going to be shocked if a 19 year old kid who can shoot the ball, has some good physical tools, is as smart as they come, and works as hard as anyone turns into a good pro. I’m also not a fan of taking Biyombo at 5, but again, he is probably not older than 20, he’s a legit physical freak, speaks five languages, has actually played in a real league, and has a serious motor by all accounts. How on earth can anyone say definitively that he has no chance of becoming a defensive beast? Has nobody learned from past drafts? Did anyone think Ibaka would be so good so soon? Did anyone think Beasely was going to struggle this much, or that Nash would eventually become the friggin MVP of the league?

    The only thing that pisses me off is the prospect, and I emphasize the word PROSPECT, that if Biyombo is taken, the vision is of him starting alongside with Bargs. I will be pissed if Ed Davis is left playing 20-25 minutes a night when he showed every indication that he can average a double double with a couple of blocks in year 2 if given the minutes. The idea that he could be traded before Bargs drives me nuts, but we’ll see what happens.

    • mountio

      Of course no one knows for sure. But, how interesting would articles be to read if they said “As history has shown, nothing is a sure thing, so we are going to reserve judgement on all of these players until 3-4 years from now. We cant give an opinion on any of the top 5, because we dont know for sure”
      I dont know Bismack is going to be a bust – but if you’ll take the other side of that bet – you name the dollar amount, Im in. Same with Knight over Walker (although Im less certain on that one .. its much closer to a push).
      We are all on this site to speculate and discuss .. no need to get that worked up about it ..

    • Ben Wallace did wonders for the Pistons so if the Raptors have the right pieces, Biyombo coooould end up being a great pick.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        Ben Wallace wasn’t a Lottery pick though plus he went undrafted back in 1996.

        Biyombo isn’t worth a 1st round pick especially at #5.

  • Phdsteve

    hey everyone.

    no need to be so angry- the draft day should be a day of optimism 🙂

    but fyi- what I wrote above- and what makes up the big board are not necc. my opinions, just what scouts, sources, etc. have told me.

    Im just reporting what I hear to you.  Thats my job.  To give you access to the info.  Thats why we gave you Ryan Wolstat (toronto sun), Tim Chisolm (TSN), David Thorpe (ESPN), Zach Harper (ESPN), Chris Denker (Netscouts), and Ryan Feldman (thehoopsreport) interviews over the last 3 weeks.

    I give you my opinion all the time- but thats not what the big board is about.

    oh, and btw- since this post has gone up, Doug Smith from the TO Star- for whom you would say has some insight into what is happening inside the Raps has reported that Knight is the first choice and that if he is off the board, they WILL take Biyombo.

    Come to St. Louis tonight, have a drink, relax, and enjoy.

    • Raptors4Ever

      Great Job phdsteve
      you have been working very hard the last few weeks and provided us with very exciting pod casts. Thanks for the hard work and looking forward to listening your next one after the draft.

    • The internet makes everyone think that they’re experts, remember? 😉

    • Gradgrind101

      Hey no offense but you know as well as I that sports management is known to misdirect the media…It’s a lot of dubious leaked intel or cloak & dagger stuff…I respect him but Doug Smith is no exception to the rule…

      • Nilanka15

        You respect Doug Smith???

        • Pointzswallows

          the doug has a job unlike u.

          • Nilanka15

            lol, good one.

        • Gradgrind101

          Yeah…DS is connected…You gotta respect that. 

          I’m more interested in how the game is played (the X’s and O’s). That kind of respect goes to other people.

  • Raptor4Ever

    I doubt it if Kanter wil be on the board but this is my order:


    As for Biyombo, I hope BC manages to go lower while drafting him

  • Yoohoo

    can we just trade bargnani for another draft pick? as long as bargnani is here and considered as a core of the team above ed davis, toronto will go nowhere in the future. 5 years is more than enough to know that bargnani will be waive if ever colangelo dealt him out. 

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Didn’t you you hear Casey & BC- Bargnani is the team’s star player, he’s has alot of Dirk in him.

      I doubt that Barg’s, if traded, gets traded away before his BYC contract tag expires June 30th but by then the NBA most likely will be in lockout mode plus from the sounds from BC it sounds like AB is staying in the TDot.

      But BC is a proven liar so who really knows- time will tell.

      I want both Ed & Amir as the Rap’s PFs of the future.

