Anyone remember this? Go ahead, click on it, it’s a link to a story about how there’s going to be a professional basketball league in Canada starting in November. Now you’re probably thinking to yourself how come you’ve never heard of it. No worries, I’m sort of in the same boat, I had read the story when it first came out but not having heard anything since, I assumed the idea was killed, and that the body was floating somewhere along the Humber river. It wasn’t. They even have a website. And if that wasn’t good enough for you, how about a schedule?

Since there’s no Raptors basketball to support and I can’t be arsed to care what Jonas is doing, I’m going to see if I can be convinced into giving a sh*t about this. There are seven teams in this operation and I’m leaning towards supporting the Halifax Rainmen, who remind me of Dustin Hoffman, and have the best intro video of them all:

I’m already starting to hate the Quebec Kebs, I can’t put my finger on quite why, but over time I’ll find a good reason. Other outfits include the Saint John Mill Rats, London Lightning, The Island (yup, that’s what they’re called), and a bunch of other teams who haven’t figured out their nicknames: Moncton and Oshawa. They’re probably having a naming contest, my money’s on the Moncton Moose and the Oshawa Oh-shits. There’s already a viscous rumour that players don’t want to play in Moncton because of the taxes and what with it being Moncton and all.

I have a question to ask the NBLC: If Kobe Bryant asked them if he could play for the Quebec Kebs while David Stern taught Derek Fisher a lesson in negotiation and cancelled the season, would they say, a) “No Kobe, since you are under contract, we cannot allow you to play. You’ll have to void your contract with the Lakers to sign with us”. Or would they say, b) “Kobe, please tell us what you want *wink wink* and how much of that you want *wink wink*, and where you want it *wink wink*”. Well, the Chinese Basketball Association (ironically called the CBA), will restrict contracted NBA players from playing in their league in the event the season is cancelled. That is balls. Closing the door on such an opportunity says two things about the Chinese: They have bigger ambitions than just being a stop-gap for the NBA, and they’re patient enough not to make any rash decisions. Well played, China, well played. Maybe in a couple decades through some crazy economic shift, the best basketball league will be in China. I wouldn’t bet on it, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

On another note, this jersey article got me thinking: which Raptors jersey would I most like to wear? Easy: Keon Clark.

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26 Responses to “Your Basketball Fix Is Here”

  1. points

    bring back MO PETE as vet for the young ones and he can be our three point shooter for the time being… when we are ready to make our run to the playoffs he can be a part of it and he can tell the young ones like Oakley told him this team don’t go below 500,if your 1 game below 500 then the next game is a must win

  2. points

                          Raptors Job Openings

    G                       Bayliss       Calderon
         ————   ————-   —————- 

    SF                      JJ                                     
         ————-  ————     ————–

    SG   Demar                               Sonny  
          ———–   ————-     ————-    
    PF    ED         Andrea                            
          ———–  ————-     ————– 

    C    Jonas       Amir              Alibi         
         ———-     ———–      ———– 


    • Bo4

      This is the last year that Calderon will be ahead of Bayless.
      Sonny is gone from the Raptors, probably forever.
      Andrea is expendable as soon as Jonas gets here. This will be his last year with the Raptors.
      Alabi is destined for the bench, – in Denver.
      Right now, I have Amir ahead of Ed, for the next 3 years.

    • Royalblues

      Hmm, everything seems relatively accurate, but why is Amir listed as the back-up centre and not at the starting, or at least back-up, small forward?

      • points

        i just think that you ‘ve got to start JV when  he comes over and Amir can get playing time backing JV and ED ,and i think these three guys plus ANDREA can give you scoring and dee PF/C and also from those four guys i expect 50 points per game

  3. Danny D'Amours

    I hope that the NBL Canada does well. We are severely lacking in bball up north, especially out east.

    As for the jersey, I’ve gotta second your vote for Keon Clark though my wife would likely say JYD.

    • points

      keon Clark was either high or drunk when he was playing for the raptors he said so and i could tell ,you could see it in his eyes

  4. KJ-B

    This my Basketball fix right here: 

    …DD went off in the game that Kobe hit the game winner!!!

    • Ambidextrious

      Chill out. Why would people want to go to that site when they can stay on Raptors Republic. And have a good conversation. Here’s the thread:!

      Well done Arse! Some funny points about Kobe lol and China. I do not agree with Kobe Wanting to come here in this leagues first season. Come 20 Years down the line this League will take off in Canada. So you might start to find some quality NBA players taking a chance in the true north strong and free. Glad to say I was here when it all started. With China becoming a global powerhouse in almost everything they do, I would not be surprised if their CBA will rival that of the NBA one day. China is the future. 

  5. Gradgrind101

    I think the NBL is a great idea and I hope it succeeds. Also it could help our national program a little giving our top talent not playing in the nba a chance to play close to home. Apparently each team must have at least 2 Canadians on their team…It’s a good start…

    …As for jerseys…I would never wear one that has someone else’s name on it.

    • Juicey

      I wouldn’t mind if they increased that number beyond 2.  There aren’t a lot of places for Canadian talent to go after college.  I would rather watch Canadian talent more than american NBA rejects.  Same goes for the CFL.  I’d rather watch Canadians play in there home county, than a bunch of americans who had never heard of Sasketchewan before they found out it was there only chance at making money and playing ball.

      • Gradgrind101

        100% agreed…At least 3 or 4 players to start…And I’d like to see 2 drafts…One that is for Canadian Universities that guarantees a spot on the roster right out of a University and one for the bypassed Americans/Europeans. More games wouldn’t hurt either

  6. voy

    Saint John Mill Rats.  lol.

    rumour has it the league is already in expansion mode with the soon to be inclusion of the Scarborough Hood Rats.

  7. Juicey

    Raptors Jerseys I could wear:
    *Anthony Parker
    *Mo. Pete.

    …and of course

  8. Bballjonze

    I was just thinking the other day how Canada needed a home-grown pro league to develop it’s players in order to become more competitive on the international level. Good move. Hopefully basketball fans will support it. I would if I lived in the sticks. JK.

  9. Raptorsfreak

    Here are the Rap jerseys I own…

    authentic purple Alvin Williams Jersey
    replica purple Jerome Williams Jersey
    replica purple Keon Clark Jersey
    replica purple Tyrone Bogues Jersey
    replica red Andrea Bargnani Jersey

    never bought a Vince, TMac or Bosh jersey ever….

    • Juicey

      Nothing in Black?  That’s been my favourite.

      I had the purple VC, and later both a red and a black CB4.  Not sure what to do with them..burn em, clean toilets, etc.

  10. ezz_bee

    I know that when the lockout was announced one of the founders of the NBL o’ C released a statement that NBA would be more than welcome in the league and opt outs would be available.  However, in my research into buying a franchise (mostly a joke) I believe I noticed that they have a 150k salary cap for the entire team.  So they can basically offer 10k a player for a 15 man roster.  Not sure how many NBA players will jump at that offer.  Unless they work out some sort of exception where an advertiser pays bonuses to their base salary I don’t see any current NBA players taking a look.  However a few teams do have some former NBA players.


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