• deebee

    false. this pisses on every raptors fan. way to bomb another season for a 25% chance at harrison barnes. thanks bryan “not gonna try” colangelo.

    • Psh. let’s not drink the Kool-Aid quite yet eh. It’s not like this is another ‘Araujo over Iggy’ situation.

      • deebee

        sorry, i wasn’t trying to be Mr Knee Jerk, just thinking that instead of picking a point guard or a small forward, they picked a player who can’t play next year. essentially they picked nothing over anything else.

        • ak

           you are so wrong my man

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!


    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      BC’s Euro vision for Raptors basketball is still  in full e-f-f-e-c-t!

      This is a bullchit pick- especially after we- the fans, suffered through last season’s bullchit from BC at least draft a player who will physically be in the TDot come Training Camp like KWalker!!
      Kemba will make BC look stupid for bypassing him in the draft, trust.

      As well, Jonas won’t even be here until the season after this upcoming season- if then as it could potentially take 3 years to get Jonas over.lol

      Btw- Valanciunas said his game is like CB’s & hopes that he will be able to play in NBA this upcoming season- right.

      Casey sounds like he’s full of chit as he couldn’t even pronounce Jonas last name and didn’t really know sh*t about his game just generic descriptions thereof.lmfao

      How does this pick help Casey out this season?

      Casey could be gone by the time, if, Jonas arrives in the TDot.

      Rap’s still need a big man- will they trade Ed and/or Amir in order to get one?

      BC is still pissing on us fans and calling it Rainwater- shitting on us fans and calling it Kobe Steak- the emperor has no clothes- new ‘Winning Plan’ my ass!!

      I can’t wait for year 3 of BC’s current contract to run its course- hopefuly he will be fired before then.

      Your 2013-14 Raptors:

      ValanciunasBargnaniKleizaDeRozan (I got a feeling he’s gone asap)Calderon

      • Statement

        You are aware that San Antonio was trying to trade up to get Jonas right?

        Man is Popovich dumb, what have they ever won?

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          How do we know this for certain?

          Because BC aka The Liar said so?lmfao

        • POINTS

          POP could make Joey G. look like a allstar, bargs would be an allstar if he was in SA  what your point?

          system system

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      • Puffer

        “Kemba will make BC look stupid for bypassing him in the draft, trust.”

        Hear’s one to write down and revisit in three years. Say your nickname wouldn’t be “Beans” would it? From Alt Raps USENET days?

  • Anonymous

    How soon is soon? 🙂

  • Timo in Waterloo

    Spurs really were lusting after Valanciunas… they just dealt George Hill to Indiana for Leonard… I smell a deal with the Raps coming soon…

    • Chris

      Trade link Timo?

      • Timo in Waterloo

        no link.. just watching draft day unfold… I didnt say it was a rumour.. that is my own intuition… if it doesnt happen, I am unconcerned… no worries stockpiling assets that others want

    • Bendit

      Nice thinking. Kanter was probably our first choice. Kawahi is not a Spurs type of player (doesnt shoot very well) and I wonder who else is added.

    • Raps Loyalist

      Jonas V is a great fit for the Raps.  We aren’t going anywhere any time soon so why not take a great young prospect at the C and then stink again next season (which will be a short year) and get a top 5 pick in an amazing 2012 draft.  Building a powerhouse through the draft takes time my friends LOOK @ OKC.  YOU CAN’t RUSH A PROPER REBUILD!!!! nice move BC!

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Jonas, who won’t be in the TDot this upcoming season, may not be in the TDot for up to 3 years- how does that help the Rap’s?

        His buyout is not written in cement as his Euro team doesn’t even have to let him go if they don’t want to they don’t give a fuck about BC & the Rap’s.lol

        In order to call a ‘rebuild’ you have to blow it up 1st- trade away the longest tenured Rap’s under BC- Andrea & Jose, until then the rebuild is just another BC bullchit pr spin.

        Matter of fact a true rebuild will be getting rid of BC, Gheradini & Jay- good riddance.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        How is it a ‘proper rebuild’ with Andrea & Jose still on the roster- the 2 longest tenured Rap’s under BC? Really now?lmfao

        PR Spins in the wind!!

