Sorry, no pre-game today. Miscommunication on the schedule.

7:30 p.m. on Sportsnet One.

Nets: 22-15, 8th in O-Rtg, 14th in D-Rtg, 30th in Pace
Raptors: 14-23, 13th in O-Rtg, 25th in D-Rtg, 25th in Pace

Vegas: Nets -7
Hollinger: Nets -6.5


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  • StandUpComedian

    Sorry, no comment today. Miscommunication on the schedule.

  • Dan M

    Yeah, I don’t like to be ordered to discuss either.  I don’t want to discuss!

  • cinga

    Lowry is still not in the best shape he should be in at this point in the season. Discuss that

    #toomuchtimmies #lowrypeakvoiceover

  • Pbjake

    a hard one to get for the raps, and with Amir playing with a wheelchair.. we’re down big time in terms of healthy bodies

  • Destro

    4th quarter is the reason why Lowry should be starting…

    • j bean

      I don’t care about starting, but finishing is where they need him. 

    • CJT

      good to see him make some shots.  Don’t care about starting, just want everyone to contribute.