I have no basketball-related income, only expenses.

1. Cable TV: I only have cable because of basketball. Maybe not entirely true, but I sure have Rogers’ VIP-ultra-uber-specialty-package because of the Raptors. Around $40 bucks/month.

2. Time watching games: Four games a week, about 2 1/2 hours per game, that’s around 10 hours of basketball a week. Wow, so much when you think about it.

3. Writing for site: During the season, I average around four pieces a week or so, maybe even more, add in a Rapcast etc., and it’s another 10 hours. Minimum.

4. Fantasy basketball. I’m usually in about two leagues, one which I generally ignore because I’m getting my ass kicked by the second week of the season. The other one I usually give up on around January or February, but still keep picking just not to look like a jag-off. About 15 minutes a day.

5. Paraphernalia: Don’t buy Raptors gear much, I buy something like a toque or a scarf. Or a mug. Like, $50 a season.

6. Games cost: Rarely do I pay or go to the games, maybe four or five times a season, will likely pay for one. $50 a season.

7. Reading basketball stuff. Articles, blogs, videos, etc. At least three hours a week.

8. Watching non-Raptors games. Usually the late-night ones, around two or three game. Let’s say around 5 hours a week.

That’s all I can think of right now, so let’s add.

* adding *

Total of $580 a year, but, Assuming a 24-week season (being conservative here), it comes to 682 hours a season. That’s only a little more than one full month. I’m sure I’m missing something, but based on what I got so far, that’s not really that much time, is it?

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  • Sheptor


  • Chrish Boss

    Yeah okay just 15minutes on fantasy a day. Fantasy basketball is more addicting than fantasy sex

  • Puffer

    Get a PVR. Turns a 2 1/2 hour game into 60 minutes. Unless you like listening to all the yik yak during foul shooting. 

    At the very least you can eliminate the commercials – 15 minutes an hour? – and save yourself 37 1/2 minutes per game. Then you’re down to 3 1/2 weeks of your life watching ball.

    • Marc

       I enjoy the yik yak.  And I need commercial breaks to get snacks/beer.  PVR is for half-steppers.

      • PVR all the way, i dont need to listen to leo rautins crappy half time coverage. ill take a 48 min basketball game over all the other stuff that goes on

  • Statement

    What is the alternative to this time used?

    • Ihatehaters

      Having a life?

      • Statement


        At least not when the Raps are concerned

  • jimmie

    And go to more games, esp. if, as you seem to be indicating, you can get to some for free. For someone commenting on basketball, you can’t get enough from TV coverage; too much important stuff happens off the ball.

  • minks77

    Damn, I figure I watch at least as much so thats 365 hrs. Multiply that by my hourly rate of $55/hr and that’s $20,075/season. I could use that dough to, to…

    Fuck it. I could spend all that time freelancing and hate life and shave years off the tail end of my existence or I could settle down with a brew and a blunt and yell at my TV and die happy.

    Good thing wifey gets a kick out of ball. Hope she never does the math.

    • Statement

      That’s the going rate for a prostitute?

      • minks77

        It’s a special rate for pretty young things like you with such alluring word holes.

        • Statement


          Where do I sign up?