        Put the kool aid down as BC aka Bitchassness is still taking shots at CB calling him 126 million dead weight contract because he was getting roasted by reporters for drafting Val- a player who may not be in the TDot for 3 years.

      • POINTS

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    • LeeZ

      Wow. Cory goes to the Spurs. Amazing day for Canadian hoops. So Timo, think this adds credence to your rumour? Maybe the Spurs picked him for Toronto, and will trade us Leonard and Cory for the Lithe Lithuanian (TM)?

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        The Raps’ have no Canadian players on their roster yet the trumpeted Jay as the 1st Canadian NBA coach in order to pacify fans.

        Cory would look good as the Rap’s 3rd roster pg.

        • Nilanka15

          He would’ve looked just as “good” as Alabi as a 3rd string center.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            Is Alabi a Canadian?

            Alabi is a stiff. Cory is a certified baller- big difference.

            Step the fuck off! (Melle Mel voice)

            • Nilanka15

              My point was, how does anyone look good as a 3rd stringer?  Would Corey’s exceptional tie knotting skills be on display?

    • onemanweave

      If the Spurs are ‘lusting after Valanciunas’, do you think he may have some value?  Why trade him?

  • bob

    Love your optimism 😛

  • Truth Teller

    If PHDSteve thinks this is the best pick ever, you need to stop talking to PHDSteve

  • Chad

    15th pick for George Hill !!! Are you kidding me ??? And we go and draft a guy who is NOT coming here for another year !!! Where are BC fans, yes, I am calling you out ?

    Matt53, Apollo, Tim W, Nilinka, Swirsky and …. 

    Wow, I am shocked  !!!

    • Toshmon

      BC fans? here i am. formerly.

      horiible pick,Raptors will win 15 games nxt season. derozan won’t sign an extension, davis will ask to be tradedcolangelo will be gone too.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        I can see DD with 1 foot out of the door already- especially if BC trades Ed and/or Amir to placate Barg’s move to PF.

        DD has got to be saying to himself wtf BC draft KWalker!!!

    • Nilanka15

      I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked.  I would’ve rather have seen Walker, Leonard or Knight selected.

      Either BC is a complete moron, or he’s a freakin’ genius.  We won’t find out until Valanciunas’ buyout is sorted out.  It’s faaaaaaaaaar too early to consider this a failure (or a success).

      • Jeff

        well, There is no sorting out. BC said himself that he is most likely not going to Play here next year. So here it is, We are officially competing for the last place in NBA with Bobcats.
        Congratulation to the fans who supported BC

        • Nilanka15

          But why is that a bad thing?  Were we going to compete for a playoff spot next year? 

          People were suggesting (before the draft) that Valanciunas could be the best player from this draft class.  And with an all-but-guaranteed lockout on the horizon, his time missed will be minimal.

          Another poor season will be hard to stomach…I understand that.  But just think of how valuable another top 5 pick in next year’s draft will be (a draft expected to be extremely high on talent) paired up with potentially the best “talent” in the 2011 draft.

          • POINTS

            we better pick another EURO next year i want our starters to be all EUROS

          • Brilliantly said.  I personally do not want 4 consecutive seasons of 35-45 wins.  Build properly to win big.  

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

              Well you are about to get 4 consecutive season of 20-35 wins last season was the 1st- just wait and see.

              The T’Wolves and Clippers are yearly Lottery regualrs- do the full NBA Draft math.

              • Nilanka15

                Are you using the same math that concluded Miami in 7?  That’s some pretty accurate work Nostradamus

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                  You are still ‘stuck on stupid’ I see.

                • Ihatehaters

                  HA! Burn, loser!

      • POINTS

        I think he’s moron he’s building this team like he’s confuse

    • Theswirsky

      I’m here now

      what exactly are you expecting out of me? 

      Completely neutral to the pick.  Huge risk for BC career though…

      • Chad

        neutral ?!! Come on 🙂 This Pick was a huge mistake and we will all see the effect of it later this year. 

        Look around the league: Peacers get Hill for pick 15 !! Mavs get Rudy for 2nd round pick and …. 

        BC was not able to move any of our player or get a 2nd first round pick or even go down and get asset to get Val.

        Do we really think Val wouldn’t have been available later ?

        Walker, Knight, Lenoard and … are all on the board and we go with another Euro !!