      Ed & Amir >> Bargnani

  • Kevin

    Any GM who takes Biyombo at 5 should be fired on the spot.  I know he’s athletic, he has a crazy motor and is a freak of nature but five is way to high for such a high risk player.  I woke up this morning excited about draft day but that excitement is starting to fade.

    • how do you feel about dwight howard?  i’m not comparing the two, obviously, but there are parallels – defensive/rebounding-oriented freakish-athlete types who have a suspect offensive game.  it’s taken dwight 5 years, and he’s still learning how to be a low-post scorer, and still can’t shoot worth a lick.  there are a number of reasons for disputing whether BB should be drafted as high as #5, but one of them should not be out of fear that he’ll be a bust.  he simply doesn’t play a style of game that is ‘bustable,’ in my estimation.  defense, rebounding, hustle…those are elements of effort, and he certainly doesn’t strike me as someone whose effort in those areas will wane.  as such, he should be  –  at worst – an effective rotation player.  in a draft devoid of standouts, studs & sure-things, he may be one of the safer options. 

      that being said…i still like leonard, either with the 5th, or trading down for him.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        If you are not comparing the 2 then don’t mention the 2 together- really now.

        You sound like BC- full of bullchit.

      • Kevin

        I don’t see how drafting a guy who is projected to be taken in the early teens at five is a safe or low risk move.  What ever happened to drafting the best player available over need.  Even if were to draft for need which in this case would be a defensive center I’m not so convinced that Biyombo is an NBA center no matter how long his wingspan is.  Even Ibaka the player many people hope Biyombo can be plays PF and he has more size than Biyombo. 

        • yertu damkule

          how many shots are blocked with one’s head?

    • Toshmon

      he wont take Biyombo at 5 and if he does he will get booed out of toronto and ill lead the way

      • Kevin

        I’ll be right behind you but I’ll be doing much more than just booing.

        • yertu damkule

          toshmon might not appreciate what you’re doing behind him though…

  • Raptor4Ever

    Seems like Biyombo has buy out issues as well:


    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Why does Stern allow all these International players into the draft that have pro contract buyout issues but won’t let HS kids go into the NBA draft?

      Stern’s Globalization of the NBA is reeking of a stench of favoritism towards Internationals over North American kids when it comes to all of the draft entry rules & eligibility particulars.

      And BC has tried unsuccessfully to turn the Rap’s into Stern’s experimental Euro Team for expansion consideration into Europe- and still is ie Bargs & Jose.

  • 2421

    Trade bargnani anyone? tonight is the perfect time

    • POINTS

      Can’t he is our Star and Core peice

  • Gradgrind101

    Bargnani and Kanter on the floor together at the same time for the same team with Calderone as well??? Maybe we can trade for Turkoglu and rename the raptors the “slowest show on wood”. I fear such a day…

    If Kanter becomes a good NBA player it won’t be with Toronto. Can you imagine the criticism if he and Bargs are allowed the freedom to spread the floor …Coz that’s what they’ll wanna do. With those 2 on the floor who is going to rebound (offensively or defensively)?

    Defensively Kanter comes without any good habits…Only bad ones.

    The raps need a few players guys who fit the model BC is developing…Fast, aggressive and defensive minded. Drafting Kanter would send us into a new direction and send the wrong message to the rest of the players.

    Kanter? A+…  I almost lined my shorts. For another team, maybe, but for the raps it would be a C- (unless of course your goal is to get more ping pong balls next year)

  • Fubzy

    How do we know that Brandon Knight is not Randy Foye/Jerryd Bayless 2.0?

    • who in the draft can you realistically not have questions about?

      • POINTS

        yes! you know who he is 5 games in 5 days,Champion diamond in the rough, ACC ticket sella household name ROY our #5 pick

    • We wont, and we won’t know until he plays. If every player was a sure thing, we wouldn’t have articles like this.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!


      His NBA comparison is Larry Hughes (6’4.5 w/o shoes on) while Knight is just 6’1.5 w/o shoes on.

      JBayless > BKnight

      • guest

        From DraftExpress

        Randy Foye “best case scenario”: Mike James

        Bayless “best case scenario”:  Monta Ellis

        Brandon Knight “best case scanrio”:  Chauncy Billups

        I’ve also heard BK comparisons to Jason Terry and Gilbert Arenas.  The guy is projected to be a very good player considering everything including playing style, IQ, intangibles, etc…the whole picture, not just height.  

