ESPN rated all franchises, here’s the list.

Below is the rank for the Raptors, and this is out of 122 teams.

Bang for the Buck: 105

Depends on the bang. I haven’t gotten a bang since going to the playoff game against the Magic. Then again, I’m not into 4Korners.

Fan Relations: 93

They have a fan event sometime during training camp or something, so I guess that’s not terrible. The ranking confirms that.

Ownership: 104

This sounds harsh. It’s not the ownership’s lack of spending money or enthusiasm that’s holding this franchise back, it’s how that money’s being spent. Maybe this rating reflects their executive hires, in that case its bang on.

Affordability: 105

Tied to Bang for the Buck, this makes sense. The Raptors are not cheap, if you’re blowing $200 on a Raptor game for 2.5 hours, I’d suggest doing it on Craigslist for an hour. Guaranteed happy ending.

Stadium Experience: 83

Fair enough, going to a Raptors game is more enjoyable than stabbing yourself in the eye.

Players: 109


Coaching: 40

Thank you, Dwane Casey. Imagine how much higher this would’ve been if Jay Triano hadn’t injected this franchise with the lazy sperm for three years.

Title Track: 111

Uggh…true enough, really. I don’t see a title in my lifetime.

Overall: 103

Bleak. This equates to being in bottom 16%, and that sounds right.

Silver lining: The Leafs are the worst team in North American sports.

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13 Responses to “ESPN Rating All Franchises, Raptors at 103/122 (Bottom 16%)”

  1. Dagger

    Young team with some talent, decent (future) financial flexibility, solid coaching, supportive ownership . . . right now the Raptors as a franchise don’t belong in the bottom 16%. Unless you’re basing your ranking on franchise history, in which case: fair enough. 

    • ad

       Cmon you didnt mean what you actually said did you?? Supportive ownership?? When has MLSE ever built a winning team in anything let alone the raptors. Leafs and FC are a joke as well. To me, supportive ownership means a willingness to pay luxury tax to bring in good players and keep core players. Take the lakers as an example of that. MLSE wouldnt pay a nickel of luxury tax. Your other points are debateable. Decent flexibility means nothing. Its what you do with it and BC has shown the ability to fuck up flexibility like no other. Put it simply, this team needs high end talent and they dont have any.

  2. ad

    Raps belong where they are in the ranking until they can bring high impact (stars) here through either trade or free agency. This franchise is going nowhere till then.

    • Raps Loyalist

      Raps have to develop talent…you can’t get stars in trades or free agency when your roster stinks

  3. ZZ

    If you don’t think that’s stupid enough, check out the description they put when you click on the team name (if it’s not too late you should add it to the article):

    “The good news for Raptors rooters? GM Bryan Colangelo finally got rid of ineffectual head coach Jay Triano after 229 games and replaced him with defensive-minded Dwane Casey, under whom the team’s field goal percentage allowed dropped from 48.2 to 43.5 this past season. “Finally, a move the Raps can be proud of,” says user Xfactor09. The hire was so popular that fans helped the team’s coaching number soar 76 spots (from 116 to 40), the fourth-largest bench bump in our rankings. The bad news? Being a Dino diehard means accepting that A) Charles Barkley is on record as saying that your team would lose to a college squad; B) Your team did lose — at home, no less — to a pathetic Charlotte club that came in having dropped 16 in a row and went on to become the worst team in NBA history; C) Your team is so offensively challenged that, win or lose, whenever the Raptors manage to score 100 points, a local pizza chain gives away free slices; and D) Your team still has just one playoff series win in its entire history. Good luck, Coach Casey. ” 

    • ZZ

      Also, the ratings can’t be serious. They used FAN VOTES to help compile this $#!+ list:

      “First, working with Maddock Douglas, a Chicago consulting firm, we polled 1,004 North American sports fans in early May to determine what they want in return for the time, money and emotion they invest in their favorite teams. The survey covered 25 topics, from “has players who act professionally on and off the field” to “makes it easy to buy tickets through the team website.”

      Second, through and NetReflector, a Seattle opinion research company, we asked fans of the four major leagues to rate their favorite clubsin each of these 25 areas. We received more than 56,000 responses — thanks to all who participated! — and grouped those responses into seven of the eight categories you see on these pages: title track, ownership, coaching, players, fan relations, affordability and stadium experience.” 

  4. Destro

    ESPN aint shit for a variety of reasons but there opinions on the Raptors are about right to me…What else can you say..its a pitiful franchise and has been since its inception minus about 4-5 seasons…ownership has been bad,mgmt has been dreadful,wasteful spending,poor decision making…they didnt say anything that wasnt true….


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