        BC basically pissed all over the fans who said enough with Euro Player. If you think he is trading AB, then you must be dreaming.

        BC is thinking about pairing AB and Val together now. 
        Neutral, Really 🙂 🙂 

        • Statement

          Val WOULD NOT have been available later,

          Dude was a projected top 4.   Seriously man, do some research, drink some warm tea and relax.  Does it not say anything to you that San Antonio wants this guy?  I personally hope he doesn’t get traded for Parker.  No thank you, PG’s are easy to grab, centres are not.

          B.C. did well here.  There is going to be a lockout anyways so Val is going to lose minimal time.

          • POINTS

            And we been stuck with calderon all this time you better tell BC

  • Slorg

    I’d like to know where he got his Phd from because clearly he doesn’t have a clue

  • Fsportt999

    Lets all take a breath folks!  Smells like this part of a trade.

  • John

    I like the pick.  I am not interested in the team being average.  Getting a guy in a trade like Hill is marginal upgrade.  Big V could be great.  Let him develop more in Europe.  Also, I am thinking that BC felt Knight was not much of an upgrade over Bayless.  Well done BC.

    • POINTS

      i would rather he develop playing in the NBA against nba players

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Isn’t the NBDL for development?

        • Captain Haddock

           Just because it’s called a “development league” doesn’t mean it does that.  Ever watched a game? They’re essentially just pickup games where ball hogs chuck up shats to get points so NBA GMs bring them up. Saying the NBDL is for development is like saying the CFL is a stepping stone to the NFL.

  • Chad

    Unbelievable Trade for Portland and Mavs:

    Wow, who knew 26th Pick can get you Rudy !!! BC, Are you taking Notes ? 

    @chadfordinsider RT @STEIN_LINE_HQ: Mavs are trading No. 26 to Portland 
    to acquire Rudy Fernandez, w/ Por moving the pick on to Den 
    in the Miller/Felton deal 10 minutes ago

    • Nilanka15

      Fernandez would’ve been a great addition 2 years ago, but he’d be a waste on this rebuilding team. 

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      PO got RFelton- damn, I wanted him in the TDot as I knew Denver would trade him because both Lawson & he want to start.

      As well, Masai Uriji is making major some moves for Denver.

  • Captain Haddock

    I don’t mind the pick as I’d rather be a 20 win team with a good pick in a potentially locked out season than a 30 win team with a middling player after a potentially locked out season.  Draft sites are quite high on him and I hear him compared to people like Biedrins, Noah, and DHoward (seriously!). Tall, needs time, but who was going to come in and be a savior from this draft anyway? 
    I wish we got Bismark Biyombo, just for all the Prussian/Otto Von jokes.

    • Thomas A.

      I agree. His rebounding numbers are off the charts and that is a statistic that consistently translates to the pros.

  • Balls of Steel

    I love this pick. He’s got so much tremendous upside, length, rebounding tenacity and inside game. Great pick outside of Kanter! Umm, the lockout is imminent (players and owners are billions apart!). He can play in Europe for another year. He’s the only player that gets to continue working on his game, while everyone else is locked out. Great pick!!! 

  • im surprised BC passed on BK…

  • arsenalist

    Sorry about the site being slow, but we got hit hard.  Needless to say we’ll be firing mediatemple.net shortly.

  • WhatWhat

    So, when Euros come over, their rebound rate increases by 30%, right? So then he would project to be an elite rebounder. Good stuff, I love the pick; he was the BPA.


    Really do u guys think the Raps could have done better?? are u guys for real come on, this is a poor draft so get what u can… Just chill people n let the man do his job, for all u wanna be Raps managers get real BC is the man not you…

  • Bigbalboski79

    reading casey’s comments that the big V is better than ty chandler was at this stage and with a similar game is nice to hear…  still, i am finding it hard to get excited about a guy we wont see for a year…  you can see colangelo buying himself more time with a project like this guy…  we may come to regret not taking knight…

    • Theswirsky

      “you can see colangelo buying himself more time with a project like this guy”

      Actually i could see some truth to this. 

    • Raptor Jesus

      aside from the obvious placating by casey, you definitely have a finger on the pulse of this fiasco

  • Kevin

    I was completely ecstatic when Utah passed on Knight it seemed like everything was going to fall into place AND BAM!  It makes absolutely no sense to me why we did not take Knight I wish i filmed my draft reaction it was intense.