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          Hoopshype has Larry Hughes as BKnight’s NBA comparison

          Still at 6’1.5 w/o shoes he’s just another guard nothing special.

          Bayless > Knight

          Kemba or Leonard!!

          • Ryan

            Bayless isn’t anything special either.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              I agree.

              But since he wasn’t really given a legit shot last season during the so called post January ‘rebuild’ as BC via Jay was starting an injured Jose contrary to his words of rebuild late in the season we really don’t know as we should gonig into this off season.


      • POINTS

        cardiac kemba > Allen Iverson

               does BC knows talent when he sees it?

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          We will find out tonight!lol

          BC’s daddy isn’t around anymore to clean up his mistakes or questionable talent judgment calls like in Phoenix.

      • Ho Tep

        Shhhh… nobody needs to know Knight’s height (or that Walker is a 5’11ish two or Biyombo is a 6’7 center).

  • hateslosing

    I like that draft order, I would have preferred to see Leonard in the mix but any of those four guys would be great. I might put Val ahead of Bismack and Kanter but all in all I think that any of those picks would be great for the raps.

  • PMama

    Last minute Mock Draft by David Aldridge from nba.com: 


    1) Irving
    2) Williams
    3) Knight
    4) Kanter
    5) BIYOMBO
    6) Vasely

    I can not believe that with the Medical records, Buy out issues, those awful work out by Biyombo, we are going to pick him with our 5th Pick ??!! We are not even able to move down and get some assets before drafting this guy !!!

    Great Job Mr.BC :):) You, Sir, Deserve your 2 year extension.

    Why work hard and get a 2nd draft pick ? Why work hard and try to move down to draft Biyombo ( if he is your man) where he naturally should go ? Why even work hard if you are GM of Toronto Raptors?

    Drink you White one my man on the beaches of southern France.Salutteeee 

    • arsenalist

      Relax, he will not take Biyombo with the fifth pick.  In the scenario you described above, Valanciunas would be the guy.  


    #15 Vince Carter drafted 5th,in a lockout year won the rookie of the year.
    #15 Kemba Walker will be drafted 5th in a lockout year and will win the rookie of the year

     We will see if BC KNOWS TALENT… 5 games in 5 days won the Championship this kid is TNT,ESPN,NBC and sundays afternoon/primetime material and he falls right into BCs lap.all your going to hear form the media and LEO is ” alot a teams had a chance to pick this guy, but for whatever reason choose not” there’s your diamond BC. you’ve got NBA Championship coach now go get your NCAA Champion.If BC get this Motherjumping,Anklebreaking,Clutchshooting leader for the RAPTORS he will have ROY COY and EOY all because of #15 in a shorten season.

    shorten season the 5th pick they both wear #15 (Vince/ Kemba)  

    Google this KEMBA WALKER BLACK and YELLOW our # 5 pick tonite

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    If I were Rap’s GM Big Board:

    1. KWalker
    2. KLeonard

    That’s all you need at #5 given a probable top 3 of Irving, Williams & Kanter one of the above mentioned 2 will be there.

    • Nilanka15

      I agree wholeheartedly.  I can’t see a logical reason to pick Knight over Walker.  Knight’s better defense does not outweigh all the other aspects where Walker excels.

  • arsenalist
  • Juicey

    Hmm.. what does it say about this team when drafting almost anyone is an A or better?  Probably that anyone would be an updgrade to what we already have?  Ouch!

    • POINTS

      that how rebuilding is

  • Raps

    this guys a fucking retard for saying ed davis will be on the block. Bargnani’s ass will be gone before the deadline trust me

    • POINTS

      no! bargs is our STAR and core how are you going to trade your core thats who he’s building around.

    • Pointzswallows

      overrating “allstar ed” is lol.

  • Theswirsky

    “One could argue that Bargnani, DeRozan, and Davis have been top 3 talent in each of their respective drafts (whether or not they can live up to that is still debatable).”


  • Cal S

    if biyombo is up there shouldn’t kawhi be as well? i know they are completely different but they are both about defense. And there is no way in hell we are trading ed davis over bargs if we draft biyombo. i’d still rather see leonard taken as we are weak at the 3 and need perimeter defense. ed davis and amir are good interior defenders

  • O D

    Knight > walker
    Val > Kanter?

