From The Bar III – Frothy Beer

Now that Movember is over, we can finally shave our mustaches off and start gearing up for Pubuary.

Now that Movember is over, we can finally shave our mustaches off and start gearing up for Pubuary.
  1. As I was watching the Raptors-Nuggets game last night and listening to our own Jack, Devlin, Leo and the other dude talk about how the altitude was affecting our team, I not only was amazed at how this was being used as an excuse for the lethargic play in the first half, but I also got to thinking about a few things. We should get a petition going to the league to get the Nuggets moved to a much lower altitude city, such as Norfolk, Nebraska or perhaps Salina, Kansas. The lowest elevation in the US is Death Valley, California. I don’t see a problem in beginning construction on a new arena there as soon as possible. This, of course, would be done only for the Raptors, as other teams in the league have no problem playing there at a high energy level, seeing as they are, you know, athletes. Another idea I came up with is that we can get Gherardini out on a scouting trip to Nepal so we can draft a couple of Sherpas for the game in Denver next season. Lakhpa, Nawang and Dorjee are high on the draft list.
  2. Guinness is my favorite malty beverage. If I had to pick a Raptors player that reminds me of Guinness, it would be Kyle Lowry. Not in a racial way or anything though. I would pick him because he has many of the components that make a pint of the dark stuff so good. A thick, frothy head – KL has a strong head on his shoulders and his head is always in the game. Guinness is a full-bodied ale – KL is a player who is not afraid to sacrifice his body to take a charge or a hard hit. Lastly, Guinness is brewed in Ireland, the land of leprechauns. Lowry is from Philly, the land of people who look like chubby leprechauns. So cheers to Kyle Lowry and Guinness. Both awesome.
  3. While on the topic of comparing Raptors players to beers, here’s a few more, and feel free to add your own in the comments. Bargs is like Coors light, the ladies love it and it takes a lot of shots to get the job done. Landry Fields reminds me of Colangelo drinking a 40oz of Olde English malt liquor. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now he just has a bad hangover. Nathan Jawai reminds me of Fosters.

No league note this time, beer is getting warm.

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