    • No

      Seriously, I shot up laugh-weeping then hit the floor like a turd from mars.

      I WAS a BC fan, outside his Euro centric policy, but this is tanking.

  • Pessimistic Raps Fan

    It’s ok.  We can tank next year and get a good pick.

    • POINTS

      it better be a euro next year. (darko,ak47,hedont off the bench)

  • Raptomist

    I’ve been reading some Cavs’ blogs. They’re killing their management for picking Thompson and passing up the chance to get  Valanciunas.

  • Bo4

    When I did a statistical comparison of the big men available, Jonas DID come out on top. However, not seeing him in the rotation for a year disappoints.

  • TheTyrant

    I wasn’t sure at first, and my knee jerk was wtf, yet another euro. But Evans is going, davis/amir are growing, and it sounds like we got some rebounding. Lets not forget: this isnt the best draft year, and with a pending lockout, what do we really have to loose? The guys friggin 19!

  • RenaldoSugarbush

    I love this pick. Jonas is something special.

  • Nilanka15

    The fact that a PG wasn’t selected leaves me hoping that Bayless has REALLY worked on his game this summer.  I’m praying he magically turns into a legit PG come training camp.

    Also, the fact that San Antonio traded for Leonard does nothing but assure me that Leonard would’ve looked great in a Raptors uniform.

  • Hunter

    Dissapointing pick, they could of had a true pg in knight now were stuck with Jose and bayless you don’t get any worse than that in the NBA, now our front court consist of 2 euros that are complete pussies, Dwight Howard will push them out Of the way with his baby finger. Raptors are definately the worse team talent wise in the NBA. At least we will get a high draft next year so colangelo can fuck it up again.

    • Nilanka15

      Whether or not you like the pick, let’s get 2 things cleared up:

      1. Knight is not a true PG. 
      2. Dwight Howard pushes everyone around with his baby finger

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        But KWalker is- he’s better than both Irving & Knight- straight up & down!

  • BlueLeafTorsFC

    I am really high on this pick. Yes, our immediate needs might be guards, but guards are FAR easier to come by in this league than true centres. This guy has a ridiculously high ceiling, and by all accounts he bucks the trend of european players being soft/afraid of battling in the post/whatever other scars bargs/hoffa scars we’re projecting on him.

    Great pick, huge need for the team and a *huge* potential player. Without being results oriented, you have to say that today, this is a great pick.

    • Bo4

      Our immediate needs might be EVERYTHING! We have two bigs that we want to keep long-term (Amir & Ed). We need a third … Jonas, thank you very much. We have two swings (James & DeMar). We STILL need a third! We have one point (Jerryd). We STILL need another. (This will probably be Calderon’s last year anywhere near HIS peak.)

  • Phdsteve

    podcast to come soon. 

    Its a pretty good pick and a gutsy one by BC. 

  • brother

    Colangelo all but said it in his draft night presser: the raps are not looking to win next year. In fact, they’re looking to lose. Get a high pick in the next lottery, bring over Valenculas the next year, give Derozan and Davis a year to mature and gain experience with the coach, then go forward with an even cleaner cap and a new bargaining agreement in place.

    I bet you’re looking at a target of not next season, nor probably the season after, but the next season as Colangelo’s realistic playoff target – by that time Calderon is off the books and the young guys are experienced and the coach’s systems are all set and rookies from this year’s draft and next have matured a year or two.

    Losing ball for one more season guaranteed.
    Maybe middling ball for the season after next.
    AND then a winning season.

    I bet you that’s the realistic plan.

    • Bo4

      I fear that you’re absolutely right. My concern is for the losses piling up on AJ, ED, DD, JJ, & JB. As long as they’re looking into future seasons, as well, I’ll have to learn to live with another season like last year. We need two more guys … one being next year’s high draft pick. My question this year is “Can we trade away Bargnani, Barbosa & Calderon for assets that optimize the current progression?”

    • Bo4

      Wait a second … that can’t be the plan. BC has two years and a team option left in his extention! He has to produce a playoff team after next year to even get extended to a third year!!