    The harder question for me is go big or small?
    The harder question is Val or, Kant?

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    My final mock draft top Lottery:

    1. Clev: KIrving
    2: Minn: DWilliams
    3. Utah: EKanter
    4: Clev: JValaciunas
    5. Raps: KWalker
    6. Wash: KLeonard
    7. Sac: BKnight
    8. Det: TThompson
    9. Char: KThompson
    10. Mil: JVesely
    11. GS: MarcusMorris
    12: Utah: JFredette
    13: Phx: DMotiejunas
    14: Hou: NVucevic

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Breaking news as per ESPN:
      Milwaukee have agreed in principle to a three-team trade with the Sacramento Kings and the Charlotte Bobcats that will put shooting guard Stephen Jackson in a Bucks uniform, multiple sources said Thursday.
      The Bucks will get Jackson and Charlotte’s Shaun Livingston, Sacramento’s Beno Udrih and the 19th pick from the Bobcats in Thursday night’s draft, while Charlotte obtains the No. 7 pick from Sacramento and forward Corey Maggette from Milwaukee.
      The Kings will get guard John Salmons from Milwaukee and the 10th pick in the draft. Charlotte will hold onto the No. 9 pick.

  • Timo in Waterloo

    Wojnarowski of Yahoo sports is tweeting a 3 way deal between Charlotte, MIlwaukee and Sacramento…
    Charlotte – 7th pick and Corey Magette
    Milwaukee – Beno Udrith, Stephen Jackson, Shaun Livingsotn and the 19th pick
    Sacramento – John Slamons and the 10th pick…

    that would give Charlotte 7 and 9… must be someone they are targeting

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    My final mock draft top Lottery post Sac/Mil/Char trade:

    1. Clev: KIrving
    2: Minn: DWilliams
    3. Utah: EKanter
    4: Clev: JValaciunas
    5. Raps: BKnight
    6. Wash: JVesely
    7. Char: KWalker
    8. Det: TThompson9. Char: KLeonard10. Sac: JFredette11. GS: MarcusMorris12: Utah: KThompson13: Phx: DMotiejunas14: Hou: NVucevic

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      My final mock draft top Lottery post Sac/Mil/Char trade:1. Clev: KIrving2. Minn: DWilliams3. Utah: EKanter4. Clev: JValaciunas5. Raps: KWalker6. Wash: KLeonard7. Sac: BKnight8. Det: TThompson9. Char: KThompson10. Mil: JVesely11. GS: MarcusMorris12. Utah: JFredette13. Phx: DMotiejunas14. Hou: NVucevic

      • mountio

        Your previous one was better. Knight not gettin past the Raps …

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          I’m going to redo it in the new thread.

  • Buddahfan

    If the Raptors draft Kanter then Amir will play next to him after Kanter displaces Bargnani from the starting linuep.

    Why do think that the Raptors would prefer Kanter to Biyombo.  Because he can score and play some defense.

    If anyone here had been paying attention to Casey including his plan to put in the “Flow Offense” and his affection for players who bring it every night then they should realize it will be Amir and Kanter and not Barney and Kanter.

    • Jeff

      LOOOL, Dream On Buddah , dream on but before it listen to the coach. If we get Kanter, you boy Amir will be the 4th big off the bench behind, AB, Kanter and Ed.

    • PMama

      You have been missing from here for a while. You are clearly Amir fan and not Raptor fan and now that you feel your man crush’s place in team is in danger are here to spam the board. 

      Flow in offense and letting them play means players who can actually  create their own shots and have offensive moves and … which Amir has neither:)

  • mountio

    Latest Chad Ford draft has Kemba falling to #12!

    1. Clev: KIrving2: Minn: DWilliams3. Utah: EKanter4: Clev: JValaciunas5. Raps: BKnight6. Wash: JVesely7. Char: TThompson 8. Det: Bismack
    9. Char: KLeonard
    10. Sac: JFredette
    11. GS: KThompson
    12: Utah: KWalker 

  • PMama

    Not sure what Sac is doing here. They are clearly not done !!! They now have 3 SG : Salmon, Evans and Thornton with no PG !! They are far from being done and probably cooking something here.

    But Kudos to Cats for getting another 1st rounder and really starting their rebuild.