      • brother

        Boko – I think he’s confident he’ll get renewed if he stays on plan. I think I remember Richard Peddie talking about “a plan” that the board had been versed on by Colangelo and that the plan was the key to his new contract. I think he and everybody else is trying to be realistic here. I swear words like “realistic”, “long term”, etc. have been floating around since the last quarter of last year. The decision to not try and quick fix it was made, and now they’re actually going to stick to it.

        The raps obviously can’t win 45 games next season. Let’s dream that they can win 30. You can’t make a strong push into the playoffs off a 30 win year, so maybe the next year you can win 41 with a little more experience and an asset or two. Then with another asset or two you could conceivably win 50+ and be considered a legit playoff team.

        Third season from now – book it. That makes it the 2013-2014 season. There’s a lot of pining to do until then.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Damn you just gave BC a pass until 2013-14, wow!

          You do realize that the Rap’s have been going bad ever since Sam was prematurely fired at 8-9 back in 2008-09 season?

          The embracing of lethargicness is spreading from Barg’s onto the whole Franchise & fanbase.

          BC would have been better off trading the #5 pick for TParker.

          • brother

            Dude. You make the classic mistake that is destroying journalism. Reporting the facts doesn’t mean that I agree with them. I gave Colangelo nothing. I simply stated my impression of what is going on given the facts available and made a prediction – not a wish – as to what might happen given the limited picture we have.

            If you read that I’m happy to wait 3 MORE years for a winning season, then you’re reading something that I didn’t write.

            Another fact that has come up several times in the last 10-12 months and was repeated in his presser. Chasing and pandering to Bosh screwed every plan he ever had when Bosh walked. Now he has to come up with a new plan.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      More ‘Losing with a purpose kool aid?’ 

      Why should fans buy tickets to watch the Rap’s lose next season?

      So they can watch the Rap’s lose alot of games then drop in the Lottery once like from 3 to 5 this year thus Rap’s lost out on EKanter (even though I’m not that high on him) a player who would be here next season for the Rap with no complicated buyout issues.

      At least the Rap’s could have brought in a talented well known proven NCAA college rookie like Kemba to excite the fanbase with DD & Kemba in the backcourt- swag alert would be on high in the TDot.

      The future isn’t guaranteed only the present is what you can control and presently the Rap’s suck elephant balls- point blank BC new ‘winning plan’ shit does stank!!

  • FAQ

    I wonder if BC is gonna blow up the Raptor roster again and lose a whole slew of flops by shopping them off for more duds.

  • DC

    Amazing pick! The most talented center on the board. This draft didn’t have a great PG… and what with the foreign label. 

    Do people realize that we could be grouped with international? Besides Lithuanian player are a different bread, hard nosed. Sorry for adding to the stereotypes. 

    • Nilanka15

      Dave Feschuk is suggesting the Raptors will pursue Tyson Chandler this offseason.  I fail to see the logic in that strategy after drafting Valanciunas.  And I would think Cuban will do everything in his power to match any offer Chandler gets.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Cuban will keep Tyson in Dallas- trust, money is no issue with Cuban.

        The only f/a big man the Rap’s might have a chance at is Canadian Sam Dalembert but he wants to go to a championship contending team- maybe BC throws major $$ at him?

        They might have to to try and trade for a Kaman or Okafor type because Alabi & Ajinca won’t do it.

    • minks77

      This is a terrible pick IMO, dude might not play in the lnext year then who knows (Vasquez*ahem) doesn’t look NBA ready physically or game wise and projects like bierdrins with a free-throw.

      I really hope I’m wrong or there is a big trade.wtf.wtf.

      • Captain Haddock

        Vazquez said he didn’t want to leave Europe, and there were rumblings he wasn’t committed to the NBA before the draft.  JV has been repeating ad hominem that he wants to be in the NBA. 

  • Guest

    the raps should spend some money to send a tutor/trainer over to europe for the year to get this kid jacked and learn english at the same time. We are going to need him to be able to communicate with the rest of the team and coaches if we are going to ever win.

  • Raps4Ever

    I was commenting on nba.com because RR crashed and dam there are way too many negative, angry Rap fans win very low bball IQ.
    I like the pick because I think Val will be a stud 5 down the road and possibly the best player from this draft.
    Its so much easier to get a guard then a center and Knight is a project as well.
    If we had of picked Kemba and maybe he will be ROY, we prob still dont make playoffs. Instead we will have a top pick in a stacked 2012 draft and a proper rebuild still in the works.

    • DC

      Kemba’s stats plateau’d from year one in college. How’s he going to win ROY in the nba? Knight might work out to be a solid starter, but neither have the upside of Jonas… The kid averaged about 68% from the field. 

  • 2gunz

    why wouldn’t BC go after Europeans?  in case you haven’t realized, americans dont want to play in canada.  he may be the best player to come out of the draft, and it has become a point guard heavy league and big men are now at a premium.  good job BC lets hope it works

    • Rey

      Knight did. He looked pissed when he slid. He said he was disappointed because he thinks he is a top 5 pick and RAPTORS DID NOT FCUKING DRAFT HIM. If he didn’t want to come to Toronto he would have said he was a top 4 pick.

    • DC

      I wouldn’t say all American’s wouldn’t want to play here. Some would rather play in Detroit, Cleveland, and other lovely US cities… for some reasons. We seem to be a bit too sensitive with players leave. We did make Bill Walton’s top 3 North America Cites… and he’s American.

      • Nilanka15

        James Johnson was on The Fan tonight and he said that he absolutely loves Toronto, and would want nothing more than to play his whole career here.  He even invited his brother (and training partner) to town because it was a place he had to see.

        • PMama

          LOL, like there are 10 other teams who are begging James Johnson to come to their town and play there 🙂 🙂 For God Sake, the Kid was in D-League last year 🙂

          • Nilanka15

            Johnson’s skill level is completely irrelevant.  It was stated that “all Americans wouldn’t want to play here”.  Johnson is an American and DOES want to play here.

  • Raptor Jesus

    this is a joke, 2 years ago it was: tanking is wrong, sign any moron to cover up rupaul, pasta fairy, and Ole

    suddenly its okay to tank and pick based on unmeasurable ‘upsides’ this is a mark on an already tarnished franchise

    • DC

      Not sure if it’s the drinks, but you seem very bitter. Are you speaking about the number 5 pick upside? 

      If so, you do know he’s a winner on every level… shoot’s over 65% and 82% from the strip… while being a rebounder, blocking shots, picking up MVPs, having a motor and being 7′ tall with a huge reach.

      • Raptor Jesus

        all superlatives for someone who doesn’t show for another year min?

        versus literally any player that we can give minutes, evaluate, coach, train and re-evaluate?

        tank tank tank tank

        • Statement

          And by picking Kemba, we WEREN’T going to tank next year?

          • Juicey

            Off course not.  I recall reading somewhere that if we drafted Kemba we would get the ROY, COY and EOY.  That’s not tanking.  And I read it on this site somewhere (can’t remember where), so it has to be true.

            • POINTS

              true thing because we have some peices that when you add you know who he is to the mix like oveereem says you have milkshake or some thing like that.

              free raptors starting 5 t-shirt for you at: ESPN MARVEL COVERS

              • POINTS

                …and this fucker shouldn’t get any more EOY he miss the ride.
                #15 VINCE CARTER drafted 5th shorten season ROY
                #15 KEMBA WALKER with the 5th pick shorten season ROY
                but nooooo

          • POINTS

            fuck no ROY boooy and if we are going to tank why get rid of Jay

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

              BC is contradicting himself all the time but that’s what liars do.

        • Statement

          It seems to me that you don’t want to wait for a rebuild, which is fine.

          I say, get the Lakers on the phone to bring in Kobe, get Nash (he wants to play here), sign Tyson Chandler, and also convince Dwight Howard to play here too.

          That will do it, right? 

  • Raps4Ever

    The fact that it is next to impossible to bring FA to TO! This has forced us to build a contender through a patient rebuild.

    • POINTS

      maybe if we tried to win games they would come.now we are not going anywhere next season but watch BC let it rain on FA.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      That’s a lie!! 

      Barnes was coming to the TDot before BC miscalculated the Salary Cap regulations in relation to Barnes.

      As well, BC can acquire talent via trades ie TChandler was ready to come to Toronto.

      Stop falling for that bullchit myth built on the mindset of a couple of players like SFrancis & AMourning- sheesh.

      Some players don’t want to play in Minnesota, Milwaukee, etc as well.


    master p get your boy outta here as soon a possible